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shellshock 06-07-2007 04:13 PM

C&R Modifications
I recently purchased 2 (unissued) Yugo SKS's 1 to keep stock and 1 to modify. While searching for a muzzle brake, I came across several websites that talk about the legality of modding the SKS. Since it would seem from what I have read, that changing a C&R firearm in pretty much anyway negates its status as a C&R firearm, I am now wondering what I can "legally" do to guns I bought with my CR license????

The SKS's are an extreme case for modification, in that you have 922r to deal with once you change the firearm and its not CR compliant anymore, but what about a mauser or mosin? If I wanted to put a new bolt, stock, even barrel on my 98 or 91/30 can I legally do that to rifles I purchased with my C&R? Will ATF have a fit if they inspect me and my 91/30 is in a synth stock, with a cut down barrel, and scope mounted? I realize that once I modify a firearm and it isn't CR compliant anymore I couldn't transfer it as a CR weapon, but how does modding it affect my inventory in the eyes of the ATF?

RONSERESURPLUS 06-07-2007 05:36 PM

C&R Mods!
Hello all


As I have in any Post that Mentions the ATF and Rules they have on weapons questions, I will tell you in a perfect world, Just call them, they will tell you all you need to know??? Now, Back to Reality, If you do decide to call, Make sure you, 1. Get the Agents name and Badge #, Ask him the question and Let him know your recording the anwser weather you are or not, and make sure you get a clear, consice anwser! If Not, Keep Calling back and ask for a supervisor if they give you a run aroung (They most Probaly will do so)! As one that has been a dealer, had a lot of experience in dealing with the ATF as well as many other Federal agencies, Remeber it's always best to "Trust, But Verify" Regan said it best and even if you didn't like him, Believe me, Be careful with you deal with Federal agents, many are good folks doing a job, too bad they have thier share of sh-T Heads that Muck up the works! Best to send them a letter in Print, with the exact question send itcertified, Yea spend the $'s and see what you get for a responce, remember they are not your friend and trust only what you have in hand and for real! Been, there, Done that and Wore the T-shirt till it rotted off my Body! LOL

RED 06-10-2007 08:47 PM

What is, is, and what ain't, might be...
Essentially what it boils down to, is the ATF has lots bigger fish to fry than going after somebody that took the flash suppressor off his Yugo. Furthermore NOBODY, no matter what you may have been told to the contrary, actually knows what is, or is not, a C&R firearm.

Trust me. You can go over to the gun auction sights and using a C&R license buy hundreds of items from dozens of active dealers that are technically NOT on the C&R list. I am talking about scoped '03's, Mausers, Krags , guns with folding stocks, and etc.

Is it legal? NO. Is the ATF likely to prosecute? No. If they did they would probably go after the FFL dealer and not the poor C&R that was just trying to get a good deal on a deer rifle.

I know of one outfit doing business on an auction sight that sells any firearm that even looks like it might be old as a C&R. They sell thousands of guns each month from 4 - 5 locations. I also know ATF has received complaints from other dealers about this but has never taken any action. Rant off.

The answer to your very legitimate question is, to be safe, sell one of the Yugo's and buy a Chicom in the configuration you want. The Chicom is much lighter, has a chrome lined barrel, and is more accurate. and reliable. Just my humble opinion.

RONSERESURPLUS 06-14-2007 12:05 AM

C&R Mods


I'd have to say I agre with Most of what Red had to say! The C & R deal is a real Muddy water deal and YUP, the ATF are not your friend! The Best part of his advice is to sell off one of the YUGO's and Get a CHI COM Or Romanian built the way you want it, WITHOUT ALL THE HASSLES and POSSIBLE TROUBLE! BY Far, Best Bet and well SAID! Thanks RED for saying what I should have! I get Kinda Flustered with the whole ATF thing and don't always talk right after that? LOL

Yes, I agree the ATF shoulnd't waste the time? But, Remeber, the whole "Bully BOY" deal many of those Agents deal with? They go out on a Lone Ranger Mission with No leadership and Little supervision, then they Violate the rights of YOU and ME? I've seen it and heard of it too many times! It's simply not worth running afoul of these A--holes! Yes, I do agree some Agents are OK, but that Number is Far and few Between! ANYTHING YOU CAN DO TO STAY OUT OF THIER SCRUTANY IS BEST! They should go after "Bigger Fish" but many are looking for an easy score and you and I are a lot easier than a car full of Skin heads with a crate of Full auto Rifles? Remember, your not dealing with the cream of the crop in law Enforcement! I knew Personally, an agent, who I have and will always call a friend, Had to change his reume, to Downplay his status as an ATF Agent to get into the Secret Service, now that should tell you something? If your own Gov knows your agency suck,s thats about the size of it? LOL It took him 12 years of Trying and Now He's in the Service and doing well! He used to tell me Horor stories of what his fellow agents would do to get a bust, It discusted him and made him wana leave! Was it all true, Probaly not, But I bet most of it was, remember this was a good man who didn't screw people to get his job done!

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