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chasle90 04-01-2012 03:21 AM

M44 history?
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I've owned a Mosin Nagant for a few years now and I've tried to do some research on my rifle but there are so many models its hard to be sure if I even have a M44 or something else. Anyone know a little history to specific models? Most of the dates stamped on the gun are 1935 which I'm guessing is its manufacture date thanks for any info in advance.

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Jpyle 04-01-2012 03:31 AM

Tracking the history of any specific Mosin is next to impossible. There just isn't any remaining documentation on the who, whats and wheres. All that remains are the permanent engravings in the rifles themselves and that's part of their mystiquee, every rifle has it's own unique history and personality. Here's a link with some general MN information and a good source to assist with identifying many of the marks, stamps, etc...

kryptar19 04-01-2012 04:02 AM

If I'm not mistaken, the M44 was created as a tank rifle. Its just a cut down 91/30 made to fit in a tank. That's about all I know about them.

Hopefully C3 will chime in and back me up, or correct me. :/

pagj17 04-01-2012 04:15 AM

Looks like a 38 but I can't tell, does it have a bayonet, and can you post more pictures?

c3shooter 04-01-2012 05:14 AM

The earliest carbine predates the tank. The 1907 Carbine was made 1907-1917, and was intended for artilleryman, signal corps, engineers, etc.

Your rifle if made in 1935 would not be an M38 (no bayonet) nor an M44 (folding bayonet). The M38 was made 1939-1943 at Izhevsk Arsenal, and in 1940 and 1944 at Tula. The M44 was put into production in late 1944.

Carbines were intended for second echelon troops. They are only about 8 inches shorter than the rifles, and would still be rather awkward in a tank (those were SMALL tanks) Tanker more likely to have a pistol and/or SMG.

Please post some better pics, and measure the overall length of your rifle. Odds are you have an 1891/59 carbine. These were made in Bulgaria in 1959 by cutting down 91/30 rifles.

chasle90 04-01-2012 05:18 PM

1891/59 is what's stamped on the barrel so if that's what it says its a Bulgarian rifle carbine? I will post more pictures soon. Thank you everyone for the info by The way...if my riffled is indeed a 1891/59 carbine then who were they given to for what type of mission?

c3shooter 04-01-2012 05:26 PM

As we said- carbines were issued to "second echelon" troops- folks that were doing something other than going out to shoot the enemy as a primary mission. Artillerymen manning cannon, truck drivers with supply trucks, engineers building a bridge, signalers laying field phone lines, mechanics repairing vehicles.

That, incodentally was the original intended use of the US M1 Carbine- but it would up being used by front line troops.

chasle90 04-01-2012 05:50 PM

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I've measured the rifle at 3'4" or just 40" and I noticed a few markings on the wood right next to the bolt and chamber that has three number 8 going down. Never noticed it before. Hope these pics will help.

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chasle90 04-01-2012 05:56 PM

Thank you c3 I'm sorry if ask a lot of the same questions its all kindof confusing with how much goes into these rifles. You've been very helpful and I appreciate all the info. All this time I've been thinking its a m44 lol

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