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Righteous 03-23-2008 11:55 PM

Steamed my Stock
I got bored today and decided I wanted my stock a little lighter so I cleaned it again with mineral Spirits and 000 steel wool.After finishing that and seeing how it was looking better already I decided to try my hand at steaming the stock. I layed out some towels and heated up the iron, I would wet a wash cloth and lay it over the dent then put the iron to it untill it stopped steaming.It worked great, most of the smaller places cleared up in no time and the bigger ones were alot better after doing it 2 or 3 times like this.Its not perfect and where the wood edges were broken it wont come all the way out but its a easy thing to do. It did raise the grain in a few places and after it dryed I went over them with 0000 steel wool lighty and it was smooth as a babys butt.Question...last time I used BLO and OMS 50/50 and it still came out darker then I wanted, whats the mininum I can thin the BLO and it still work ?

randy 03-25-2008 07:58 PM

It's amazing what you can do with ( Some ) Pieces of wood. What works
once doesn't always mean it will work twice. Being the Son of a Carpenter
I still mess with wood alot..

But recently purchased a T/C Hawkin Kit that was new about 20 years ago
& the owner didn't ever do anything to the wook, only the barrell & metal
parts so he never finsihed the kit.. This walnut stock was about my match
of all the wood I've ever played with. One side is beautiful, while the other
side looks & appears in all likely hood another spiece's of Walnut from the
heart of the tree. Piffy open grain & ugly... I tried everything to raise the
grain to help fill the voids & it made it worse.... So I ended up with two diff-
rent guns wheather I'm headed north or south.. LOL

Righteous 03-26-2008 12:52 AM

I sanded it other night with 400 grit paper and rubbed it back down with OMS,tonight I put on its first coat of Tung oil then buffed it down 15 min later and now it will dry till tomorrow night and I'll do its second and final coat. Heres what the stock looked like after sanding, this is off my M1 Garand.

Righteous 03-28-2008 01:34 AM

finished it tonight

Doug1627 03-28-2008 01:39 AM

Nice rifle! Do you have any before pics?

Righteous 03-28-2008 01:57 AM


Originally Posted by Doug1627 (Post 20241)
Nice rifle! Do you have any before pics?

heres when I first got it, I redid it once and didnt like the BLO on it so did it this way.

Doug1627 03-28-2008 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by Righteous (Post 20244)
heres when I first got it, I redid it once and didnt like the BLO on it so did it this way.

What an improvement! Nice work!

Dcomf 04-01-2008 07:42 PM

Don't mess with the BLO, just go straight to Tung oil. You can thin it down pretty well but why bother. Tung oil dries so much faster and works into the grain more. With real bad dents where the wood fiber has been broken you can use Acraglass bedding compound to fill it in. Mix it up and add some sanding dust and apply to the dent. Let harden and smooth it up. Of course if you are dyeing or staining the wood then you may need to add some to the compound as you mix it to match it up.

Southern6er 07-02-2008 06:07 PM

Late to the game again, but I'll throw this out there. Mineral spirits add oils to the stock. Using turpentine will get more junk out. I applied turp with 0000 steel wool, let it dry, then applied a few more applications to get all the crap out. I then used Tom's 1/3 Gun wax available from and it has worked VERY well. It has bee's wax, BLO, and turpentine.

Sounds odd, but it works VERY well.

Here is my stock beforehand. I had previously sanded VERY lightly, used cleaners and applied Howard's restor-a-finish and some of their wax/oil. Looked hazy after about 2 weeks. Drove me nuts and I couldn't see my grains very well.

Well, after doing the turpentine then applications of the 1/3 mix following Tom's recommendations, it looks like this:

Despite the coloring, the stock still has the nice aged red appearance (my camera's color was off due to the grass I think). Even in the house with indirect light, it looks MUCH better than before.

Southern6er 07-02-2008 06:08 PM

I've applied it to a fairly clean SKS stock and came out very happy.



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