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Gun Cleaning Input

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CLP Break Free in the chamber, down the barrel and on moving parts. Follow up with Hoppe's #9. Wipe down and oil moving parts. Done.
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I clean based on condition of the firearm and the intended use.

Carry guns are cleaned when they start to look like they need cleaning, commonly after two or three range sessions. I then make sure to shoot one clip to function test after cleaning.

Target and plinkers are cleaned when accuracy falls off or they show signs of not operating as I expect.

Precision rifles are cleaned after each range session.

I clean with Hoppes 9 most of the time. Will use one of the pressure cleaners for hard to reach areas.

I use what ever gun oil I have on hand for lube.
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Well my advice is to clean after each use, but I don't abide by it. After a class I wipe them down, but depending on when the next class is I may or may not clean them. The ones I don't shoot often, of course I clean after use, M1 or shotgun, but the pistols are used too often and life is too short to clean them and take them to a class right away for students to use. If they get dry I shoot a little lubricant in, G96 or something and away they go working fine. Never have had a problem and they appear fine on the surfaces.
When I do get to cleaning them I take them down as the manual says and clean in detail with G96 and some kind of bore cleaner. I use the patches, until they come clean and as a final, a patch with lubricant on it.
I like the idea of putting them in clear plastic to keep springs from getting lost, but I don't have anything that does that.
The one I use for personal defense is cleaned after each use. I am pretty picky about that one, but not so much with the others. I try to get through all of them once a year, shot or not with a wipe down and re-lube.
Some good ideas here. Thanks!
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The Balota's
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Originally Posted by hegunshop View Post
I like his approach of not taking the gun apart constantly. This is a good idea. Especially with springs that were built by NASA and go in to orbit when taken out. I have a clear peice of plastic I put over my gun and hands when taking a complex gun apart that has springs in it. So if they take off they hit the plastic and stay in the tray. Better that then spending a day with the floor magnet looking for the spring.
Oh, man, did I ever learn this the hard way.
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If it is a gun that I shoot often IE once a week , then I clean about every other week . If it's one of my gems that gets shot once a year then it's done soon after .

Short term storage gets a full tear down , and I mean full . Every single spring , pin , screw and surface gets a good cleaning with break free then using a different rag or cloth I spray rem lube onto the rag not the gun and then go back over every part , if you get the oil rag dirty your not clean yet

Long term : same as the short but I do not use rem lube . I use a product for winterizing my customers boats call CRC Foggin oil Overton's® > CRC Engine Stor Fogging Fluid 13-oz. can - Boating & Marine > Maintenance > Oil & Lubricants : Boat Maintenance Products, Marine Supplies, Repair Kits, Accessories
It has a paraffin based wax built in and is a excellent product . I spray it down the barrel , it can be messy since it comes out as a foam but quickly turns to liquid , as for the rest of the gun and parts I again use a separate rag to spray the product on and wipe everything down . This can be a slightly thick oil and can / will build up but for long term storage it cant be beat .
Another product I use on my carry / truck gun and my more abused guns like they ak and sks is CRC 6-56 , it is basically wd-40's daddy and we use it to cover all metal and electrical components in the marine field , It is by far the best corrosion inhibitor I have ever used . If it stays on in salt water , it will stay on your gun . It is also a thin spray on oil , it will spray on wet but if you leave it will turn into a dry film like it should but it can be washed off with any cleaner or detergent .
For my gun cases : before I put my pistols back into the carry pouches I give the insides a light coating of oil too . The one thing that makes me sad is seeing rust on a gun .
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I use a combination of Hoppes 9 and Safari CLP. My carry weapon is cleaned after use. My bigger 9mm is also a Glock and gets the same attention. Shotgun is not used much but will run a bore snake through the gun to clean. I use my Sig 556 a lot so it gets cleaned twice a month or after every 250 rounds. I don't use corrosive ammo so it is really not a problem. It is a piston gun so it does not get that dirty except in the gas tube and gas knob. My remmington 700 that I use for precision shooting gets cleaned after every use. (this is my baby!!). Problem I have is that you can spend more time cleaning the guns than shooting the guns!!
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I clean each weapon after each and every time they are fired and if not fired cleaned at least Simi annually if stored in a safe equipped with a dehumidifier. If not, monthly. I recently purchased a CableKleen Cable Pull through Cleaning Kit from Kleen Bore. The kit is equipped to be used with: .22/.30/.35/.40/.44/.45 Caliber and 5.56/7.62/9/10mm/12 gauge firearms. The kit uses a cable system in lieu of cleaning rods. Works great for me. I use the standard, Hoppe's Products, for all cleaning and lubrication. Any weapon fired using corrosive ammo the barrel, as soon as possible, is first washed with very hot soapy water and then cleaned as normal.
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I wipe down my rifles with light oil each time they go out of the house and, if fired, a thorough cleaning, inside and out. My CCWs' are cleaned each time they are used.
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.
When I'm being responsible, I clean the gun whenever it has been fired. I believe that is what is proper. Sometimes I'm not as responsible about that as I should be, though.

Originally Posted by notdku View Post
How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.
As others have said, this may vary depending upon the firearm. But generally, I am a big fan of bore snakes, Militec-1, and using a toothbrush or rag to clean other parts.
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I clean my guns every time I shoot them. Sometimes not that day, but no more than a few days later. CLP,Break Free, or Tri-flow. Depending on the gun. No lead or reloads, so it's just a 10 minute job on mu polumer guns, more on 1911's. Every visible part that gets fouled, get's wiped down so that when I am finished, there is no powder anyware.Rails get lubed, top of barrellentrance or frame to barrell etc. No oil on action on Glocks, only alcohoal. Never put oil in a glock unless its the slide rails, they are made to run dry. oiling the firing mechanism will gunk it up and cause a severe failure at what could be a bad time if it's your carry.Hold down the firing pin release and you should hear it move bach and forth easilu, same with firing pin channel.Glocks do not like oil.
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