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sixgunsamori 09-11-2007 04:12 AM

My H&R Handi-Rifle Project
When H&R put out the Handi-rifle in 500 S&W Mag, I had to have one. Unfortunately H&R went the "save a nickel" route on this piece; the sights were plastic, both featured the latest "light pipe" technology, (which I hate for aesthetic reasons) and the stock looked like it had been hand selected from the least appealing hunk of wood possible. The gun shot well and had a great trigger, though, and I felt it would make a great working guys dangerous game rifle... so, i took the crappy plastic sights off and installed a williams receiver sight and a tall shorty ramp, then I used a leftover Ashley Outdoors sight post to determine the proper height of the front sight and ordered a gold bead blade. The wood still looked horrible, though, so when I got a chance to buy a used H&R Buffalo Classic stock, I took it. I'm happy with it. I wish now I had taken a "before" pic or two, but the gun looks a lot nicer than it did. That barrel is a tunnel of terminal pucker!

Catfish 09-11-2007 12:22 PM

I`ll say one thing for you, If you shoot that thing your tough. I put 45 rounds through a S&W 500 handgun form the bench befor it started takeing it toll on me, but I would reather do that than fire 1 round through your gun. :eek: I would be for haveing it ported and put a good recoil pad on it. If you reload you can load 700 gn. bullets and get more knock down power than a .458 Win. mag. has with 400 gn. bullets so it will stop a mad charging field mouse. ;)

sixgunsamori 09-12-2007 04:33 AM

I have shot the 500 in my smith a bit, and I ran quite a few loads through the H&R prior to restocking it; I'm not too worried. If I can fire the ballistic supply 1200 fps 700 grain lead flat point out of the 4 inch barreled Smith with no ill effects I don't think the same load out of a heavier gun will stop me. I'll find out today at the range!

sixgunsamori 09-21-2007 07:01 AM

I went today... it is a beast! (but I like it!)I shot the 400 grain LSWC (keith style) at 1250 fps, the 400 grain hornady at 1650, the 535 LSWCGC at 1400, and yes, the 700 grainer at 1200. It ain't a fun rifle off the bench, thats for sure... but for its intended purpose its perfect. I feel confident it would stop a charging bull elephant at 50 paces even if it were hiding behind a NYC phone directory... or at least it would really irritate the elephant to the point that he'd finish the stomping the gun started! Get one!

Catfish 10-31-2007 04:03 PM

The velosities your quoteing are handgun velosities and with the Handi Rifle your velosities should be at least 200 fps faster. Your are right about it being a real stopper, but remember that you still have to have a good hit.

shoez 02-05-2008 08:44 PM

That rifle looks great. I am a fan of the Handi Rifles, I have two. I have a synthetic stocked .223 that with handloads will shoot 1" groups consistantly at 100 yards. I also have one in .45-70 that is accurate too. I want one of the new ones in .45-70 that has a stainless bull barrel and the thumbhole stock. The .500 Smith rifle would make a great brush gun for deer hunting, to say the least!

I also have the Ultra Slug in 20 gauge. For those not familiar, it is a heavy barreled , fully rifled shotgun. The 20 ga. version is built on a 12 ga. barrel blank. The ammo I use is the Federal Premium 3" 5/8 oz. Barned tipped sabot slug. It shoots that bullet at 1900 FPS. It is extremely accurate and kick butt on deer. Shells, like the 500 Smith, are super expensive. I pay around $15 for 5 rounds.

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