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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean after every outing, unless I know I will be shooting again very soon.

I use Hoppes solvent, wide arry of brushes and wipes. I use Rem oil after its cleaned. I used to use break free oil but noticed a lot of rust appearing on the guns I used it on. So no more of that...
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Default Gun cleaning in Norway

I clean My gun's after every trip to the range or hunt, regardless of the number of rounds. I hunt's alot so i need to know that every ting works evey time.
I use a cleaning oil called "Gold Medallion"
I alsow use J.B cleaning compound.
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Default cleaning

as i still only have the bersa thunder 9 follow these steps for cleaning after every day i take it to the range.
1. Disassemble weapon
2. Run soft bristle brass brush through barrel several times to remove carbon
3. Run 9mm patches soaked in hoppes through the barrel until no residue on patch
4. take a large (4x4) patch soaked in hoppes and rub down all metal parts of the weapon (using a scraper any where i see carbon) until no residue
5. use dry patches to remove hoppes #9
6. oil down all metal parts and let soak for a couple hours before wiping off excess
7. reassemble weapon and store

I only really use the scraper once or twice a year as needed. I learned how to clean a weapon in the Air Force so we scraped them down after every use. Just don't feel comfortable doing it any other way.

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Default Cleaning

If the weapon is fired, it is cleaned. Depending on the platform, I use a variety of solvents and oil.

For high power bolt action rifle, I use Hoppe's No.9 for overall cleaning, followed by Butch's Bore Shine in the bore (per instructions on the bottle). Oil the bore with Butch's Gun Oil and clean the chamber (and only the chamber) with lighter fluid. Lightly grease the back of the bolt lugs and the bolt cam. Please use a bore guide!

AR's: Clean with Hopp' No. 9, everything , incuding bore. Dry patch and oil with Butch's Gun Oil. The bolt carrier group needs to be cleaned very thoroughly, as well as the locking lug area. I use patches, q-tips, and one of those multi-task cleaning tools for the carbon on both. I oil the bearing surfaces on the bolt, bolt carrier and pretty much coat the front half of the bolt carrier. I do not usually mess with the gas tube. If it gets blocked or looks bad, I replace it. I used to use a conventional cleaning rods on ARs, but I like the Otis cleaning system and use it now.

Hanguns: Hoppe's No. 9 and Butch's Gun Oil. Clean the breach face and extractor. Glocks like it dry, a few drops for the entire gun. Sigs like it wet, light grease in the rails, like Slide Glide. S&W M&Ps, just like cleaning the Glock, dry.

If a hadgun has not been fired, I clean and oil every 2 - 3 weeks. If I fire it, it gets cleaned.

Before any gun goes out the door, I dry patch the barrel and function test.

My 2 cents.

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Default Gun cleaning

One thing that has not been mentioned on this thread is A hot gun (one thats been fired) will clean better while it is hot so some of my weapons are done at the range. --- Mag
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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
Glocks- I don't clean. Just melt with hair dryer, pour into mold, make a new one.
Love it! I do the same thing.
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Cleaning a rifle for me begins with break-in of the barrel and then my cleaning procedures follow.

For break-in my procedures are like Nosler's for their custom rifles and my cleaning after break is also like theirs.

Shoot one, clean, for first ten rounds.
Shoot three, clean, for next fifteen rounds.
shoot five, clean, shoot a fouler round, and then shoot five for accuracy.

Allow barrel to cool to ambient temperature before shooting each series of break-in rounds to avoid unnecessary throat erosion. When testing a new load, it is necessary to clean after each powder change.

When Cleaning:

DO use a good coated cleaning rod or carbon fiber rod.
DO use a bore guide.
Do Clean from the chamber end.

DO NOT use a stainless bore brush, I prefer a stiff nylon brush if I use one at all.
DO NOT leave strong ammonia cleaning products in your bore for extended periods of time -- additionally, do not allow solvents to contact stock as it could remove the finish!
DO NOT shoot your barrel hot enough to brand cattle!

Clean powder residue from bore using Shooter's Choice or Butch's Bore Shine following instructions on bottle.

Follow with Montana X-Treme Copper Killer to remove copper fouling. Instructions on bottle work the best.

Follow with a second Shooter's Choice or Butch's Bore Shine patching, then dry patch.

Finish with Tretra Gun Oil or Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner Accuracy Gun Oil. Shooting a dry bore will greatly promote copper fouling.

Once the barrel is broken-in, remember to clean your barrel after every 20-rounds to keep your accuracy optimal. A dirty bore is a primary cause of poor accuracy.

Hopefully this helps!
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I have just discovered the Hoppes boresnake that would be real handy cleaning at the range. I thought this boresnake was just another extravagance, but it is real handy and does a better than expected job on the bore.
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Default Cleaning method

+1on what this great guy says plus I made a few alterations where my method differs from the original post I quoted so sue me I hate typing and feel lazy today!

Originally Posted by knfxda View Post
What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

I clean after every trip to the range, regardless of the number of rounds.

How do you clean your guns?

Here's what I do for handguns:
  • Run a double patch soaked in Hoppe's through the barrel a couple of times first. Let that soak in.
  • Use a brush dipped in #9 on the spring and guide.
  • Use a brush dipped in #9 on the frame and slide.
  • Return to the barrel and run a brass brush through it.
  • Start the process of running dry double patches through the barrel.
  • If it's really dirty repeat soaked patches and brass brush and then return to dry patches, as many times as ness. to get it nice and shiny on the inside of Bore.
  • Use patches and or brush to clean slide an frame, by hand.
  • Use cleaning cloth to wipe down spring and guide.
  • Lightly oil (Hoppe's) the frame and rails, outside of barrel, ramp, and any metal part that shows wear.
  • Reassemble gun.
  • Work the action several times and remove any excess oil on back of slide.
  • Wipe down frame and slide with cleaning cloth.

If I think it's going to be a while before I shoot the gun again, I'll oil the inside of the barrel.

Shotgun gets only a couple of passes with wet patches and brass brush and/or tornado brush and then I use a bore snake to continue the cleaning and then oil the barrel at the end.

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I clean after each outing and if a rifle or pistol has not been out of the house in a while it will receive a good wiping down and check about 4 times a year.
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