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Hamster 11-30-2010 01:45 PM

Book about German manufacturer codes till 1945
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Hello everybody!

I hope it's not a problem to give some information about a book, that I have written on my own. It's very useful to identify the makers of weapons, ammunition and many other military stuff of the German Army, Navy and Airforce. Maybe someone is interested in it.

I'm not doing it for earning money, it's just a hobby.

"Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945"
(Secret German manufacturer codes up to 1945)

Although this topic has been dealt with before, the extent and utility of previous treatments has not been complete in the existing literature. My new book, resulting from long term research, will serve all collectors and military historians as a primary reference for identifying the manufacturers on weapons, ammunition and every kind of military equipment (clothes, pouches, helmets, medals and so on).

The book has more than 500 pages, is sorted in two ways (after codes and after company-names), contains all military code systems (early abbreviations, number-codes, letter-codes, LDO-numbers for medals & insignias and the RZM-numbers for NSDAP- & SS-equipment). I have also added about three pages with identified codes following "ozz" (like "swj" for Steyr and so on). There are many mistakes in names and addresses in the old lists. I have check EVERY name and address, so I hope to have limited the mistakes to the minimum.

The text-part is written in German and English language.

It's very important to know the background and the development of the code systems. I have found many original documents in archives to reproduce the way of the development step by step.

To the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan it's 67 USD by airmail incl. registered shipping. (I have Paypal).

With best wishes from Germany
Michael Heidler

contact e-mail:

Hamster 11-30-2010 01:46 PM

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And here some pics

Hamster 08-20-2011 08:44 AM

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Hello everybody,
I just want to inform you that my book "Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945" about the secret German manufacturer codes is sold out now.

I'm trying to get a few left-over copies from a dealer, so please feel free to ask if you still need one.
But that's all and I don't know if there will ever be a reprint in the future.

Please have a look at the attachments!
I have made a list with corrections and supplements for all owners of my book. The list contains information that I got in the time after the book was finished. It will keep your book up to date :)

Viele Gre
With best wishes

Michael Heidler

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