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Olympicarmsfan 07-10-2008 06:53 PM

My AR-15 Build
Hi everyone I just did an AR-15 build. This was a build that I was on a tight budget on and saved money for a little over two years just to build. I did a lot research on it and what I wanted. I bought the lower receiver first when I found a great deal on an Essential Arms lower for $77.00 pluss shipping and FFL chargers. This came to a tottal of $116.00 out the door. I then started looking at full upper kits and looked at all the brand names in the ABC family. I went with a kit from I know its Black Thorn and I read about them good and bad and I have talked with a few guys that have built in the last few months with their kits. I got the kit in and at first was a little shy at putting it together by myself. I did get it done and it looks great. I cant wait to get to the range im about an hour and half from any were I can shoot a rifle. Im going to try and post some pics of the kit and finish product. Tell me what you think good or bad and even if you hate black thorn lol.

I will have a range report on it as soon as I can. I hope to be able to shoot it in the next few weeks. I also have to get to the gun smith and have the butt stock tightened, barrel checked to make sure its in 5.56 and my worked checked out as well. I feel like im cheating on my AK with her lol.

iloveguns 07-10-2008 06:57 PM

So what is the total you payed for everything? Just curious as I might try this soon. Thanks,


Olympicarmsfan 07-10-2008 10:10 PM

Ok I will break it down with the shipping in it to. I dont think I have much over 600 in it.


Lower receiver $77 + shipping and FFL came to $116.00

Upper kit $399.00 + shipping and insurance came to $431.51

Magazine's $9.99 + shipping. I bought four 30 round mags for $49.00. But if you look at what factory ARs come with and thats two 30 rounders it would be $29.00 shipped.

A2 peep site $29.99 + 9.99 shipping came to $39.98. I had other stuff that was on back order some mags that were $7.99ea.

The tottal of the above came to with two mags counted $616.50.

The place I ordered from--

Lower receiver

Full upper with lower parts

A2 peep site

30 round mags right now on sale 9.69ea or 9.99 for D&H

I found these to be the best prices as of right now and when I ordered. Keep me posted on your build and good luck on it. I had a blast.

Dillinger 07-10-2008 11:32 PM

EDIT: Answered my own question with a quick search. This is the old Hesse & Vulcan stuff.

What kind of barrel did you get? Appears to be either 16" or 18" from the picture. GI Standard? Or what?



Olympicarmsfan 07-10-2008 11:50 PM

I ordered the M4 kit in 16' barrel chambered for 556. I want to take this and have my worked checked out and also make sure the barrel is chambered in 556 before I shoot it. The kit is a Hess/Vulcon but came with a tag saying Black Thorn so Im not sure who is the owner now. I read all the bad and good things before I ordered. I also talked to guys who have been building using them as of late and all good things. My upper fits and looks good on the lower. I hope to have a range report on it soon. I have health problems and funds were limited so I was looking at Del-Ton and and went with and Im happy with it. Keep me posted on what kit you go with and how it turns out.

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