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pteradaktil 10-09-2008 07:24 PM

C&R and a state pistol permit
Does anyone know if a C&R item can be purchased with a valid state pistol permit or do they require C&R license specifically? Thanks

c3shooter 10-11-2008 12:14 AM

IF you may legally purchase a modern day firearm in your home state, then you can also buy a "curio and relic" firearm. Those are firearms that are 50 yrs old (or older) OR are on a list published by the BATFE as being especially valuable as a colelctors item (such as all Colt Woodsman pistols, without regard to age). Where confusion arises, some of us hold a Federal Firearms License as a COLLECTOR of Curio and Relic Firearms. This allows us to buy DIRECTLY from someone in another state without going thru a dealer, and have the arm shipped directly to us (exceptions for some states in that last statement I made) So, no, you don't need a C&R license if you are making a purchase face-to-face, and you are legal to buy a modern pistol.

janikphoto 10-11-2008 07:20 PM

You may purchase c&r firearms through the mail and across state lines with a c&r license or an FFL. A carry permit will not allow these same purchases. It WILL allow you (at least in TX) to skip the paperwork process at your local gun shop, and allow you to carry (if it is like our CHL).

Now, you can purchase a c&r weapon locally, just like any other weapon. The post made above mentions this. They are not different than other firearms in that respect. The ONLY thing that a c&r status provides (for people who have a c&r license) is an easy way to "mail order" collectible guns without going through an FFL.

I have to ship all my purchases to my local shop, then drive over there and pay them $35 to do a transfer. The c&r would let me skip all that and have it delivered directly to me.

c3shooter 10-12-2008 11:46 AM

Hi Janik! My C&R allows me to do one other thing (pretty neat for me) I travel a LOT on business. If I am in another state, and take in a gun show while there, I can buy in that state, and take it home with me. A collector can collect at any location. For $30 for 3 years, a collector's license is the most fun an old man can have!

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