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Any Ideas How To Get More Women Interested in Firearms?

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Originally Posted by dteed4094 View Post
She probably wont wear it at this point but will purse carry.
I don't carry but I remember hearing if a woman carries her weapon in her purse, she is potentially arming a purse snatcher. If I ever were to carry, it would definitely be on my person.

Originally Posted by corrinavatan View Post
I think that, for the most part, women tend to be put off by guns due to the actions of men. I typically see the following behaviors that men do that pretty much get women off guns.

1. Handing a woman a high-power rifle, giving her little to no knowledge or warning that it is going to have a massive kick, causing them to injure themselves when they fire.
2. Insisting that it is a "man thing" and treating women with genuine interest with ridicule.
3. Not involving the significant other in the purchase, maintenance, and care of a firearm. I mean, if you constantly say "don't touch that!" when she picks up the trigger assembly while you're cleaning the gun, you're turing guns into a point of animosity. Besides, as long as no actual danger can come from the action, it's best to learn by experience (like when my wife pulled the trigger on while it was disassembled from the receiver to see how the thing worked mechanically, and sent the hammer spring flying across the living room. That was a bonding experience, because we had to learn to fix that problem, which leads to more confidence.
All those comments are so true. I've seen videos of men handing women a high powered gun and when she falls over backwards or gets hurt, the men laugh. I don't find that funny at all. I think it's demeaning and a way for some less confident men to 'put the little lady in her place' and show her guns are not for women.

Originally Posted by Jay View Post
Many ladies tend to like security in numbers.... they like to go to class, or shoot with other ladies. Ladies, like most folks, resent being talked down to. Especially when they've gone to a gun shop to learn, and look, only to be told that "ladies can't handle this or that", or "the controls on this gun are too complex for you". Many times, the guys unintentionally, or maybe intentionally, run the ladies off. One lady who brought her family to me for classes, told me that another instructor told her she couldn't shoot a 1911 because it was too complex, and too much gun for women. Now, she carries one daily, owns another, and is very proficient with both of 'em.

Help 'em, guys. Don't run 'em off.
Thank you for your comments. There's no reason a woman can't have the same gun knowledge as men. And no one likes being talked down to. I don't know how to explain this but I prefer being taught by men. I think it's the matter of fact way they present things. Women tend to be too sensitive and not lay all the facts out on the table. When I joined a gym, many of my friends asked why I didn't join a ladies gym. They asked if I weren't intimidated by the men at the gym. I told them I was inspired by the men at the gym. They pushed themselves to the limits and were not making any pretenses for anyone who may be watching them, as women sometimes do. The men at the gym indirectly inspired me to work harder.

Same with guns. Just because I am a woman doesn't mean I can't handle a gun the same as a man if I am given the proper instruction, training and warnings of recoil. But again, I am not a very girly girl and I like pushing myself to my limits. It's not in my thought process that I can't do something because I'm a woman. That is setting yourself up for defeat. When people ask why I like shooting I tell them for me, it's like playing golf. You go to the range and shoot. At the end of your shooting you look at your targets and you decide you can do better than that!! So each time I go I try to beat my personal best, just like a golfer. For me, there is no winners or losers. Just trying to outdo myself each time I go. I like rising to a challenge and pushing myself to my limits.

Here's a little history of the way I think. When I was a youngster, I joined the Girl Scouts. I didn't really like it because we earned badges in cooking, sewing, childcare, etc. The Boy Scouts were going camping, making fires, shooting arrows, etc. My Mom agreed with me and let me quit Girl Scouts. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time hanging out with my older brother. I just always liked doing 'guy' things rather than 'girl' things. Though I'm a pretty good cook and enjoy being the 'woman of the house', too.

So, after all this long winded post, I'm saying to the men, encourage the women to enjoy the sport of shooting. It's not particularly a "man" thing. Also, don't make them feel like your 'letting' or 'allowing' them to learn about guns. And to women forging into the gun world unassisted, it's not always easy but just always remember that the pride and sense of accomplishment with each step of knowledge is a very powerful feeling. Be tough, stand strong, never take your eyes off the prize. Don't let anyone stop you. Shooting is great fun and a real confidence builder.
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winds-of-change: Ma'am, long-winded you're not. Making a very strong understandable point; you have.
Working in programs, christian, non-christian, learning how to interact, without causing intimidation, degradation, superiorty complex, or the ''me man'' selfrighteousness for many years,
Things that I have learned
Being patient, bending, willing, understanding, considerate, respectful are a start.
Women, by and large; are smarter than most men. When something hurts, women will say, when something is working 'perfectly'' in their minds, they say, when they feel pressured, they say, when ''is'' for me the key. Listening is key.
my nature isn't threatened by much, my nature is threatened by failure. The young, middle age, older, learn, "I'' am here to learn from them. Through teaching, it is I that learns, benefits, enjoys these interactions. Those involved, know, I care about each and everyone's continued growth.

my key: listening, hearing, learning, laughing, honor, respect

and realizing, I Screw UP lots

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The kinds of guys that want to really humiliate women (or men) trying out guns would have been a good little General Napoleon Bonaparte, and probably get a thrill out of "pulling rank" on their subordinates (even civilians).
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