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Trying To Construct Hidden Gun

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Couple of points here-
Clown- you did not say where you are located, nor does your profile indicate a country (as do some of our overseas members) so the assumption was made that you are in the US, and subject to US law.

For the rest- Under US law, you may make a firearm for your own use. However, there are some limitations. Making a disguised firearm that can fire while disguised is highly regulated by the BATFE. Those are called AOWs, and must be registered BEFORE being built. A "pen gun" that looks like a pen when it is being fired is one such example.

A 20 g "pen gun" is likely to have other issues- such as barrel length, being classed as a "destructive device" since it is over .50 cal, etc. And firing SHOT (as opposed to gas, flares, etc, it WILL have significant recoil.

Clown, your goal of "bullets will hurt but not pierce skin" is not realistic for a firearm. Even blank cartridges can pierce the skin, and HAVE killed people. You may be better served by something in the AirSoft concept- using a 6mm plastic BB. These are on the market using spring power, electric power, and assorted compressed gasses. It is also much less likely to do damage to the shooter if your engineering and machining skills are less highly developed than you thought.

Regards- C3
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Sorry, but I have to say that this thread is further proof that video games are a bad influence on children. Just reading this and looking at those pictures makes me truly understand why the liberals want so many laws to control weapons. The OP is a poster child for the Brady bunch. Calling it as I see it...
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I honestly can't believe this discussion has gone as long as it has without someone saying this is one of the worst ideas seen in a while. You're talking about making a zip gun..... and if you scab it together the way you did that rediculuous knife I don't want to be anywhere near it when you actually consider loading it.
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An Perfect Guess Its An Shower Rod

Any Suggestions For Bullets (Not Real One)
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The OP is a poster child
This Guy Is Not An "Child" But An Adult HEAVY GAMER
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I have to say, After looking at the picture of the "hidden gun" that looks like an accident waiting to happen. Gun manufactures use safeties for a reason. I could see your finger bumping that lever and shooting yourself or someone else nearby. If I saw you at a range with that I would not stick around.
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DUDE when you get this done make sure to video tape you blowing your arm off. You will be a youtube instant interwebs celebrity. With the problems you have in talking or well typing I would not want you around guns, knives, children, or small pet animals.

Over all I think you are going to get yourself into big trouble with this dumb sh!t your building.

Remember If you are in the USA you may want to rethink packing a sword like that as many areas will call it a concealed weapon and make you have a permit.
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Originally Posted by deathkricket View Post
all you need is a table, tape, and string to trigger it to test it
but no really, thats why you buy good steel thats more then thick enough. This guys pen gun case looks..err less then adequate for my taste, that looks like a shower rod
A looonnnngggg string

I was trying to be nice. Clown, you are asking for too many problems. Give it up. Get a life, there are so many other things to enjoy than games.
Amendment II:
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Can you say "Taxi Driver"?

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

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- orangello
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Originally Posted by The_Hunting_Clown View Post
After Releasing
Trying To Construct Hidden Gun - DIY Projects
This is the dumbest idea I have ever seen. You actually want to fire a bullet out of a shower rod? Do you know what shower rods were made for? I"ll answer that for you. They were made for hanging shower curtains. This will end badly. This is the first time I have ever considered flagging a post. Please do not do this, and to the other members of FTF, please stop giving this gamer info that will hurt or possibly kill him. Now back to you regularly scheduled programming...
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