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Cory2 03-28-2010 04:37 PM

Mosin Nagant Keyholing
The last time I went to the range with my mosi the rounds were sometimes keyholing and when they werent they were wildly inaccurate. My friend had his mosi as well and his was working fine. My rifle has never done this before and, up until now, led me to believe it is a fairly accurate and reliable rifle. I have never had an issue before with this and the only thing i can think of is maybe it was the ammunition. We were using some old surplus ammunition at first and my rifle was keyholing so we put it down and only used his with some brown bear and silver bear. Do you think the ammunition could be the issue? i have inspected the barrel and bolt and (although im not a gunsmith) cant find any problems or spurs or anything like that. Next time i shoot i will use some of my reserve 7n14 ammo and see if it does it then. Im just curiuos if anything else could cause it besides the ammo. Like i said i have never had this issue before.

TXnorton 03-28-2010 08:22 PM

Did you check the diameter of the bullets used that resulted in the keyholing? As an experiment take a loaded round and stick the bullet into the muzzle end of the barrel. How far does it go in? Try this with both types of ammo. If the bullet goes in all the way to the brass, then something is wrong. The ammo may be incorrect. Can you measure the bullet diameter with a digital calper? If your Mosin shot well before, then it is unlikley that the rifle is the problem.

Cory2 03-28-2010 08:25 PM

I don't own a caliper...i dont think i do anyway and the ammo that was keyholing is at my friends house who is now in "recruit training" aka basic for the navy so i cant get ahold of it. But i know the 7n14 ammunition doesnt go into the barrel very far. I really hope its just the ammunition as my mosi is the only rifle i have.

DrumJunkie 03-28-2010 08:30 PM

Yeah..Sounds liek the ammo is not the right size. If you could check it against ammo you know worked better maybe you can see the difference. A caliper would be the way to go but you say you don't have one. What TXnorton said about trying to fit it in the end of the barrel can probably give you an idea of it's a little small. it shouldn't slide in to the brass.

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