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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean after each trip to the range.
Bore Snake with small amt of Hoppes, wipe down.
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I clean each trip, before and after.

Before each trip to the range i a boresnake through the gun. Then go shoot

I start the cleaning with a bore snake, normally before i put the gun in the case to go home. When i get home i use Hoppe's #9 on patches. Run patches till they come out clean. I have a couple brushes that i use on the action and trigger groups.

It normally takes less than 10 minutes per gun.
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Default Cleaning

Unless it is corrosive, I rarely clean my firearms. I like to know how they operate under dirty conditions, usually just need a good spray with a good lubricant. Obviously, they do get to a point of needing a full cleaning, which they get.
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Being also ex Military every weapon in my home must be in it's most pristine condition. After every trip to the range there is a cleaning session with me and my wife and which ever weapons we took to fire. Hoppe's #9 and elite cleaner and we use lot's of q-tips and cotton cloth's. I always take a piece of white paper to check the barrel for cleanness.
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I normally clean within 24hrs. after each trip to the range.
Unless I shoot corrosive then I clean before I leave the range or right when I get home.
Shotguns with a tight choke in competition (spot shoots) I may clean every few shots or when I notice the pattern changing.
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Short version... Hand guns and long guns I clean after a range session with Hoppes #9 and powder blast, bronze brushes and a lot of patches. Lube with miltech. Thinking about trying Froglube.
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Originally Posted by mark1945 View Post
Im retired military so all my guns are cleaned after firing.
I started that way but unfortunately I've drifted off a bit on my focus...

I try to clean right after shooting and also wipe down my CCW (a PF-9) regularly since it tends to have a lot of dust and lint.

I use a boresnake most of the time on my firearms, along with lots of #9 (the best smell in the world!) on the barrels. I run it once dry, a bunch of times with #9 on it and then one final run with remington oil.

I tend to use #9 for most parts of my firearms for cleaning. After that, I use remington oil where needed (springs, etc) and I use Tetra gun lube for rails and other metal on metal wear points.

For some firearms I use dry lube, a teflon spray, in mag wells and other light wear points.

If i had to stick with only 2 cleaning chemicals, it'd be #9 and the tetra lube.

And for those who go to crap on me for liking boresnakes -- Bah humbug to you -- I want my firearms cleaned "good enough" and quick. Barrels don't need to be so clean you can eat off them :P I treat my guns like any other tool I own.

Do you need to clean your guns daily? No. Should you? Sure. Can you be overly anal about it? Absolutely. If you're not a soldier out in harsh environments, should you clean daily? Probably not. Should you clean them after 2-4 times at the range? Yup. No matter what your schedule is, will someone on here mock your cleaning choices? For sure.

That said, I'm a C&R and shoot corrosive in things like my 91/30 -- those are exceptions as delaying can destroy your firearm. Frickin' clean them after shooting and save history. Your AR? A bit of carbon won't make that bitch stop shooting.


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Default Cleaning, what and how.

The data, statistics and information from this thread will be compiled into an FAQ article. Please be as detailed but concise as you can in your response.


What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.

This falls in as, ‘Well, it all depends.’
What do you shoot (weapon type)?
What do you shoot (what goes in and comes out fast)?
Where do you shoot?
What’s the weather like?
How picky are you?
Each of these will alter the needs and requirement for that nasty job, cleaning up. I can only tell you what I do and try to explain why and with what.

Black Powder, that nasty, messy, slow, in accurate, relaxing, fulfilling, past time that challenges the shooter’s abilities in judgment and execution, that I love to do, except the clean-up. The word corrosive and black powder goes hand in hand. One shot or twenty, they both require the same clean-up. Black powder weapons always need to be cleaned as soon as possible after shooting. Rust hides under that black soot.
Scrub with hot soapy water, lots of it. I use whatever dish soap I can snag, a tooth brush and patches and get rid of the carbon, grit, fowling and gunk. Rinse with hot water, dry with a towel and spray it all down with that dreaded WD40. Simple, messy and slow.
If I have to shoot corrosive ammunition, I treat it like it is black powder.

For everything else it is about the same. Take the weapon apart. Scrub with Hoppes and a brass brush, tooth brush, patches, wipe everything down with Mobile One (it is in my cleaning box) on a cloth. Put the weapon back together.
The ‘always’ that can always fly. I do my very best to always pull/push my bore cleaning stuff from the breach to the muzzle and never reverse direction with a brush in the barrel. And the chambers are dry.
That was boring.
The exceptions and special points slip in:
Special cleaning items include the spot between the top of the breach of the barrel and the top strap on a revolver.
Magazine wells get dirty and are wiped out with a cloth.
Gas ports and pistons and operating rods require a good cleaning. I very lightly brush with a dry brass or bronze brush to clear the carbon. I ‘lub’ with ‘Motor Mica’, lubrication with nothing to burn. (I haven’t checked availability of this stuff. I bought my can in the mid 1970s and it will last longer than I will live.) All it takes is a very light dusting. The excess will be puffed out on the first shot.
Autoloader pistols barrel and barrel bushing get a dusting of ‘Motor Mica’ and the rails get hit with some too. The lugs do very well with Mobile One. I don’t like oil spots on my clothing and have used this method for carry weapons for years.
M1 Garands, M1As, M14 all get a dab of grease at ‘those’ points. I have a can of axle grease that does well. It doesn’t take much.
The AR bolt carrier group… I pull the bolt out and drop it into a sonic cleaner. I bought a dental unit. It runs on 2 ‘AA’ cells and will run all night long. By morning the batteries are dead and the black mush has settled in the Hoppes. I ‘lub’ my AR bolts wet with Mobile One.

When or how often do I clean? Depends. My 22s may go for months. My pet Remington 600 will get the bore moped after 20 rounds. The rest will be cleaned after a good shoot or before being put up for a while. My carry weapon/s will get a good once over every week or sooner when shot.

List of products:
Brass bore brush
Cloth patches
Motor Mica
Mobile One
Axle grease
Any dish soap
Cloth rags, I run out of undershirts.
Tooth brush

I don’t like to clean weapons, so I get it done and move on. I shoot most every day. My range is 25 feet down my drive.
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The data, statistics and information from this thread will be compiled into an FAQ article. Please be as detailed but concise as you can in your response.


What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?
i'm gun cleaning "OCD!" when i shoot, i clean! i don't get to shoot that often, so when i do, i shoot several hunderd rounds & then store for a coule of months. so, i clean every time i shoot.

How do you clean your guns?[/B]

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.

i love wipe-out! i think its the easiest, best working bore cleaner out there. in additon, just the standard stuff like hopps and rem oil. i also bought a remington "fast snap" kit, which i really like.
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Default gun cleaning

I've always used Hoppe's #9, brushes and patches until clean, light coat of Rem-Oil on exterior. Fiberglass cleaning rods. Gun safe and ammo safe both have two "Golden rods", been using this process for about 60 years with very favorable results. Oh Yeah!..I use Mobil 1 on my Saiga 12 rails.
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