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jeepcreep927 11-10-2008 09:12 PM

Receiver For Ground Up Bolt Gun
I am tentatively looking at receivers for a bolt gun project. I was wondering what people's thoughts are on Surgeon? After reading Dillinger's comparison on receiver designs and characteristics I am cautious about spending that much money on a modified Remington 700 style receiver. This will be a one time thing as I will never again have the funds, so I want to make the best decision on receivers.

I haven't decided on a caliber yet, just wondering who else offers a possibly better platform in the same price range. Thanks.

Dillinger 11-10-2008 09:28 PM

Let me clarify something there before cpttango stops by and wants to put my head on a pike again. :D

The Surgeon is a Remington styled action, but it's not a Remington factory action. There is a HUGE difference between the two.

Surgeon is making a great custom action. I have personally worked on two of them, and shot one of the rifles in .25-06 that printed a small cloverleaf at 200 yards with a Krieger barrel and a Leupold 4.5x14

Look at Lawton Actions, I have one on my Mjolnir build in the projects section and it is a hell of a stout action.

Badger Ord just released their new action, and it's a beast, but it's pretty pricey.

What are you looking for? A custom action for the sake of a custom action? Most bang for the buck? Or what?


jeepcreep927 11-10-2008 09:55 PM

First- I have never seen a Surgeon in person. I was considering some of your points about the shape of the factory Remington, as well as the dimensions etc. I realize the Surgeon is styled very closely after the Remmy, but didn't know if the areas you pointed out were the same/ similar, and had the same drawbacks. I have a Remington 700 LTR that I can't keep up with accuracy wise, but figured if I was going to jump into a custom action then I wanted to do it right.

Second- As assinine as it sounds, you pretty much hit it on the head: I want one just to have one. Since I was a kid I have rebuilt several guns, and done SOME type of modification to every single gun I own. I guess I can't just leave well enough alone. The most "exotic" thing I have now is a M98 receiver with a 30-06 Shilen barrel. I did everything to this gun myself except fit the barrel and finish ream the chamber. Months of polishing and reblueing with hot salts etc.

I suppose I see guns like some guys see fast bikes or hot rods. I don't really need it, but building it keeps me off the streets so to speak. Shooting it will be just the finale, building it is what appeals to me.

I don't have an endless budget but my enlistment bonus will get me a good start on the receiver and possibly the glass. I can pick up the other lower dollar stuff later when I get back from my deployment.

Dillinger 11-10-2008 11:14 PM

Jeep - I am similarly affected. I just love my weapons, and when I get one done and built, I am already planning on what to start next. :rolleyes:

Okay, the "flaws" that I talked about with the Remington are these:

The extractor is thin walled and it's spring steel. It's not the most reliable item out there. Will it fail you at a crucial moment and have a case stuck? Probably not - but I have seen more than a come through the shop in the better part of 4 years being there. Usually it's because some hunter or shooter has tried reloading and pushed the limits, got the case stuck, tried the "boot jam" they used to teach way back when and snap the rim.

The Surgeon does have the exact same style extractor, which is a minus in my book ( and that of the Master Smith at the shop ) BUT, they don't use the same material.

The Recoil Lug - There is no reason to have a recoil lug that isn't attached to the action. The damn thing needs to be attached to the action so you don't have to worry about torque issues. It also allows you a much better ability to glass bed the action.

The Surgeon's recoil lug is one piece, built into the action itself and it's thicker than the Remington factory. This is a good thing.

The Brazed on Bolt Handle - This makes no sense to me since you need a strong handle, not one that is three pieces and brazed together.

The Surgeon's is a one piece, CNC machined bolt and handle, so there is no worry there.

It comes with a 20MOA built in rail, which is a great savings and an excellent addition since it will be perfectly inline with the chamber.

All the medal is heat treated before they do the final finish work, so they are giving you a quality piece of kit.

Downside? They use a factory firing pin - you should really get a Ti pin for $1300. They also use the Remy factory design of the round bottom action. You can glass bed it easily enough, but like anything round, adding torque takes less to spin something round versus something with a flat surface and angles.

Now, for that kind of money, here's a couple of other choices.

BAT Machine out of Idaho. We have used them on a few builds and they make a great product. Their webpage is a disaster to try and decypher, it's easier to just call them and ask a couple of questions than it is to try and figure it out with a Lucky Charms Decoder Ring.

Badger Ords M2008 is a nice looking product. I haven't played with it yet though, so the verdict is still out.

Lawton is a good action, and it's about the same price, depending on options.

Montana Riflemen have a good rep. I haven't seen their product, but reviews are positive.

There was even a company in Montana, or North Dakota, that was making custom Titanium actions for awhile. I don't remember their name though....

Basically - you can get a real good factory action ( like a HOWA 1500 or a Winchester ) and have it blue printed ( about $600 in our shop, but that includes redrilling the scope holes and a trigger job ).


You can get a custom action where most of that work is already done, but you will be paying for the package, and that will include the name on the side.

Hope that helps. As always, if you need more info, hit me up if you want....

cpttango30 11-14-2008 11:33 AM

Surgon is a fine action. If you are wanting to build a Tacticool rifle then that is the actiion I would go with. If you wanted a bench rest type or FTR type ridle then I would go with a Nesika, Bat, or Stolle actions. I am not knocking the Surgon but when you want .0002" 100 yard accuracy the last three are where you look.

I like giving Dillianger a hard time about Remingtons.

Dillinger 03-29-2009 09:51 PM

What's the latest on this idea for a build Jeep? It's been idle far too long....:D

*push, push*


jeepcreep927 03-29-2009 10:28 PM

I have all the pieces written down and decided on. I can sneak in everything but the action. I figured I'd use my re-enlistment bonus for that but got porked on getting one, soooo, I've been stashing some overtime money here and there.

Decided on:
Stiller Diamondback action
Broughton barrel (maybe lilja)
Shehan Tracker stock
glass and associated hardware are still in up in the air.

I defintely want a right bolt/ left port configured action. I am leaning hard toward 6mm PPC. Just debating if I would just go with a "no turn" chamber since this is essentially a LR varmint gun and maybe club level benchrest. Would I be shooting myself in the foot and limiting the accuracy potential of the 6PPC with a no turn chamber?

Anyhow, it's now just a matter of funding. Ain't it always?

I have 5 AR lowers kicking around that I might part with to fund this project. Anyone need a virgin Essential Arms lower? Have three w/ consecutive numbers.:cool:

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