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NitroxAZ 12-06-2010 08:40 PM

Knife project
Here are a couple of pictures of the knife I made this weekend. I used a knife blank to start. I added spalted maple scales, mosaic knife pins. Attached the scales and pins and started sanding until smooth. I then applied 6 coats of gloss to it. I am pretty happy for my first attempt. I am working on the second knife. It is a Damascus blade and will have cocobolo handles with no pins.

amoroque 12-06-2010 08:42 PM

Oh Dude! That is BEAUTIFUL!

Dillinger 12-06-2010 08:47 PM

Very nice work Nitrox. What was the root cause? Just curious to do it, or do you have an idea of doing it part time for profit?

NitroxAZ 12-06-2010 09:08 PM

Thanks guys. I just wanted to do it. I don't think I could make money doing it let alone sell any. I think it turned out well but don't know if it would sell.

I have been gathering some stuff for awhile. It started with a post by Scubie regarding the folks in the Phillipines using leaf spring steel to fashion knives. I looked for leaf springs and thought that it might be too challenging to start, so I looked into knife blanks. I really enjoyed it.

spittinfire 12-06-2010 09:18 PM

Nitro, I can get you all the leaf springs you want. Where do you get the knife blanks?

NitroxAZ 12-06-2010 09:23 PM

Where is a good spot to get leaf springs. I was thinking the junk yard. That will be a project in the near future but I will need a few in case I mess up.

I got them on e-bay. There is a glue to bind the scales to the blade handle too. I bought a kit for my son and it had the glue to bind the scales to the blade. I got the scales there too. There is actually a decent selection. After I glued the scales on, I used a 1" belt sander to sand them down to conform to the handle. I used a dremel to round and shape the scales and then hand sanded it to finish it.

I forgot to add that I used a grinder with a buffing wheel and compound to get the blade shined up.

M14sRock 12-06-2010 09:56 PM has some great blade blanks and kits. They have the handle materials and everything needed to play with knives. Great quality and prices.

Neophyte1 12-06-2010 11:12 PM

a Beaut:)
Sir; as the others have said:) ''mighty fine work'':)
thanks for sharing

M14sRock 12-06-2010 11:24 PM

And I forgot to say, "Beautiful work Nitrox!"

doctherock 12-07-2010 12:06 AM

Nitrox, nice work, don't think you would have trouble selling a product like that, hell I want one after seeing it.

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