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Gun Cleaning Input

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all of the above answers are great!!

its been posted...

i clean ALL firearms after they get put to use...& then if they are not used. every 3 months,they all get a barrel swabbing & wipe down w/rem oil,breakfree,STP oil treatment,ect....another good cleaning tool to have is any type of air compressor (big,small,or both),are great for blowing out debris in trigger groups,ect. small places that Q tips & picks cant reach.if you can get your hands on a little pancake style comp. they work best for inside home use.they dont cost a arm & leg & run pretty quiet.just place firearm or part/s in trash bag (clear bags work best)then blow away!this is better done outside w/out trash bag & keeps the wife happier...dont forget your saftey glasses!
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I clean my 22's about every 200 to 300 rounds. Center fire rifles, pistols and shotguns every time I get back from the range. I usually use Hoppes on everything to clean as well as Hoppes Benchrest #9 Copper solvent.

Steve E...........
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Every time they go out and get fired,period.. To me, cleaning a firearm is as much fun as shooting it...
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Ex-military and the unit armorer so I clean after every shooting. I never lube before I fire as I want to know it would have worked with the amount of lube left on the firearm after cleaning. I am a LEO so this is very important. I am a range officer. I hate to see officers arrive at the range and immediately lube their sidearm. If it can't make it through qualification with the lube left on the firearm from the last cleaning how can I depend on it in a fire fight? Point being, clean and lube after every firing and you will have a safe and dependable weapon. Some firearms might only need a bore cleaning while others need a more detailed cleaning. Anyone that has cleaned and AR platform rifle that is not a gas piston rifle knows what I am talking about. I clean and lube with Gunzilla. It is like an environmentally friendly CLP. Gunzilla has a copper specific product and I run a patch of it through the bore while I clean everything else. Before I started using Gunzilla I used Hoppes products.
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I clean unfired guns once a year and fired guns after every trip that involved the shooting of said gun. Muzzle loaders need to be cleaned after every days use as the powder is very corrosive, or so I have been told so have adopted that schedule for them.
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Default Firearms cleaning??

Hello all, RON L here

Weapons cleaning??? Hmm, Yes, I know many have a routine and a erratic method at times of cleaning thier personal or duty weapons? I have, over the years developed a Method that seems to work for me and is quite simple! Yes, Of course I cl4ean each and every weapon I have after shooting and use, no matter what, as soon as after I am done is humanly possible! That means just that, not a weeken later, not a week after a fishing trip? As I don't get to shoot as much as I like to, I don't wait untill I fire my weapons, if I have not shot them that Month, I get them out, do a through cleaning, as if I had fired them, and additionally, I do a Quick and Dirty inspection and functional check of each one! That allows me to make sure they feed, eject and or empty as if I were firing them, I used snap Caps and that protects critical parts and allows me to actually Pull the trigger and see the effect! I do use a High intensity light to look at all critical parts and area's to make sure none are chipped, cracked broken or worn! If, so that weapon is taken off line till 100% of the problem parts are replaced or repiared! I use a seperate cleaner than then a Lubrication technique! I've found "COMBO" Cleaners as Breakfree as otyhers are a Good Lube, but not as good a cleaner as what I use!

Once clean, the inspected parts can be checked and OKed or further review! From the look of weapons I see for sale at shops, Sales and Gunshows, it appears that many simply don't clean thier weapons at all, or if so, not well enough or in a haphazard manner? Once must remember that a high % of weapons malufunctions result from poor or no maintenance or cleaning! A Clean, inspected weapon can be conted on, reliaed on and has a confident operator. One must also make sure that while we clean and maintain that said weapon, we don't harm more than we help? I know many clean all weapons from the bore? If possible, designs like the AR and others can be cleaned from the chamber side and should be, if not possible, the Muzzle and crown area of the weapon needs special care and not caise wear an accuacy issues due to haphazard scubbing and use of steel rons and all that scrap the rifiling out of ther crown or bore? Simply watchig what one is doing goes a Long, way, some find a Crown tool or cap will allow the bruch only to contact the bore and not the rod! Thats a chean insurance policy and will allow you to clean and maintain, without adding damage and wear to an other wise operable, servive or grad weapon! Use good Brushes and clean Patcghes, quality oils and solvents, many Gun products are the same as other lubricants and cleaners, so if you substitute, make sure they are safe and will perfonrm as expected in your firearms cleaning routine!

Just my .02 cents, but some that have been gained over decaded of firearms carry, use and maintenance!

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I clean all my firearms after firing.

After shooting, I disassemble all guns (except the 22 LRs).

I just run a boresnake, or if in the field, an OTIS kit through the barrel four or five times then a couple of dry patches until clean. The action gets gets a Q-Tip clean out. Reassemble gun and lube barrel and parts lightly with CLP.

At least 2-3x a year all guns get a good wipe down for any long term storage, those that are rarely fired are disassembled yearly and cleaned and lubed the same.

My father was a collector before me and this process has never failed…
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Default Not so much cleaning

Only shoot handguns (though just picked a Ruger 10/22 and a Mini 30); mostly range shooting. What do I do - bore snake them.

I shoot a Sig P228 [w/22 conversion], P232 and FNP 9 and FN 5.7 - easy breakdown guns (and that's why I don't buy other brands) and I periodically do do it.
I do have a Ruger Mark 3 Hunter - it has cured me of breaking down a Ruger and cleaning it (it stays in the safe) or of buying a gun that isn't very easy (NO tools) to break down.

Took a gun training class a few years ago and the Instructor said he only bore snakes his Springfield 1911 45 (not XD) and rarely cleans it: and he has had no problems with it.
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I clean and lube after each firing range session. I have recently started using SweetShooter, a bore prep solution that has greatly reduced the amount of cleaning necessary to remove copper and powder residue even on old barrels. I have tried various lubes and now use Mobile 1 which doesn't evaporate/dissipate as quickly as other lubes I have tried. I still love Hoppes which I sometimes use just for the smell but I follow up with SweetShooter.
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I generally clean my firearms after every trip to the range.

Of course, that is as much a habit as a it is a truly required step.
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