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Gun Cleaning Input

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With modern firearms I thoughly clean them twice a year unless they have been wet or in an extremely dirty enviroment or shot an extreme ammount like shooting pairie dogs. This pattern has been a change for me after looking at excessive barrel wear, gunked up triggers and bolts from people that clean to often and not enough. Yes I carry a gun for personal protection and feel very comfortable with my cleaning pattern. If you shoot black powder or corrosive ammo then everything changes.
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Default Cleaning

I tend to fire my guns at least once a month and tend to fire each one at least once every 6 months. If you don't fire them whats the use in owning it! With that being said I tend to clean my pistols and rifles after every range session. I typically do a field strip in order to get down to the raw barrel. I use Hopps # 9 or Rem Oil, whatever I have on the bench. I always swipe in the same direction the projectile travels. I start with a bore brush soaked in oil and then move to the patches first wet then dry. At the end I use a silicone soaked rag to wipe down the entire assembled weapon to erase any hand oils transferred during cleaning. After completion I store all rifles with wooden stocks upside down to prevent oils and solvents from softening the wood. On shotguns I remove the choke and leave a generous amount of oil on the choke threads to avoid corrosion there. I don't own any really accurate guns but if i did I would tend to clean them less often. I have read a clean barrel is less accurate and i would worry about the barrel crown on a tack driver being worn down.
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I clean all my guns after each time I shoot them or at least once a quarter. I always keeop them lubed, even in the safe. I tend to stick to Hoppes # 9 and Breakfree CLP but sometimes a squirt or two of non-chlorinated brake cleaner is called for. I do it the old fashioned way mostly; time and elbow grease.
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I clean my guns after each outing. Generally brush barrel (and cylinders if revolver) with solvent, wipe, swab with light oil, wipe, wipe external surfaces, VERY light oil to internal areas if indicated.. If they haven't been out for a while, I give each one at least a wipe down before returning to safe.
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Always clean after each day at the range, no matter what guns I take. I like to fuss with them when I'm done. Almost always take the AR-15, Sig 380, SnakeSlayer w/ both 45 Colts & 410's, 44Mag(Dirty Harry), 12ga semiauto.

Use #9 w/patches, solvent swabs, dry patch, light oil
Swab each cylinder
Bore snake w/patches
Clean each outside gun then wipe very lightly with clp
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I clean my guns when one or more rounds are shot throught them. I use WD to keep them looking new and have used it for over 30 years. I also keep them in a plastic bag and with a coat of WD and have never had a problem. I was told by a couple of people that WD leaves goo, this is BS. If you have a gun that is dirty the WD will disolve the crap and dry on the outside, the WD itself will not leave any residue. Its a myth.
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I clean my guns within a week of firing them. I usually use Hoppes or whatever other cheap cleaner there is. After researching the products there are very little difference between expensive versus cheap gun cleaner.
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Default How & When to PM

When it comes to PM'ing your firearms, just remember one thing.... Cleanliness is next to godliness... A properly cleaned weapon can be the difference between life and death. For that reason, I clean my personal firearms every time I fire them.

As for how I clean them, being that they are kept inside my house,(climate controlled), I use the basics:

Break Free CLP, MIL-L-63460, NSN:9150-01-079-6124
Bore Brush
rifle patches
AP brush
and occasionally pipe cleaners(never q-tips!)

But if you take your weapons out into the elements for extended periods of time, ie: long hunting trips or safaris, you will need to adjust your cleaning process accordingly.
If you happen to be hunting in the amazon you will want to use more CLP and keep a coat of the lubricant because it is very humid and it will prevent it from rusting. But if you were hunting in the desert, for example, you don't want to use any CLP at all. You will want your firearm bone dry, because the weather is dry eliminating the need for a coating to prevent rust. But more importantly you don't want it lubricated because it will let the dust and sand etc in the air to stick to it greatly increasing the chance of malfunction when fired.

Hope that helps someone
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Well I am still probably the new guy on the block here when it comes to owning guns, but here is my 2 cents. I have a 1939 91/30 Mosin Nagant and a Marlin Model 60 (18 round tube)

Ever since I was taught to shoot buy a crazy old Marine (no disrespect intended, but he was crazy) at BSA camp, I have had it ground into me that if you pull the trigger once, you clean it. So I have stuck to that. I do a full clean and oil every time I shoot. I strip down the bolt to the pin as well.

I start by striping the gun down as far as I can go, minus removing the stock. Then I run a soaking wet patch of Hoppes #9 down the barrel and over the bolt pieces, chamber, and any other metal parts that have round to metal contact or are affected by powder residue. i let that sit a few minutes then I wipe off all areas minus the barrel. Next I run a brush back and forth through the barrel then follow it with 2 more Hoppes wet patches and then dry patches till they come out clean. (Repeat Hoppes, brush, and patches as needed) Once all that is done and dry I run a patch with Rem-oil down the barrel and over all metal parts (inside and out) I then massage quickly a little oil into the wood stock then wipe it off. Re-install bolt, add a drop of oil to top, and cycle back and fourth to get a nice smooth action. I then store them in a gun sock.

As you all know the Mosin is never clean, in fact like others have stated, I too now believe that Mosins have a copper barrel. :P

Product used:

Hoppes #9 solvent
Rem-Oil Gun Lubricant
Winchester Gun kit from Wal-Mart (3 piece brass brush)
I am currently looking into the flexible carbon fiber rods, they seem better.
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I clean my Guns after every shoot, which is just about every weekend. I use Break Free CLP, Hoppe's #9, AeroKroil and Rem Oil. AeroKroil works geat in getting the Lead out of the Bore. I shoot mainly Reloads and Lead Boolits except my Rifles, I reload Rifle Cartridges with Jacketed Bullets........................................... .
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