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Gun Cleaning Input

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Originally Posted by Joegolf

Thanks for the help. I was wondering if kits fit all or should I put together my own kit. Looks like I will put one together with assistance from these threads and sales people at the shops. Thanks again for helping a noobie.
Your welcome
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Before and after range trips. CCW, once a month or so.
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Default Ditto!

I don't use a cleaning rod anymore with the advent of the bore snake. That is with the exception of my muzzle loader. That is still cleaned with very hot water and soap. The bore snake is the greatest thing going and I have one (not cheap) for every caliber gun I own. Rifles and shot guns. Hopps #9 and Rem Oil are the best. Never use Rem Oil on a muzzle loader however. The powder will soak up the excess and you may have a mis-fire. Thanks, OT

Originally Posted by Bushwhacker View Post
22 rim fire after every 50-100 rds, everything else after each firing. In warm weather I clean carbon steel guns after I carry them whether I fire them or not.
I generally use Hopps #9, Remoil and a bore snake.
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Rimfires cleaned when accuracy declines or when firearm shows need for lube.
Centerfires: every time they are shot.

Rimfires: Kroil is applied to bore and chambers with patch on slotted rod. More is wiped on firearm to soak into burnt powder. After ten or so minutes I use Bore Snake in chambers and barrel. Firearm is wiped down with Kroil oil on rag. Weapon then wiped with clean dry rag. Then wiped with Corrosion X for lite rust stopping cover and lubrication.

Centerfire revolvers: Kroil to bore and chambers. Bronze brush used to help break up carbon and lead. If lead is heavy, I use bronze wool on brush to help remove lead. If copper is in barrel I use Tipton Truly Remarkable Solvent or JP bore paste. When weapon is clean it is wiped down with Corrosion X to prevent rust and provide lubrication. I use Diamond Lube on the action to keep the action smooth.

Centerfire rifles: Kroil oil for the carbon. Tipton Truly Remarkable Solvent to remove the copper fouling. If the fouling is bad I use Kroil oil and JP Bore Paste. Diamond lube for the action. Corrosion X for rust protection.

I use the Tipton carbon fiber rods, Tipton best gun vise to hold the rifles and single shot pistols. Most brushes and mops are also Tipton.
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I think everyone can agree that a clean, lubricated firearm always works best. If you can't clean it after every trip to the range, keep it clean and lubed as often as possible. I've run my Berettas thousands of rounds without cleaning them and they've functioned fine, but why risk it if it's not necessary?

Clean firearm = happy firearm
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every time
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Centerfires are generally cleaned after range sessions. I generally just use CLP for everything. Generally a bore snake up the bore. Action gets a toothbrush and then wiped down with rag to clean residue, then wiped with CLP.

Rimfires get cleaned with a tooth brush on the action. Wiped down with CLP. Generally don't clean the bore of a 22. Not needed.
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I'm pretty late to the party, but here's my 2.

I was taught first by my dad, then by the Army, to clean after every use. Dad was nicer about it, but just as firm.

Back then, I shot infrequently. I didn't know whether I would shoot again the next day or wait a matter of months. Nowadays, I shoot just about every week. So I only clean my range regulars about once a month.

My wife shoots 2 4 times a year. I clean those after each use. And I use "collector's" lube on them before I put them away.

For cleaning, I use Break Free CLP (holdover from my Army days). Wet the brush (I use synthetic brushes these days) and run it through the barrel a few times. Follow that with a wet patch, then as many dry patches as it takes. With the rest of the gun, I use patches, cotton swabs and pipe cleaners to deliver CLP to every part I can reach. I use a nylon brush (still have the one from my Army cleaning kit) to loosen stubborn carbon. I recently picked up a set of polymer "dental tools" to help clean gunk out of hard-to-reach places. I haven't used them yet, but I expect to in the near future. When I'm done, I lightly lube the major points, reassemble, and wipe the whole thing down with an oily cloth.
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I'm on board with the clean after every use train of thought. Definitely different degres of cleaning, trigger group not always taken out but good use of lube.
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I clean every gun after every trip to the range --- that same day. As a matter of fact, the other day, the revolver only had 15 rounds fired through it, but it was cleaned right along with the rest of them that made the trip that day.
This may be a little over the top, but it's what I've always done.
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