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indy_kid 06-08-2009 07:03 PM

Bavarian/Austrian M1 Carbine!!
These M1 carbines were given to the Bavarian Police immediately after WWII so they could police their own people. We had taken all their other guns, and (I suppose) figured the Carbine was underpowered and not as much a threat as a K98!

I picked up one at an auction recently. An Underwood, with Underwood barrel dated 1-44, and "Bavaria Prison Guard" that appears to be milled into the top left edge of the receiver, next to the bolt. English was a requirement of the Bavarian gov.

Let me run through the parts and the markings, though I'm not sure of the particular Type of each piece:

Receiver: Underwood, 2827947; "Bavaria Prison Guard" on top, left side, ext to bolt; a 10x inspection appears to show it was cut with a milling tool vs. stamping or electric pencil, as there are circular milling marks INSIDE each letter; depth is not uniform. Arsenal Bomb immediately below the serial number.

Barrel: Underwood, 1-44, Arsenal Bomb (all just below the front sight); "P" proof mark midway down barrel; "INTRAC KNOX TN" underneath, immediately behind front sight. This means that it served, at some point, in Austria, as well as Bavaria (comments?)

Front sight: "U" on front (Underwood)
Rear sight: stamped, "I.R. CO", 7160060 (post-war?); staked in place
Bolt: Flat type; "7947" by electric pencil on top
Slide: "7947"

Trigger Housing: "LGKNO 0672", (the "O" has an umlaut) - this is the code for Lower Austria; VERY rough; lots of tooling marks remaining (post-war production, I suspect). It would appear that this rifle went from Bavaria to Austria at some point.
Trigger: "IU", with a small "U" through the "I" (believed to be Underwood)
Sear: U (either Underwood or Union Hardware)
Hammer: in the white, unmarked
Recoil Plate: W (Winchester?)
Mag. Release: Flat, "AU" (Underwood)
Safety: Stylized "S" (two lines form the body) - Saginaw? Post-war?

Stock: "W.R.A. over G.H.D."; crossed cannons; "7947" and "IU" underneath stock forearm (the IU may be from Wurttemberg-Baden, not an Underwood stamp; see photo on 1st website below; ); "7947" in sling well.

No bayonet lug.

Likely re-blued (or else had very little handling).

Sling is khaki; no idea of age. Oiler appears to be original; well-worn.

Here's where I got much of my info: Bavarian Carbines

This shows the "Bavarian Prison Guard" marking that is on mine: Bavarian Prison Guard; you'll need to scroll down a bit.

So, almost fully made of Underwood parts, served in Bavaria and Austria, and in VF/EX condition. Matching numbers throughout. Bore is bright and shiny. Not a spot of rust to be found. Markings consistent with use in Bavaria and Austria.

If you have a Bavarian/Austrian, let me know what you think, including value. I'll try to get some pix up soon!

ScottG 06-08-2009 07:23 PM

The CMP will have them for sale soon. No word on price yet, and some are auction only.

indy_kid 06-09-2009 01:58 PM

What makes a rifle valuable...

Originally Posted by ScottG (Post 114693)
The CMP will have them for sale soon. No word on price yet, and some are auction only.

The number of Bavarian/Austrian loaners was only about 10-15K, spread out among a number of agencies, so that's where most of the value lies. Some collectors try to get one from each agency shown on the website.

Plus, it's intrinsic value as a WWII piece that is almost completely Underwood. Hard to find them with all piece from a single manufacturer. I've seen people buy several to swap out the parts to build a single-maker rifle.

And it appears to be a good shooter, so that has it going for it as well!

ScottG 06-10-2009 12:07 AM

It would be an interesting piece, but I'm sure they'll be too rich for my blood.

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