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Gun Cleaning Input

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I go shooting with friends once a week or every couple weeks. We take everything from 22 pistols and rifles to pump 12s and my recently aquired SKS. Due to all the hands on each weapon and generally putting hundreds of rounds through most of them I clean them after every trip. I simply run a swab through the barrel until it is shiny inside again and I use a Qtip or similar item to wipe off areas like the bolt face and inside the chamber and breech area. I wipe the outside down with Hoppe's #9 oil as it is somewhat think and clings well preventing rust and I spritz a bit of RemOil into the works as the lighter oil tends to run leaving behind a bit of the synthetic base that makes it slick. I could not believe the difference this made on my Remington 870 in terms of making the pump action more smooth and quicker. I sprayed the RemOil on the twin guide rails the pump rides on and it now is so much smoother... It almost makes my little shottie feel higher end... I also spray some RemOil into a soft rag and wipe down the outside of my magazines. This protects the blued finish from tarnish and premature wear but also makes mag extraction that much easier... I have also taken my mags apart and run a RemOil soaked patch through the magazine body to make the path the follower takes a smooth and even slick one...
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I tend to clean my guns after each time that I shoot,excluding my shotguns,I have found that cleaning them every couple of times out is plenty,pistols and rifles require a bit more attention to operate efficiently
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I basically clean all my guns the same. I clean them after every shooting session no matter if I fired 10 rounds or 1000 rounds. I just do a basic field strip and use hopes in the barrel and clp everywhere else. Seems to work fine for me.
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All guns prior to storage.

Any gun when using dirty powder, rounds, or corrosive primers.

Any .22 when getting dirty, or approximately 1000 rounds, whichever occurs first.

Any centerfire after around 500 rounds.

Any gun after being out in inclement weather, dropped into water, dirt, etc.

I use various types of solvents, Hoppes, military cleaners, etc., whatever is needed to get the job done. Lot's of patches, to ensure full cleaning. Wire brushes, 0000 steel wool and oil where necessary. Gun oil for final wipe down. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as my Grandmother used to say.
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for .22 rimfires, when the powder visually obscures the rifling. For centerfire rifles, when i see copper while looking at the muzzle, or when there is a copper tint looking through the chamber. Most of my guns are bolt actions and i see no accuracy loss, but this usually means a cleaning about once a week for any of them. Shotgun i clean right after i shoot it, since i rarely shoot it, compared to the rifles.

I run a copper brush back and forth dry to loosen things up as i watch the powder puff out the muzzle. When it is almost nothing, i continue as follows: I run a wet patch that fits pretty tight. I use Hoppes #9. The i just run a swab in the .22s. For the centerfires a run patches until one comes out dry. I have noticed a difference in the amount of copper using Varget powder in my .308 for some reason, so i have switched to it and don't see much copper there anymore, since I rarely put more than 50 shots through it before a slight copper tint appears. My .223 doesn't foul up with copper either. I use a couple drops of remoil on the bolt and a couple to wipe down the barrel on the outside and the other metal parts.

The inside of all my barrels are blindingly bright with a flashlight shone in the muzzle looking in the chamber using this time is usually around 5 minutes for each weapon.
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22 rimfire after every 50-100 rds, everything else after each firing. In warm weather I clean carbon steel guns after I carry them whether I fire them or not.
I generally use Hopps #9, Remoil and a bore snake.
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We live at the beach in Southern CA so all the guns are cleaned and oiled with every use and then used or not they are inspected and rubbed down with a lightly oiled cloth on the 1st of every month.
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I clean my guns everytime I shoot them, usually upon returning to the house; at worst case the next day and I feel bad about that. The pistols get a complete tear down and clean every outing; the rifles will if using a dirty powder or corrosive ammo otherwise I may wait until the 2nd or 3rd outing for a total disassemble and clean.

I use patches with Rem Oil to clean the magwell, feed ramp and bolt face until they come out clean; I run a bore snake through the barrel followed by patches with oil till they come out clean. If it's dirty ammo I use a bore solvent and brushes to clean the barrel first and then a bore snake followed by patches and oil till clean.

Once I've cleaned the inside I put a Remington Moisturegaurd Plug in the bore and wipe down the outside with a Hoppes silicon cleaning cloth to remove all fingerprints and oils before slipping on a silicon gun sock and putting them in the safe.
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I practise every three weeks, rotating through my long and short arms and 2-3 times a month with my shotgun at the skeet range. After thoroughly cleaning the weapons with Hoppe's products, I use bacon grease to lubricate the firearms for the next time. This keeps the rust monsters away and leaves them smelling fresh and inviting. It also helps me to keep my eye on the sights better.

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Originally Posted by Marlinman View Post
Build your own based on your needs. Make sure you have good oils, solvents, brushes, rods-preferably one piece, and dont over look common house hold stuff like q-tips and toothpicks. Other household stuff to keep in mind is ajax, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, windex, baking soda/vinegar, and lighter fluid if u own a stainless barrel
Thanks for the help. I was wondering if kits fit all or should I put together my own kit. Looks like I will put one together with assistance from these threads and sales people at the shops. Thanks again for helping a noobie.
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