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sagenodland 12-31-2011 04:48 AM

mosin trigger mod
I looked up some trigger mods on YouTube and found one that was very helpful

It stated to put a washer under the trigger spring and put a coil like spring on the pin and so it eliminates slack in the trigger

Haven't got to fire it yet and already modded it :p
The trigger feels better than the original
Creep doesnt bug me but slack does so this mod was perfect!

trip286 12-31-2011 04:57 AM

Man I just got lucky as hell with my mosin. The only thing I've done to it is refinish the stock. The trigger on mine is great, no creep, no grit, a bit of over travel but not enough to bug me. Its amazing that it shots as well as it does considering the condition of the bore when I got it.

Hey, lets get a link of that video!

sagenodland 12-31-2011 05:09 AM

I knew you'd ask so here it is

1919A6 01-30-2012 01:12 AM

Another good mod would be to bed the receiver. This can be done cheaply by disassembling the gun from the stock and coating the receiver in grease and mixing JB Weld and filling the stock. Re assemble the gun, let set, disassemble clean receiver and your done. It peels out at any time if your not satisfied. It's just rubber. Also adding cork under the front of the barrel adds up war pressure that stabilizes the bullets flight. Again an easy fix if you feel it's a **** suggestion. I added a 4 power scope to my iron sights with an easy install mount that allowed me to utilize a long eye relief pistol scope and shoot longer distances more efficiently and accurately.

trip286 01-30-2012 01:43 AM

I might try that bedding technique.

danf_fl 01-30-2012 08:27 AM

IMO, you should not eliminate all slack.

Some, but not all. (You don't want the thing to fire when you close the bolt.)

scottybaccus 01-31-2012 04:18 AM

The trigger mod is easy and really does help. It's pretty amazing, considering....

dteed4094 02-14-2012 04:00 PM

Most, if not all of the quick easy trigger mods are unsafe. If you do any of these, cock the gun and then pry up on the bolt between the tang and the bolt body. There is usually enough slop in the bolt to allow it to fire without touching the trigger. The safest mod is to polish all the mating surfaces in the trigger group and the bolt where it meets the sear. I had a hard time justifing it but I spent $100 on a Timney trigger. That gave me an excelent, consistant trigger, a thumb safety, and reduced my groups from 5-6 inches to 2-3 inches. That for me is a phenominal improvement. I shot my mosins so much that my guns with realistic triggers started to feel like they were too light. If the Mosin is all you shoot, just practice and get used to it.

Chainfire 02-14-2012 11:34 PM

The alternative I have selected to deal with the Mosin trigger and accuracy is keep buying them till you fine the perfect one. I am over 35 of them now, and have some dang good shooters, but I will keep buying until I find perfection.;)

JonM 02-15-2012 03:41 AM

A better much more simple mod is this trigger return spring. Works fantastic. Got it on my sniper mosin.


A varient of this idea is found on some finnish mosins. Which is where the buymilsurp came up with the idea i believe

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