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LongRiffle 01-25-2011 02:01 AM

Shotgun Recivers?
Hi im new to this forum and not sure if this is the right catagory for this thread but oh well...
I am left handed and have wanted a left handed semi 12ga. I have looked around and have found that the few you do come across are $$$$$. I was just wondering if it were possible to buy a "left handed" reciver already assembled and piece together the rest(stock barrle ect.). If so where could i purchase one(website preferably).


orangello 01-25-2011 02:16 AM

Look up an Ithaca 37, ejects out the bottom. I have heard they are a bit of a lightweight, as far as lasting forever, but i don't know that for certain. I think there are a couple more threads in the shotty section.

Good luck being in your right mind. :)

LongRiffle 01-26-2011 01:18 AM

haha thanks

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