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Gunfan--actic 10-28-2010 10:57 PM

My Builds-The pics
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Well here they are. The Romanian AK-47 has an adaptor for the 6 position AR/M-4 style butt stock, it has a Leapers Quad Rail system, a C.A.A pistol grip that came with different inserts that offer different grip profiles, a bird cage flash hider, and I have the side rail scope mount for it, and presently I have a BSA red dot on the front rail. My plans for it include a TAPCO M-4 style buttstock with tube, spring, and buffer, spraying it all with a Duracoat flat black base coat then detailing certain parts with olive drab, a set of rail mounted bipods, a quality red/green dot optic, green laser, mounting one of my extra scopes on the side rail mount and zeroing it for quick changes and re-zeroing, and after the Duracoat has cured tackling the installation of that **^%$ trigger.
The SKS is in a Choate Standard monte carlo style stock, I have drilled and tapped the receiver for the Choate Receiver Mount scope mount, sanded the bolt starting with 1200 grit wet/dry to 3500 grit, then polishing it on a sisal buff wheel going through the compounds till I got to jewelers rouge. I also modified the bolt to accept TAPCO 20rd. mags with the bolt closed or opened, performed a trigger job on it, and am in the process of cutting another inch from the barrel, cutting an 11 degree target muzzle crown with my Brownells 79 degree muzzle cutter and 30 caliber pilot then cutting 14x1 threads on it to accept the metric muzzle brakes/flash hiders.
The 10-22 is in a Choate Dragonuv style olive drab stock with cheek rest, has a Power Custom scope mount and a 3x9x40 scope that came with my Marlin XL7, a Leapers .22 Quad Rail, Leapers 5 position foldable fore grip, Limbsaver Barrel Dresonator, and a slip-on muzzle brake. It has the 22" factory barrel, and I use a pair of Butler Creek 25 round mags, a pair of 25rd mags by another manufacturer, and use a coupler that attaches 2 factory 10rd mags bottom to bottom. I have had this .22 shooting 20rd groups the size of nickle from 75 yards with a junkie scope, and am sure it will group tighter with this scope change and will post target pics soon.
And this Marlin XL7 (Remington now owns Marlin) is my newest gun, in 30.06, a fluted bolt, adjustable trigger, synthetic stock with pillar bedding, a recessed muzzle crown, factory scope mount and scope. Not bad for less than $300.00, huh? I have swapped the factory scope for a 4x16x40 red/green mil-dot illuminated reticle, adjustable turrets that you can return to zero after sighting in, flip open lens caps from CenterPoint, added a Limbsaver Barrel deresonator, Caldwell Bipod, slip on shell holder, and added an inch thick Limbsaver slip on recoil pad to the factory inch thick rubber buttpad. Why the extra butt pad you ask? Well, this rifle only weighs 6 pounds and kills from both ends by kickin' like mule. I've laser bore sighted the scope at 20 yards, and have my Shoot n See targets on my target board. I have a few days to get out and dope my scope, or zero it, to be ready for deer season. I hope you all liked my projects, and my new toy. As I do more work to them I'll post more pics. Thanks All.

Gunfan--actic 10-28-2010 11:06 PM

My Builds-Pics Continued
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And here is the rest. Thanks again for looking.

progun3400 10-29-2010 04:44 AM

Ak's looking good. I bought Plinkers jig and several other build tools, it was worth the money at the time. I built my first AK when the matching numbers pristine Romy black stripe kits were selling for about $85. It has been a while. I posted in another thread and added a note on how to install the hammer springs back in without getting your fingers all tore up. You can read my comments here and follow the instructions in my post. It was easier for me anyway. Good luck.

dunerunner 10-29-2010 04:49 AM

Very nice!! Thanks for the pics!

Gunfan--actic 10-29-2010 07:40 PM

Thanks a lot, and I appreciate the link and hope it helps get my trigger/springs back in, I'll read it shortly. Got all the CD's out with more pics of other guns I have built. May put those in a new thread.

HKSlinger 12-09-2010 03:02 PM

Very cool! Half the rewards getting their.

NitroxAZ 12-09-2010 03:43 PM

Nice looking rifles.

Gunfan--actic 12-12-2010 01:42 AM

Nitroxax: Hardly anyone, a dieing few, understand honor and what it means. We have one, perhaps two generations that just dont have a clue, and this is a friggin shame. I'll get back to the rifles and off my tangent now.

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