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cddbrowns 05-11-2011 01:36 PM

Looking for the best deal on a Mosin, anyone have a link I could go to? Looking at some, I have seen 75 bucks, then I go back to look more and they are up to 120. If I can get one for the 75, that would obviously be better. :D

jayguy 05-11-2011 02:47 PM

Check out this http://ttp://

Hillbillyjim 05-11-2011 11:36 PM

Widners last week had them for 79 bucks plus shipping. Said to be hand picked.

NitroxAZ 05-12-2011 01:23 AM

Check here Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Round receiver rifle, 7.62x54R caliber.

dteed4094 05-12-2011 04:01 AM

AIM Surplus $69.95. I got 3 and theywere exceptionally nice. Good shooters.

cddbrowns 05-12-2011 01:48 PM

Thanks all. Now to get the wife to sign off! HA! She wants to go to the gun show so depends on what we see there but thanks for the links and info.

OzarkRecluse 05-12-2011 04:01 PM

It helps a lot if you have a C&R FFL license. Definitely worth the $30.00. Aimsurplus is a good site as well as Gunbrokers (Gunbrokers will be my downfall - too many nice rifles, not enough space, I've already overloaded my gun room).

beaglesam 12-27-2011 01:21 PM

I know this thread has been up awhile and you have probably purchased two or three by now. These are pretty easy to find for $89-$99. This shop near my house has had them for $99 for about two years. Bill Goodman Gun and Knife Show in Dayton has a couple of venders that have them for $89 every month.

Olde English Outfitters - Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R with Accessories

sharkcoasttactical 12-28-2011 08:24 PM

My site. Ill give you a special deal if you're a FAT member,

trip286 12-28-2011 08:50 PM

OH that cracks me up!! I'm really fat, would I get a really good discount? LOL! The common acronym is FTF, Firearms Talk Forum. It doesn't matter, I just got a kick out of it.

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