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Johnny45 10-12-2010 09:22 PM

SKS bolt/stock/firing pin, cosmo removal...YAY!!!
Okay, for the benefit of those who don't feel like reading and sifting through my entire (ridiculously long) post, here's the bare-bones of it:

1.) Any ideas on getting cosmoline out of nooks and crannies of Yugo SKS?

2.) How the hell do I get the stock off? Most importantly, why can't I remove the big screw through the side of the stock? Do I just need more muscle, or is there some trick to it?

3.) How do I remove the firing pin, and the extractor? There appears to be a pin through the bolt, but I couldn't get it to move.

4.) How does the bayonet come off? There is a screw through the base of it, but it won't budge (either). I want to clean the cosmo out of the locking sleeve.

5.) How do I remove the trigger group? I assume I'll have to remove the stock first (see #1), but I figured I'll ask now, as long as I'm already askiing all this other stuff.

If anyone can answer any or all of these questions, I'd be obliged. And I'd rather not take it to a gunsmith, unless it's something that really NEEDS to be done with specialized tools, or a drill press or something like that.
Now, if you care to read the rest of it feel free, but I'm going to have to learn to write my posts a bit shorter in the future!:o


I bought me-self an old Yugo M59/66 a few years ago, since I felt that I should have a semi-auto rifle in my collection, so I could call it complete and spend my money on more important things. (Of course, that lasted about two weeks, until I realized that I REALLY needed a .45 M1911A1, too. And since the mag only held 10 rounds, I decided shortly after that I just COULDN'T do without an AK47. And THEN I realized that I couldn't call it complete until I had a muzzle-loader of some sort, so I went and bought a new Uberti Colt 1862 Police Pocket in .36cal....and so on and so forth. I'm sure you know what I mean!:p)
ANYWAY, I brought it home and realized that it was covered in some really nasty, sticky gooey stuff! Wonderful, right?
I've been reading up on all the (many, many) different things that supposedly work to remove the stuff, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to get it all out of some of the smaller nooks and crannies!
What I need to know, since I've tried and failed already, is how the hell to take the thing completely down. I'm good with mechanical stuff...I've broken most of my guns down into their smallest components, trigger groups, etc, and reassembled them (missing springs and all...I had to improvise and use a piece of a Zippo flint-spring in my Taurus .38 snub when one of the tiny springs in the trigger group went orbital. But that's a whole 'nuther story!).

Anyway, biggest first, how the hell does one remove the stock from an SKS? I see a big flat-head screw on the side of the stock (right level with the breech), but I couldn't for the life of me get it to budge. I mean, it's a big screw, but I was about to either break the screwdriver or strip the slot! And I don't generally like to use main-force when I'm trying to disassemble a gun "by ear". It's too easy to break something by assuming that all it needs is a little more elbow grease.
Am I missing something? That screw IS what needs to be taken out to remove the stock, right? It's been a couple years, but I'm pretty sure that there was a bolt through the butt-stock and that I removed that too...I'd have to try again to check, but I figured I'd ask the experts first!:D In any case, that screw WILL have to come out to get the stock off, as far as I can tell.

Second: How do I remove the firing pin? I have read stories of slam fires from cosmo-gunked SKS firing pins. Too bad I didn't have a computer when I bought it, since that could have happened to me. As it is, I ended up having all sorts of trouble with the firing pin sticking, but in my case all that happened is that the gun wouldn't fire.
I am almost 100% sure that the problem was that a tiny scrap of one of the primers somehow blew back into the firing-pin hole. It would move freely one moment, but if you tapped or pushed it forward it would jam TIGHT, to the point it would take a punch and mallet to to drive it back again, where it would be free again....not gummy, just JAMMED, like a wedge).
I won't relate the entire story here, to keep it short(er), but I couldn't figure out how to remove the firing pin. There is what appears to be a pin through the bolt assembly, that hold the extractor, spring and firing pin in the bolt...I couldn't get that to move either. Is that what it is, a retaining pin? One end is round, but the other looks like it's a flat semi-rectangular piece, so if it is a pin, it can only come out in one direction.
Any ideas?
Like I said, it's been a while since I tried all this, so I can't recall things exactly (I hadn't planned on posting this until an hour or so ago). But can one remove the bayonet by removing the screw that it pivots on? I am sure that I must have tried that, since it's obviously a screw, but I guess I must not have had any luck, so the whole sliding sleeve that locks it up/down is still FULL of crud, and I'd like to take it off the give it a good clean. Maybe the heat/cleaner tricks will do it, but I'd still like to take it down. Of course, I'll put it back when I'm done...I prefer my military rifles in "original condition". If I wanted an AK, I'd buy an AK (which I did) rather than modifying an SKS to take a pain-in-the-ass 30 round mag and pistol grip. Believe me, as far as an assault-rifle goes, the AK is a far better gun. The SKS is too heavy and bulky...compared to an SKS, an AK handles and feels more like a big SMG.
Sigh, I always end up writing a damn novel...probably no-one will even read the whole post. Oh well.
Last thing...the trigger group. How does that come out? I'm guessing that I'll have to get the stock off first? Maybe it'll be more obvious then, but I like to take it all down to the smallest bit and re-assemble it. That way, I can get it ALL clean, and know exactly how it all fits together. And besides the springs, I imagine that an SKS trigger group can't be too difficult. The AK's has like 5 pieces, or something like that (although I didn't take that one out...I didn't like the looks of that single loooong spring all wrapped around a dozen parts. I don't need THAT much frustration, unless I really need to.)

orangello 10-12-2010 09:41 PM

Have you considered warming the firearm GENTLY for a while to melt out some of that gunk after disassembly? I have heard of people using the oven, but that sounds like a stinkfest to me. Do you have a nice sunny & warm patio you could safely leave it on for a Saturday afternoon?

Re: disassembly, Youtube can be helpful:
There are others if that one doesn't do it for you.

Luckily, my Chinese SKS was pre-owned and had already been prepped for fun.

Highpower 10-12-2010 11:28 PM

Collecting and Shooting the SKS Carbine - HISTORY

Don't try to remove any screws. Leave 'em alone. :cool:

c3shooter 10-12-2010 11:47 PM

All else fails, read the instructions: Collecting and Shooting the SKS Carbine - Disassembly and Reassembly

Re: Bayonet- see the two dimples in the end of the screw? That is staked in place to keep it from being unscrewed. Don't try.

Re: Through bolt in the stock? Leave it alone- several steps down the line you press the latch pin behind the trigger guard to remove action.

Re: de-cosmolining? There are a dozen different ways. Comes off easier when warm. Find a friend with a a shop type parts cleaner, use it to scrub the DISASSEMBLED metal parts. Or go OUTSIDE, use a couple of cans of spray carb cleaner/ brake cleaner. Wear safety glasses, crap stings.

CLEAN THE BOLT before shooting. These have a floating firing pin. If dried grease/carbon/ peanut butter/ cheez wiz makes it stick in the foward position, your rifle will fire when you drop bolt on a live round- and fire until empty (not urban legend, was part of investigation on one case)

Highpower 10-13-2010 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by c3shooter (Post 367367)
CLEAN THE BOLT before shooting. These have a floating firing pin. If dried grease/carbon/ peanut butter/ cheez wiz makes it stick in the foward position, your rifle will fire when you drop bolt on a live round- and fire until empty (not urban legend, was part of investigation on one case)

Been chowing down on C-rat's whilst cleaning yer rifle again c3??? :p

Johnny, I would recommend you clean the bolt with carb/brake cleaner spray as c3 outlined above. Use the little straw on the spray nozzle and really flush the crud out as best you can. Compressed air and a blow gun help as well if you have access to it. You should be able to hear the firing pin rattle when you shake the bolt back and forth in your hand. If not, flush some more until you do.

I would also suggest that you do not try to remove the firing pin from the bolt, as the pin that holds it in there is a real beast to try to remove and reinstall in most cases. Use the spray, and call it a day....... :)

Johnny45 10-13-2010 04:10 AM

So, what? I can't take the stock off the gun? What the hell am I supposed to do if I drop in a puddle or something? Let it rust? I've managed to get everything off every other gun I ever owned, so why is the SKS so different?

orangello 10-13-2010 04:22 AM


Originally Posted by Johnny45 (Post 367512)
So, what? I can't take the stock off the gun? What the hell am I supposed to do if I drop in a puddle or something? Let it rust? I've managed to get everything off every other gun I ever owned, so why is the SKS so different?

About 5 minutes into the youtube vid, he shows how to release the action from the stock.

c3shooter 10-13-2010 04:24 AM

OK, Johny- pay attention, and keep up with us. Nobody said you could not remove the action from the stock- matter of fact, three of us gave you a link showing you how to do that.

What we DID say was to leave the cross bolt in the stock alone. Removing that is NOT part of the disassembly process.

Did you watch the video, or click on the links we posted, and follow the pictures and instructions?

Highpower 10-13-2010 03:37 PM

"Wax ON........ Wax OFF, Daniel-san." :)

bobd42 11-23-2010 11:50 PM

I admire your need to create a respectful collection of tools . Keep up the
effort and they will serve you well in days to come, if the occasion arises .
As for cleaning i am sure with all the information that you now have it will be no problem .

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