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RMBJR2 07-06-2009 02:14 AM

PepperBox, Smithed by Sciileyer
I have a 6 shot pepperbox revolver. Barrel and fram brass, grips ivory. Trigger and inners steel. All hand worked. It's about a 32 cal. precussion There are no other marks except the Name "Sciileyer" on the barrel. Does anyone have any info on this firearm? RMB

easterner123 07-06-2009 02:30 AM

well I don't think they're too common and that they are very old. Hold onto it and don't clean it unless you check witha gunsmith, it could ruin any value it may or may not have. They are an interesting piece to have.

PS if it says where it was made or the year that'll help that experts that are sure to come

opaww 07-06-2009 01:31 PM

Some pics of it might help to find out about it

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