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getgot 11-17-2008 03:59 AM

colt .380 hammerless auto pocket pistol
what is a .380 Colt auto hammerless 1903 worth. original mag, shoots nice, finish is fair to good.

getgot 11-17-2008 04:01 AM

savage .32 auto
have a savage 1905 .32 auto with original mag. good shooting condition. What is this generally worth?

ScottG 11-17-2008 05:36 AM

"Worth" for a gun is always subjective. I purchased a .32 cal aught three hammerless for $400. I've seen them for more and I've seen them for sale for less. Both guns you're talking about are worth what someone's willing to pay for them. Check out the gun auction sites and see what they're being listed for. That's about the best you can do.

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