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aten1911 03-30-2009 08:41 PM

British Enfield
:confused:I recently bought a Mk. 4 marked U.S. Property. I thought that was unusual. So did the dealer that I bought it from.
My question is I can't find the ( bolt release )?
On my othe SMLE it is on the right side right above the trigger housing. This rifle appears to have a space for it, but the latch is not there? could it be lost? How do I get the bolt out to clean, etc. ?
It does need a CLEANING!!!!

tnx, for any HELP!!


30-30remchester 03-31-2009 12:39 AM

Congradulations on your Savage built Enfield SMLE. The secret to bolt removal is to open the bolt, pull bolt back just a small distance and you will notice a cut out in the right bolt rail. Pull the bolt back till the right front bolt lug is even with cutout. Then simply reach down and rotate bolt lug upward till it points staight up. Then remove the bolt. Any other questions just ask.

30-30remchester 03-31-2009 12:58 AM

One more thing I should have told you about bolt re-incertion, if you will look at the front rotating lug you will notice a small horizonal groove in it. When you push bolt back forward to the cutout in the right rail, push the lug back down to pre bolt removal position, but make sure that the horizonal groove in the lug fits in the bolt rail where it originally rode. Before you remove the bolt look very carefully and closely to see where the horizonal groove rides.

RL357Mag 03-31-2009 01:48 AM

That lug unscrews to reveal the firing pin - so be sure it is screwed ALL THE WAY IN before reinstalling the bolt and trying to close the action.

c3shooter 03-31-2009 04:35 AM

Here ya go: Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle (2006) -

Look down left side for #4. Click, when it opens, look down right side for assembly. disassembly. With pictures, even!

I keep the site in my favorites folder. Good info, free, quick reference for a lot of milsurp rifles and pistols.

aten1911 03-31-2009 07:39 PM

WoW excellent info guys, very much thanks! I just read your posts. I'll let U know how it worked out. So it was made by Savage, cool eh?

Thanks again, 30-30.


aten1911 03-31-2009 07:49 PM

I just checked out your link and it's awesome found just what I needed. With pics too!!
again thanks alot.


WILDCATT 04-08-2009 12:43 PM

savage #4
I to have a savage,but I have had them before and many othe guns.savage
made guns for britain in WW1 also.Lewis MG and then made them for us.
get the north cape pubications book on enfields there are two,one is for the #1 SMLE and the other is for the N4 & 5.the #4 is 192 pages. $16.95
"" great book.:rolleyes::D

karlsgunbunker 05-17-2009 12:50 AM

I rescently traded for my second Savage Enfield.
It has a Brass butt plate and bras stock pins.

I bought a longbranch from AIM a couple of years ago and my first Savage from SOG shortly after.

I picked up a Fazerkly on GB for $150 shipped.

I'm up to 4 and I'm waiting for century to get in a shipment so I can buy a cracked stock enfield and Sporterize it.

I want one with a scope and sporterizing is the cheapest way.

I also picked up 2K rnds of .303 british surplus from Samco global for $219 per.

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