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Milsurpshooter60 04-15-2013 03:07 PM

Mosin sniper,s at Samco global arm,s
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Just recieved my mosin sniper i ordered from Samco , and have to say for the money was very impressed, they gave me exactly what i asked for , i bought the cheapest one they are offering for 279.00. i like to restore them myself if they are in bad shape. The bore is astoundingly near mint, perfect from end to end ill post pic,s if want to buy a nice old russian sniper give Samco a chance they will send ya what ya ask for ,i asked for a good bore not a pretty outside .i got the near mint bore.As far as the rest for the price it is not that bad stock will take very little work and rebllueing is easy enough to me if you know how to do it right.If you plan on a repro scope like i did , be prepared to spend some time making it fit ,took me about 12 hours of head scrtching and filing but i got it dead on according to my laser bore sighter now off to range for the real is how i got it and how it looks after i installed repro scope.yes they are 100% authentic sniper model,s , not reg mosin,s converted.all matching numbers and predrilled and tapped for scope and mount.Has the extra wood and thicker foregrip and all.Trigger pull has zero creep.oh and make sure you are ready to scrub out the cosmoline ,these rifles look to have been stored for near 50yrs plus.but when ya get it clean you will be happy if you specify what ya want on ordering from Samco.I have give to Samco a high 5 on these.

zaitsev44 04-21-2013 01:23 AM

Congrats! She's beautiful! Simple green, warm water, and a tooth brush worked wonders on my M91/30.

xring3 04-21-2013 01:33 AM

nice buy! I got my sniper from SOG. They clean up nicely. Still need to take mine to the range. So many little time.

marc29th 04-21-2013 01:42 AM

Very nice indeed! A Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle is high on my list for next addition. I'll check them out at Samco.

Milsurpshooter60 04-21-2013 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by marc29th (Post 1221345)
Very nice indeed! A Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle is high on my list for next addition. I'll check them out at Samco.

Well at least from samco ,you get a real sniper version not one that was done on a reg mosin platform and called a sniper model that someone did in there shop at home,was a job figuring out how to get the scope and mount just right but a little filing here a little shimming there we got her perfect according to my laser bore sighter,Will post a range report on her soon as it warms up , and stops raining.then i will redo entire rifle to like new on outside,I was just happy to get a real one and have such a mint bore , you know how most mosin bore,s are .This one is perfect end to end should be very accurate.Samco at least sends you what ya ask for just be specific and remind them it isnt what i asked for she is comng right back they seem to give ya closests they have to what you requested .When i first shined light down bore i had a smile looked like the joker on batman lol.And they are allready drilled and tapped so mounting the scope is a pain if it is a repro but easier than tapping a reg mosin and calling it a sniper model there is a diff.thanx again guy,s and yea they still have some and that was the cheapest model they sold ,if you pay 349.00 supposed to get damn near new looking.

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