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Tworr 12-03-2009 03:45 AM

M1917 Eddystone Sporter Project
First time posting here. I was searching the net for information and came across your website and CA357's post on his Enfield Project so I thought I would share.

A few weeks ago I inherited my Grandfathers M1917 30.06 that was heavily sporterized and it hadn't been out of storage and cared for in nearly 20 years if not more. It's serial number is in the 960k range and puts it as an 1918 model. I'm not sure what month that makes it.

The original park finish had seen it wear, but was pretty much there except the rust was pretty bad and I had to use 3M pad and 220 sandpaper and finish it up with 0000 steel wool.

A little over one inch of the tip of the barrel is heavily pitted. Inside of the barrel looks good. I would love to have it reparkerized, but due to the damage of the rust on the tip of the barrel I'm wondering if I should Duracoat it or go with some other finish that would hide it.

Tworr 12-03-2009 02:04 PM

The stock is a Bishop and was a solid chuck of wood. I have fairly large hands and found that the triangle shape of the stock was just too hard to hold.

Here's the shaping I did with the wood grater and sandpaper.

It feels much more comfortable now that it went on a diet and has less hard edges. I used rubbing alcohol and cotton pads to clean the stock and get some of the dirt and oil out of the wood.

In the next week or so I will be taking it to the gunsmith to get weaver mounts put on it. I had bought weaver mounts 35 and 36 for my Remington 700 .243, but they look like they would fit pretty good. I'll have to let the gunsmith see if any more of the rear area needs to be ground down for them to work.

My biggest concern is what to do about the tip of the barrel. I hate to cut it off. It does look like it could be recrowned, but I was wondering if adding a muzzle break would help it and hide the pitted areas. It's already sporterized, might as well keep on going right?

If I Duracoated it to hide the pitted area I would possibly go OD green, but I would really like to reparkerize it and go for the green tint. Is soaking it in Valvoline a good way to do that?

Thank you for looking,


CA357 12-03-2009 03:16 PM

I used Birchwood Casey Blueing and Rust remover on my barrel, then sanded with #300 to #600 grip sandpaper. I then used Oxpho-Blue cream blueing for the finish. It came out pretty good after six coats or so. I could probably put another six coats on for a really pretty finish, but I like it as it is.

My barrel was extremely pitted as well and the sanding got a lot out, but it's still there. I figure it's earned some battle scars, so it's okay the way it is.

It's an old warrior, not a new rifle and it has character. My suggestion would be to clean it up as best you can, then take it out and shoot it. I believe you'll be surprised how accurate it is.

BTW, when I removed the blue on mine, I found the date 11-18 near the muzzle of the barrel.

Tworr 12-03-2009 05:08 PM

Well, you did a fine job.

I don't really want a muzzle break, so I will spend some more time on the pitted area and see how it turns out. You're right that it's an old warrior and the battle scars adds character and ages it. That's something for me to think about right there makes me want to parkerize it.

The first thing will be to see how accurate it is after I get the scope mounts on.
I've fired it, so I know it shoots. How well it shoots with a scope may determine what else I do and how much I spend on it. I also have a 1918 Colt 1911 that's needing to be restored and it's going to take more than I have right now to get it completed.

Tworr 12-12-2009 02:01 AM

I dropped the Enfield off at the gunsmiths tonight to be drilled and tapped for the scope mount. I'm also having the tip of the barrel cut off and re-crowned. The bore looked pretty bad at the tip of the barrel and the crown was in pretty bad shape as well. The barrel should be 23" when it's done. Since the pitted area will be removed I should be able to get it reparkerized later on.

Now I just have to wait a few weeks for him to get it back. :(

CA357 12-12-2009 02:04 AM

Sounds good. The waiting part sucks though. :(

M14sRock 12-17-2009 04:20 AM

Nice looking rifle.

If you end up with some serious pits after getting it back from your 'smith you can always try the old "fill the pits with JB Weld, sand them down and paint the whole thing with Aluma Hyde 2 or Dura Coat" trick. It will look great.

A 23" tube is more than enough for .30-06, so you should be getting us some nice range reports soon.

Tworr 03-22-2010 09:15 PM

I finally got my Enfield back from the gunsmith. Bad area of the barrel cut off and crowned as well as scope mounts added.

I still need to get a scope on it and see how it shoots.

I put a couple of coats of cold blue on until I can decide what to do with it.

Here's an old box of 30.06 ammo that I pulled out of the safe for the picture. The price tag is faded, but it looks like it says $4!! I wonder just how old it is?

CA357 03-22-2010 10:44 PM

Looks like it's starting to come together. Please keep us in the loop.

M14sRock 03-23-2010 03:24 AM

Looking good. Save that ammo box for display, if nothing else.

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