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Benning Boy 12-30-2008 05:07 PM

Ammo question
Recently came across a box of 7.62x54r, in a can, belted. The can is painted green (duh) with red letters that read 88-56.

I'm assuming but the shape of the can this was for a vehicle mounted PK machine gun.

So I set about the task of stripping them off the belt (these are for M-44 plinking), and notice the brass of every fifth round is brighter than the rest. All of the tips are painted yellow, but the brass is noticably different.

Any thoughts? Tracer?:confused:

Ram Rod 12-30-2008 06:27 PM

I would say tracer is a very good guess. Typically they are every fifth round on the belt fed machine guns like the M-60 and such. Most ranges disallow tracers or incendiary ammo by the way. Tracer rounds are usually identified with red, orange, or yellow paint. If you have a bullet puller, you could find out for sure.

Benning Boy 12-30-2008 07:46 PM

No puller, I may just have to find out the old fashioned way to be sure.

jeepcreep927 12-31-2008 03:21 AM

You can't use standard US/ NATO military ammo tip colors for bullet ID on foreign ammo(re: WARSAW PACT or other non-NATO). Red and orange are tracer rounds by NATO standards..

I believe if your ammo is Russian or Czech then the yellow designates a "heavy" bullet of 180-181 grains which was not a standard "ball" round of 150 grains if I remember (current issue). Does it have a copper washed or thinly plated steel jacket?

matt g 12-31-2008 05:38 AM

I'd bet it's tracer. Load one up in your rifle, touch it off and see what happens.

jeepcreep927 12-31-2008 07:43 AM

The "56" on the can could likely be a year of manufacture.

Benning Boy 12-31-2008 02:25 PM

I've concluded either it's tracer, or they replaced the tracer with standard ball from a different lot. Head stamps are tiny, so can't make anything out there. A small packing slip in the bottom of the can would help out, if I were a linguist. Doesn't appear to be Russian, but it was a 250 round belt, and the slip states 200 of something and 50 of something else.

Fire some this weekend, let you guys know what I discover.:eek:

Benning Boy 12-31-2008 03:15 PM

Okay, update, the packing slip is in Hungarian. The part that would be the merchandise description is handwritten, so still can't make that out.

The world of C&R is fascinating.:cool:

Dcomf 12-31-2008 04:15 PM

Like JeepCreep stated it is more than likely heavy ball ammo. Silver tip usually designates light ball ammo.

NYPD13 12-31-2008 11:06 PM

I too have a can of 7.62x54R yellow tips, they're the heavier 182gr weight from Hungary and have a steel core as opposed to lead. Every fifth round may be AP not tracer, and if its brass and not lacquered its probably Bulgarian heavy ball 182gr steel core.

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