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pmiller1976 02-08-2012 01:06 PM

my first nagant
Bought a 91/30 over the weekend. A 1939 tula. Impressed how it shot with cheap spam can ammo. I am considering taking it deer hunting this fall. I dont hunt deer as much to invest in a $300 deer rifle. I honestly maybe get 4 days a year to hunt. My question is if anyone found a good soft point 7.62x54r ammo brand they like? I am using stock sights now and may keep it that way. But I was looking into scout scope mount to replace rear sight. Any of those any good? Thanks.

robocop10mm 02-08-2012 01:27 PM

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While I do not own any, I am told the rifles are referred to as Mosins, MN's, or Mosiin-Nagants. When you say you have a Nagant, many think you are referring to the revolver.

pmiller1976 02-08-2012 01:33 PM

Yes sir. It is a rifle. I guess using the model number in the post would be enough for someone who owns and knows about them. My bad

Rex in OTZ 02-19-2012 12:19 AM

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Old Nagant Rifle


this is a nagant rifle I found on the Nouvelle Page.

It acts of a military rifle NAGANT system MANNLICHER calibre 8 mm.

The bolt designed by NAGANT has longitudinal movement and is the essential characteristic of this mechanism.

The magazine is placed in front of the trigger guard and consists of one limp oblong fixed.

It can contain five cartridges.

The loading is done under, the bottom of the magazine swivelling around a hinge located at the front one.

The weapon must be turned over for the loading which can be done to the unit or the five in once.

This weapon was patented by NAGANT brothers on October 26, 1887.

It was presented at the tests of the Belgian army in August 1888.

Other patents were deposited by NAGNANT in order to mitigate certain imperfections but in fact the MAUSER will be chosen by the military in spite of undeniable qualities of the NAGANT.

NAGANT also manufactured the bayonet of this rifle.

Technical details

Weight 3,895 kg - 4,325 with the sword bayonet.

Calibre: 8 mm with pad.

Length of the weapon without bayonet: 1m 220.

Barrel: 68, 5 cm - 6 stripes of left-hand side to the step of 240.
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Rex in OTZ 02-19-2012 12:24 AM

Nagant's other rifle models
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Nagant's Remington #5 rolling block adaptation the rolling block double rifle.

for all things Nagant.......including automobiles's

Rex in OTZ 02-19-2012 12:30 AM

Pontifical rifle Remington-Nagant.
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It is in 1867 that the brothers Emile and Leon NAGANT quay of Ourthe, 41 in Liege obtained brothers REMINGTON the authorization to manufacture under license 5.000 rifles ROLLING BLOCK bound for the pontifical zouaves of Rome. These weapons were ordered by the Belgian Catholics at the end of 1867 for the army Vatican

Rex in OTZ 02-19-2012 12:37 AM

Ngant mfg of the M1872 Greek Mylonas
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GENERALLY: Developed by a Greek Artillery Major named Enstathios Mylonas, the M1872 Mylonas featured a breech block which dropped vertically actuated by a lever located ahead and protruding below the trigger guard. The rifle is a modification of the Belgian Comblain but with a larger protruding hammer and the under lever in lieu of the trigger guard/ housing lever of Comblain's patent. The Mylonas was not considered successful and was shortly replaced by the M1874 French Gras.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS: The style of the breech block actuating lever is unique to the Mylonas and readily distinguishes the rifle.

MISC NOTES: The Mylonas was chambered for the M1874 French Gras cartridge (11x59R). However, The Gras was adopted by France 2 years later than the Mylonas. Perhaps the Gras cartridge was modeled after the Mylonas cartridge.

Guzzinut 02-24-2012 08:30 PM

I have has pretty good luck with Prvi Partizan ammunition. Its very reasonably priced and is reasonably accurate. check out or for online prices. It is WAY cheaper price wise than Rem or Win stuff. I have one of the Finish rework rifles and it is a tack-driver with this stuff!

jpattersonnh 02-24-2012 08:39 PM

203gr Russian made.

TheOldMan 02-27-2012 04:16 PM

What was the point that Rex was trying to make I wonder...:confused: Interesting rifles though...

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