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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean after every firing, rimfire or centerfire. My father taught me as such, and I see no reason not to do so - my firearms are valuable to me. Cleaning supplies are relatively cheap.

Besides, cleaning is very therapeutic to me. I sometimes end up cleaning longer than I shoot on any given day.

I usually give my barrels a patch soaked with Hoppe's No. 9 to get out the majority of residue. Then it is a bronze brush dipped in No. 9 to scrub out stubborn residue. I don't handload any longer, so this is easier due to the steady diet of FMJ's. I give the barrel a dry patch, bore sight to make sure nothing left, then I go with wet patches until I see no more black. After one more dry patch, it's a swipe with a patch sprayed with Rem Oil.

The breechface of slides and revolver cylinders/forcing cones get a scrubbing with a solvent-dipped bronze brush. I go with wet patches and hand wipe the nooks and crannys of receivers and slides. Everything gets a wipe down with an oil rag at the end, and then its back to the safe.

Once every few months, I give my semi-autos a thorough cleaning with plastic-safe engine cleaner, and spray down with Break-Free or Rem Oil.

Maybe not the conventional schedule, but it is what I arrived at without any outside influences.

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What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?
Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

I usually clean my firearms after each trip to the range with at least a disassembly, removing excess carbon by wiping each part off, the reassemble them. I will do a thorough cleaning after a couple of trips to the range.

How do you clean your guns?
What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.

Right now I'm using Hoppes products for cleaning and use a bore brush, run patches through the barrel, and dental picks to get into those hard to get to places on the bolt and in the bore.
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After every firing with a shotgun. The amount of cleaning may vary.
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Has anyone noticed the new Hoppe's #9 doesn't have that nice smell anymore? They must have changed the formula. The new stuff smells horrible. Bill T.
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I clean after ranges trips. Only thing I may do differently is the vz-58 may only get bore/bolt rail cleaning, i.e., not a complete teardown cleaning, but the bore snake and some wiping. It went quite a few rounds with no cleaning whatsoever, but I can't let it go that long again.
Cleaning fluid, Weapon Shield for normal cleaning, Hoppes #9 for deep cleaning, and oddly enough, lead removal. Bore snake for light cleaning, rod/brush/patch for normal cleaning.

My Hoppes smells great...bought it three years ago from Midway, got two big bottles, probably never run out now.
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I wipe my rimfire rifles down and lube them after every range trip but I don't clean the barrels until they really need it. The reason is that when using subsonic match rounds rimfire rifles don't lead up for thousands of rounds and they shoot bit more accurately with a tiny bit of fouling. When I do clean them I blow off 20-30 fouling rounds to get the accuracy back to what I expect before shooting for accuracy. The autoloaders are cleaned from the muzzle using a bore guide and my bolt actions are cleaned from the breach. All are cleaned using a top quality coated rod.

My center fire rifles and my shotguns are cleaned thoroughly after every range trip. I use custom bore guides and top quality coated cleaning rods at home but keep an Otis Elite kit for travel. My handguns are always cleaned, lubed, and ready to go. The autoloaders are disassembled and cleaned from the breech.
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I clean all of my guns after each outing (chamber and barrel).
A detailed cleaning ( actions, bolts, etc.) before long term storage.
A quick wipe down and inspection every 6 mos. if not fired in some time.

I use Butch's Bore Shine for cleaning and Rem Oil for preservation.
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I drop my bolt carrier group dissasembled in SLP solvent overnight, then take the barrel off so I can get to it easier and scrub it down with a wire brush. I spray some solvent down the gas tube. Then I spray a light coat of teflon lube on all of it and seal it up until the next time I fire. Max time 5-10 minutes per trip to the range, regardless of how much ammo I shot. Keeps me from having malfunctions without digging into my Miller time.
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Default gun cleaning

aimtrue. i did forget to mention that the smith and wesson i carry is cleaned after each practice session. any firearm carried for personal defence has to fire all the time everytime. i have been carring a smith and wesson 32 magnum snub nose lately. i have other hand guns but that one is fun to practice with and a joy to carry. i shoot it almost every week. argie1891
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I clean my guns after every trip to the range, after every use. If I don't get to go shooting for a while, then my carry weapon gets cleaned and oiled every other month, and my other weapons get cleaned and oiled every three months.
Big Gay Al
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