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Gun Cleaning Input

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a good wash down wirh hopps and a nylon brush after every time i shoot, weather it be only one round of 100 rounds.
i usually shoot my cast bullets and in some cases like with my trapdoor 45-70 black powder too.
i love to clean my rifles,,,,, i know it's anal but thats just me,,,,,,yall have a great day .adrians
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Guns that don't get shot very often usually get cleaned within a few days of being used. My glock gets cleaned when it starts to look like it needs it. I've been using Remington 40x cleaner lately. It seems to do a pretty good job. I usually use Rem Oil on a rag for the outside of the guns. Wipe it on and wipe off the excess. I've also experimented with Mobil 1 lately. I mixed some with Lucas and used it to lube moving parts. A little bit goes a LONG way. I've found it's best to put it on a q-tip and wipe it on. I use some grease from Wilson Combat for the slides on my pistols. Looks like maybe I should check out Hoppes #9. It seems to be pretty popular with you guys.
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Originally Posted by adrians View Post
a good wash down wirh hopps and a nylon brush after every time i shoot ...
You would be surprised at how abrasive nylon can be. Look at the agate lined guides of a vintage fishing pole someday. Nylon fishing line can wear grooves in the guides of a well used pole. I don't know if this is because fine dirt sticks to the nylon or if the nylon is naturally abrasive but agate is pretty hard stuff.
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I like to clean my guns after every use wheter fired or not, just the way i am. I normaly use wd-40 to wipe of hand grease from carrying or touching the metal.
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Clean it everytime after use.

Field strip

Run patches soaked in Hoppes No 9 until patches are clear

Gently scour exposed hammer assembly, and springs with toothbrush and Hoppes No 9

Swab out barrel with Flitz diluted with a bit of Hoppes or'll see all the carbon gunk that even Hoppes doesn't remove!

Use Flitz (diluted with a bit of CLP or Hoppes) and a Dremel felt polish tip set on low to remove stubborn carbon stains on stainless revolver.

Run patches through again soaked in either CLP or Hoppes 9 to remove Flitz residue.

I rarely use brass bore brushes as I think they are too abrasive.

Wipe inside of slide and frame with tootbrush, Q-tips, rags with CLP Break Free, and a small film of CLP on the outside of the steel parts if the firearms will be stored for more than a week.
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I usually clean after 2 or 3 range visits. Regimen consists of FP10 CLP on cloth patches. Chamber is carefully cleaned but bore just gets a few patches. Sometimes a toothbrush or toothpicks are needed to loosen crud around the breechface.

Lube with FP10 and reassemble.
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There is no need to clean after light shooting. Spending a day at the range would be different. Break the gun down and clean it after a lot of shooting.

If it will not be used for months, then clean it no matter how it has been used.

I have a S&W model 66 that was shot over 50 rounds in April of this year. It has not been cleaned yet.

I have a S&W 36 that was shot 12 times in June and it has not been cleaned either.

The 1911 I carry daily was fired 32 rounds last week and has been well cleaned the same afternoon.
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Every three mounths or after shooting.
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For a while I was wondering if I wasn't doing right by my self and my firearms. A thought hit me. My "backyard" is set up with a shooting bench and 2 backstops at 40 and 100 yards. Sometimes I do have an afternoon where I put some rounds down range. More frequently,I find myself stopping and putting a speed loader or two down range or a couple of magazines. This may be twice a week or three times a week. With the involved cleaning some people are doing, Would it be out of line to ask how many times a month they are shooting. A Marine Corps friend claimed that while he was in the number of live fire exercises had dropped to once a year- but , they had simulators and they were very good..
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1st Question

In general: visual inspection. Always done after rounds were fired. If in storage (not fired after cleaning) every four to eight weeks.

2nd Question

In general: Ballistol or cheap gun oil. Field strip, use paper or clean cotton towels to absorb all the old oil/grease, rub gently. Apply liberal amounts of fresh oil/ballistol on the entire (moving-) surface of each gun part. Absorb excess oil/grease with fresh towels, rub gently. Reassemble. Done.
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