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Gun Cleaning Input

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Im ex-military so i clean my guns after every use. Hoppes 9 gun oil. I'll bore brush it if i shot a lot. Tons or bore swabing. Then i rub gun oil on the bolt a bit more. I'll spray break free on the inside of the receiver to keep the bolt rails slick. Then i wipe down the whole gun with a silicon rag. Gun is new again!
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Originally Posted by rifleshooter474 View Post
I clean my firearms right after each range trip. Using a bronze bore brush I use Tipton Truly Remarkable bore solvent for copper removing, followed cotton swabs on a Jag. with Break free CLP to get the solvent cleaned out.
Then I use CorrosionX on cotton swab to protect bore.
Everything inside is wiped and swabed with Break Free CLP bolts and ejectors get brushed clean using a bronze wire brush.
I use CorrosionX on all moving items.
I don't do any complete disassembly of my firearms for cleaning, I fine sometimes less taking things apart is better.
I like his approach of not taking the gun apart constantly. This is a good idea. Especially with springs that were built by NASA and go in to orbit when taken out. I have a clear peice of plastic I put over my gun and hands when taking a complex gun apart that has springs in it. So if they take off they hit the plastic and stay in the tray. Better that then spending a day with the floor magnet looking for the spring.
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I clean all of my firearms as soon as I get throught shooting. That way I never have to worry if I am going to have a failure. A clean gun is a happy and reliable gun.
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My general cleaning methods were ingrained by the Marine Corps. However, I wait no longer than a week to clean any of the guns I shoot. Usually it's the same day. I also give all my guns a general wipe down and inspection every two weeks...regardless if they are handled or not.

Materials I use:
Microfiber towels
Cotton flannel patches
Various cleaning rods and jags
Nylon brushes
Montana extreme bore solvent
Montana extreme copper killer

For my AR15 I also use my ultrasonic cleaner with Lyman's cleaner for the cleaning the wonders and gets in all the nooks and crannies.
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What is your criteria for cleaning your guns? [After each use, after each hunting season and before storage. I also recondition with oil if stored for long periods. It keeps the firearm from siezing up.]

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning? [I can tell you what I don't use (Break Free Powder Blast Gun Cleaner) it has damaged one of my firearms before.]

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I clean my stuff pretty well for the mosty part, but I do run tests on some select firearms that I plan on carrying in a WROL situation to see how long they will go without malfunctions assuming I don't/am unable to clean them properly. Either because of the lack of needed materials or time/combat constraints.

I know most people balk and this and go "Why would you tear up your gun like that." well its simple really, If its going to get torn up i'd rather do it now while I can replace it, than get in a situation where i'm going to need it and can make decisions as to if I need to use valuable supplies to take care of it or if it can sit. my 1911 for example went a full year and over 1500 rounds malfunction free without a cleaning, but I did use a synthetic lubricant. I have 2 bolt rifles that are literally identical and one I don't clean and use for target and one is a hunting rifle and even though the hunting rifle gets cleaned far more often the accuracy after 500 rounds is still spot on. I have a marlin 795 22 that is currently getting some testing done and as far as .22s go it's a winner in my book. It eats that crap Remington Golden Bullet ammo and fires it all day long without issue.

There are some I don't do that with, corrosive ammo types get cleaned immediatetly and I generally don't mess with my .22 rifles unless they have problems or every april and every october. my .22 Pistol is a Smith & Wesson and it just generally has tons of issues cause it's a piece of crap that's going back to S&W here in the next week to get looked over because it's having rediculous feeding and ejection issues after 2000ish rounds. and I've cleaned it about every 100-150 rounds just to try and alleviate the issues. which has helped to some extent but even with it being cleaned and well lubricated everytime its riddled with problems.
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Default Gun Cleaning

I clean my guns, rifles and pistols, after each use. I run a patch with Hoppe's #9, followed by a nylon or brass brush. After that it is another patch with solvent followed by dry patches until they are crud free.

Then it is a good brand of gun oil on a patch followed by a dry patch in the bore. Then a oiled patch over everything else, inside and out, followed by a good wipe down with a soft cloth. I prefer old wash clothes for this.

For shotguns it is a little different. Since I use them every weekend for hunting, I bore snake them after each use. I put some solvent on the snake about an inch above the brushes and oil about three inches above that. I run the snake through twice then wipe the outside down with my washcloth that has oil residue on it. At the end of the season I do a good cleaning as prescribed above. The exception on shotguns is the receiver cleaning. Since it is difficult to disassemble, I spray the receiver with Lawson's Penetrating Oil and turn it barrel end down in the trash can (minus the trash of course) in the garage overnight. Then I wipe it down the next day, reassemble the barrel, wipe the whole thing down and it is back in the safe until next year.

I have the first two .22 rifles I bought in the 60's that still look great and shoot straight due to good maintenance. Clean them well and they will serve you well, for decades!
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I clean after each use, if i've fired a lot of round and the gun might not be used for a while. I try to wipe down the gun and swab the barrell after each use.
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Default gun cleaning

I suppose one would say that my method is somewhat haphazzard. It differs between revolvers and semis. I have a tendency to clean revolvers more frequently (they are easier to clean --- I know, laziness).

It also depends upon the caliber. Twenty-twos less often than the larger bores.

First post here. Have loved to shoot anything and everything from my youth (paper clips from a rubber band, BB guns, slingshots, bows, pellet guns, and of course firearms, particularly handguns). Anyway, hi everyone. Karl
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This is the first time I have been asked to contribute to a discussion. Usually it is just the opposite

When I was on active duty I cleaned my weapon - whichever of the many I carried over the years - every time I turned it back in to the armorer, regardless of whether I had fired it.

As a civilian I always used Hoppes to clean my guns, and I cleaned them every time I fired them - whether one round or 200. Usually this included the bore with a brush, patches, and a swab prior to lubing with a light coat of oil for storage, and the internals of the action as well.

When my company, Just Right Carbines, began operating over two years ago we also used Hoppes for virtually all of our gun cleaning needs. As good as Hoppes is, however, we still needed to use a brush to dislodge residue from various nooks and crannies when we cleaned.

At the 2010 SHOT Show we encountered a sales rep from the company that markets Slip2000 EWL (Extreme Weapons Lubricant). We had been looking for a dry gun lube to use on our JR Carbines during testing and production. The salesman described his product with the usual superlatives salesmen use, and I took his claim with a grain or two of salt - as I always do. He gave us some samples to take home.

We returned to NY after the show and tried out our Slip2000 EWL samples. We were pleased at how well it worked as a lubricant, but we shocked to discover that it also excels as a cleaning agent. We found that if we applied Slip2000 as a lubricant before shooting, we could clean the residue accumulated in the bolt and elsewhere with only a couple of Q-tips afterward. Even when we did not use Slip2000 for lubrication it still performed far better than Hoppes ever had - using only Q-tips. No brushes required.

We now recommend Slip2000 EWL in our safety and instruction manual, and we include a sample size bottle with every JR Carbine we ship. We don't sell the stuff, so we don't have any interest in promoting it except to help our customers have the best shooting experience they can. It is all I use anymore.

My two cents - and worth every penny!

Best regards,

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