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DougB 02-25-2010 03:48 PM

"Sprucing Up" My Huntsman
Getting a little bored with the overall looks of my black molded stock/stainless steel Huntsman, I decided that it was time for a “makeover” or “face lift”. A little color.

Managing a paint department, I decided that for less than a $20.00 investment, it was time for a little experimenting (company didn’t buy the paint, but, oh well). I purchased aerosol cans of Valspar plastic primer, a “stone look texture” hunter green and finally a satin finish clear coat. They also offer the stone like texture paint in a dark shade of gray, light tan and I believe a taupe color in our store, any of which would look pretty decent in my opinion.

I prepped the stock and forearm first by brush scrubbing with dishwasher soap and VERY hot water followed by two wipe downs of paint thinner/mineral spirits to remove any residual manufacturing residue and oil. Each piece then got two applications of the three aerosols with about 48 hours of dry time in between coats. The stone texture paint does require a clear topcoat to protect it from the elements. All three aerosols are considered interior/exterior grade finishes.

The following pictures are the result of my efforts and I really like the looks when combined with the stainless. The texture also gives me something very easy to hang on to.

Now let's see how it holds up!

I might add that I had to "clean up" a couple areas where the forearm pivots against the receiver and I was a little surprised with the finish. Doesn't really harden like you would think an enamel would harden. Remained somewhat...not soft but "grippy". Was rather difficult to remove with my very sharp pocket knife. The completed finish REALLY adheres! It appears as though the finish should flex as the stock/forearm flexes.

amoroque 02-25-2010 05:11 PM

That is a pretty cool look! Good job.
yeah please keep us informed with how that paint holds up.

badeye 03-10-2010 06:35 PM

Outstanding work! Kinda gives you a warm feeling inside doing the work yourself!

DougB 02-20-2012 10:33 AM

An update:

Well the Huntsman has gone thru 2 seasons going thru some pretty awful brush and getting bumped around in the woods. Not abuse but normal hunting use. I must say the finish looks just like the day I completed the face lift. The one advantage of the texture paint that I really appreciate is the fact that the firearm almost feels "glued" to your gloves. The pictures I posted really look "washed out". The actual finish is much darker which may even provide a bit of camouflage effect. I might even get a couple cans of some earth tone colors and give that a try. That's the beauty of can always start over.

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