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Dolken 10-03-2009 07:54 PM

Help identifying a rare weapon; Walkingcane with revolver inside
I found this old weapon some time ago when cleaning out my grandfathers house after he passed away. So i was wondering if anyone here could help me identifying it, or give me some info about where it might come from and how old it is and so on? Its fairly worn, and the mechanism isnt functioning.

I have never seen any weapons like this before, only single-shot ones, so I would guess its somewhat rare. So I would also like some input on how much it could be worth?

Any help is much appreciated!

(I could only put in 4 pictures per post, so I will post more if people are interested)

c3shooter 10-03-2009 10:15 PM

Pains me to say this, but good news/ bad news.

Good news- I am pretty sure there is an illustration and some info on your cane gun in the book Firearms Curiosa by Winant. You may have your library check for an inter-library loan. Book IS out of print, I have a copy, but can't get to it right now. Pretty sure I recall the spike stiletto.

Bad news- you will need to do some checking to be sure that your revolver is not a National Firearms Act Weapon. (NFAs include things like machineguns, mortars, silencers, and DISGUISED firearms) IF your can gun can be fired while still in the cane mode- "Houston, we have a problem". However, if the gun must be removed from the cane FIRST, you should be in the clear. Example- a "pen gun" that look like a ballpoint pen, and can be fired while looking like a pen is an NFA arm that requires registration. One that must be folded 90 degrees before firing, and no longer looks like a pen, is not.

You need to find a serious dealer in cane guns and like weapons, and talk with them. If it requires registration, and has not already been registered, that is a major problem. You might start by contacting the NRA Firearms Museum in Fairfax VA. Good luck- and could I ask you to please let us know what you find (for the benefit of the next guy)?

Dolken 10-03-2009 10:33 PM

Thanks for the reply c3shooter!

Im not located in the USA, so I'll take laws in mind, but its not a consern for me at the moment :)

I'll try to get a hold of the book u mentioned, i saw a local book dealer had 1 copy on their webshop. So thanks for the tip :)

The gun must be taken out of the cane before i can be fired. The trigger folds in and the gun fits snuggly into the cane. Once mounted together there is nothing on the outside that gives away thats its a weapon. See pictures below.

c3shooter 10-05-2009 12:53 AM

Dolken- please pardon the lecture on NFA firearms- we are going thru a spurt of these turning up from estates. I checked your profile before responding, and saw nothing to indicate that you were outside the US.

I should be back home within a week, and will check my copy of Curiosa. By the way, if you can find an affordable copy, there are more weird guns between the two covers than any book I have seen. I was fortunate to get a copy for $20- it was a special edition reprint with leather covers, gold page edges, nice end papers, etc. The book will not have prices, values, etc, but may have some small information on the item.

If you need an address for the NRA Museum, will dig one up for you. Mr. Jim Supica, a long time well respected antique gun dealer has recently become the curator of the museum. BTW, very nice pictures of your cane gun.

Dolken 10-05-2009 05:05 PM

Thanks again for the reply

I purchased the book from the webshop I mentioned, so hopefully it will get here in a few days. Will be interesting to have a look at it.
If you think the NRA Museum will have some interest in this gun, and mabye be able to give me some more info about it, then sure I'd be happy to send them some pictures of it.
Ivve talked to different people on forums and in my shootingclub about this gun, and we all agree it will be kinda hard to sell seeing its illegal in most countries. Wich is kind of a shame since its a rare and very special weapon im sure many collecters would like to have in their collection. So either I find a person whos willing to buy it privatly, or mabye donate it to a museum. Alltho i could use the cash :)

RCHanlin 11-09-2009 07:56 PM

Dolken... In regards to NFA law and rules .. I believe the point is being made that if this gun does fall under the NFA guidlines, it does not make the gun "illegal" it simply means you will have to register it through the BATF and pay a tax to own it. The cost of the stamp is $250. The gun can be sold to anyone who lives in a state that allows ownership of that type weapon (like my home state of Georgia) but would have to be transfered through a dealer with a license that allows that type of transfer. or a Class III dealer.

Hope that clears things up for you


spittinfire 11-09-2009 07:59 PM

I honestly know nothing about the weapon in question, I just want to say that, that thing is sweet and I would love to have one. Do you know what it shoots? I see the 22 in the pic but wasn't sure if that was for scale or caliber. Great piece of history you have there!

c3shooter 11-10-2009 12:45 AM

RC- the original poster lives in NORWAY- does not have the same firearms laws as we do. BTW, an "Any Other Weapon", like a cane gun- while they are NFA arms, has a transfer tax of $5. A full auto, short barreled shotgun, etc has a $200 transfer tax, but AOWs are only $5. HOWEVER- if they have not ALREADY been registered with the ATF, they cannot be.

Rusty- that one appears to be 22 RF- some of the European items are in cal .22 Velo Dog- a centerfire 22 cartridge. Have seen some of these up to .44 cal- poacher's guns. These were from the era when a gentleman took his walking stick when he went for an evening stroll. I have one black lacquer straight walking stick that holds a 22 inch sword. Some were a "cosh" (weighted stick) and some held a gunpowder surprise for a mugger.

The one I would love to have was a pocket watch patented by Leonard Woods- the doctor that the Army post is named for. Held a pistol. Single shot. Just for the mugger that demands your watch and wallet. Simpler times then.

RCHanlin 11-10-2009 08:23 PM

C3.. Thank you for setting me straight on that .. I simply did not read it through before posting my response;)

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