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RufusTFirefly 10-16-2011 04:38 AM

Any M1903 experts in the Tucson area?
I'm looking at purchasing an M1903 but I don't know enough to tell if I'd be getting a good deal.

Is there anyone here in the Tucson area that can help me with the selection process? I have a bead on a 1903 here in town, but I don't know enough about 'em to make an educated decision.



JonM 10-16-2011 01:36 PM

Most of them are way over priced or in poor condition.

The best place is to try the cmp. They currently have a supply of 1903s they are selling in condition that matches the price.

RufusTFirefly 10-17-2011 12:47 AM

Jon, I've looked at CMP and I think the only 1903's they have left are the "non-shoot" variety. I'm looking for a shooter.


JonM 10-17-2011 01:32 AM

if you dont care about matching parts for collector reasons then the only things are be sure its above 800,000 for springfield armory and above 300,000 for rock island all others are safe. then its just a matter of muzzle and throat wear. a lot of 03s are counterbored. its usually ok but there isnt much real way to tell wear after its been bored out. a counterbored barrel is missing the rifling for the last half inch of bore near the muzzle.

a muzzle gauge in 30cal is a good indicator if its less than 4 you still got a lot of life left in the bore.

a poor mans or field expedient gauge is taking a round of ammo for the rifle in question and dropping it in the muzzle. if the bullet goes in up to the case mouth its got excessive wear or has been counter bored altho most of the time the shoulder of the cartridge will ht the crown in counter bores

spare barrels are common on gunbroker so if you find a good one in everything cept excessive erosion they can be rebarreled fairly cheaply.

RufusTFirefly 10-17-2011 01:42 AM

There's one here in Tucson with s/n on receiver that puts it back to 1919. It's a Mark I. Everything appears good, bolt action is smooth, stock had a few dings and gouges but overall very nice looking. Haven't had a chance to check barrel. Receiver has cutout for Pederson device. Seller is asking $1250, and I'm not sure if that's a good price or not. I've seen very similar ones on the internet in the 7-800 dollar range.

JonM 10-17-2011 12:10 PM

Condition is everything. For a very good clean gun that has not been bubbad every part matching that can be in the ballpark of a collector version. Shooters are normally in the 500-800 range.

TheOldMan 10-17-2011 01:52 PM

You may also want to consider checking out the auction sites on-line..

Gunbroker and Auctionarms are two of the top sites.. This will give you an idea of price range if there are some up for auction. $1250 is pretty high for that one you mentioned. Most of the ones I've seen are around $700 range.

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