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Gun Cleaning Input

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I suspect most people over clean their firearms and may cause more problems while doing so. I have a general rule which is every 500 rounds.

There are reasons to change the rule; if I use my silencer then I take it down to every two hundred rounds especially with AR's because they get real cruddy real fast with the can.

If I use any ammo made overseas or identified as Military Surplus I clean them right after I shooot the stuff.

On the other hand I recently conducted a test to see how long it would take a pair of 22 rifles to jam if I did not clean them; the GSG-5 went around 900 rounds before it just plain stopped but the SIG 522 has around 2,100 rounds through it and is still working pretty well.
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I clean my handguns after every 200 t0 300 rounds and my rifle after 20 to 40 rounds.
I clean only in one direction out through the muzzle.Usually will detach the bristles at the muzzle end before retracting the rest of the cleaning rod back.
I run my patches 6 times with Hoppes #9 solvent.I have the solvent soaked patches covering the cleaning brushes as I run the brushes with the patches in one direction through the bore, from the breech to the muzzle end.
I use Winchester break free powder blaster to loosen any dirt residue I may have missed.
Then run a bore snake apporpriate for the chamber through the bore 6 times.
I dry with white patches lightly soaked with oil, 6 times or more until the patch is clean.
I clean with Rem oil applying light lubrication.
I clean the mag receiver, spring and the rest of the parts with a soft toothbrush and oil lightly.
I grease the slide rail lightly at the two ends on each side with Shooter's choice.
I re-assemble and cycle it for malfunctions without live rounds.
If stored for 3 months or more without going to the range, I perform light lubrication on the moving parts.
Except for cycling the action, I do everything wearing synthetic disposable gloves bought at Walmart. I also work with my windows opened for adequate aeration.


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I clean my 9mm Cougar, .357 586, & 12 gage 1300 Winchester every time I go target practicing.
I use Tetra gun oil & Tetra gun grease after I swab out the barrels and chambers with Hopp's. I am trying white lithium grease on my Cougar to see how it holds up and hoping it will not dry out.

Having my Cougar lubed a little wet, Er, Ok wet. I have never had a FTF or FTE in over 3000 rds of the cheapest ammo I can buy and I believe by having a wetter lubed pistol has helped with the lack of failure issues.

I like the Tetra grease for all parts which rub against other metal parts.
I usually finish the cleaning process with a light spraying of Remington oil all over the entire gun/s

Like "Firearms12", I also will clean the barrel of my 12 gage and spray Remington Oil down the barrel. Both revolver and pistol I will use a cleaning patch to remove any old oil/dirt. Then using a new patch I will over oil the patch and swab the barrel/s

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Default When it comes to Cleaning my guns i get a little crazy

Well if you guys have never seen this video by this gentlemen please watch it is very informative. What this gentlemen does in this video is how i clean all of my guns not just my Glocks. But 1911'S,Sig Sauers,Beretta's or any gun i have Handgun or Rifle.


After i clean any of my guns with Simple Green then rinse them off i Go crazy with a Air Compressor. To Dry off every single part of the gun every nook and cranny where water can hide and cause rust. Make that gun drier then a desert you do not want a drop of water anywhere in the gun rust is a firearms worst enemy. Then I use these 3 cleanersGunscrubber,Hoppes9,Ballistol on the entire gun and let it sit for 30 minutes then. Scrub off every single nook and cranny of any remaining cleaners with a nylon brush. Then i work on the Barrel and Bore i clean the barrel with any of the 3 cleaners
( Ballistol works the Best to clean the Bore ) I soak the bore with Ballistol let it sit for about 5 minutes then run Cotton patches through the bore until the Cotton patches come out white with not a spec of black dirt. Then i put tetra gun Grease on the rails of the gun as well as put some Tetra Grease on the Barrel because with that. Slide going back and forth over the barrel can scratch the barrel. So yeah put some Tetra gun Grease on the Barrel to avoid friction you don't want that beautiful barrel to get scratched.
Then i coat the bore with Break Free CLP and Coat the Entire Gun with CLP as well and put it in the safe.

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All guns I clean after every shooting session:

Larger caliber handguns-Hoppes #9 followed by Break-Free CLP
Rifles, same as above

Military rifles with corrosive ammo- first treat with Windex, then use Hoppe's and Break-Free.

Smaller (22 &17 calibers) Kroil with J-B Bore Paste

Flintlocks - Hot water and some Dawn dishwashing detergent, followed by some patches soaked in Wonder Lube
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be it corrosive or non corrosive, i use several k98s and a springfiel along with c96 "carbine" for fun and hunting along with numerous other firearms.
after each day of shoothing/hunting
*weapon unloaded, (if bolt action:bolt & magazine floorplate removed)
*a leather "muzzle guard" is affixed
*hopped #9 solvent is used on inside of barrel with a clean cloth. allow to sit
for a short time
*a clean cloth is used to remove the solvent followed by one to four addition
cleaning strips till they come out spotless.
*Hopped elite gun oil is applied (one to two drops) on a clean strip of cloth
and run through the barrel
*replace bolt and floorplate
*remove magazine and/or (bolt actions only)remove bolt with safety on
*strip down the weapon entirely minus the trigger assembly(leave the barrel
and ironsights secured to reciever)
*use #9 solvent on interior parts and pieces of bolt and firing pin assemblies,
let sit and wipe clean. apply light coat of gun oil
*wipe down all blued surfaces with clean cloth and apply light coat of gun oil.
*check all moving parts for wear and tear or stress marks
*check all wood and leather for cracks, unusual wear or rot
*write a few words of good luck wisdom on paper and place under buttplate
and reassemble the weapon(s)
*wet a cloth and wring out as much water as humanly possible till nearly dry.
gently wipe down all non metal surfaces and oil all leather surfaces. let
dry and place back into secure location.
take as good of care of any fire arm as possible and know it inside and out. because if it is no longer your friend, you wont be around long enough to know it as your enemy-Jack L. Beckham Semper Fidelis and Semper Paratus
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Default Gun cleaning

My weapons get cleaned based on their function. Guns for competition get cleaned before and after firing. Home defense weapons get cleaned whenever they start drying out or after training. Safe Queens get cleaned whenever they start showing surface rust.

As far as cleaning products, I use primarily Break-Free (CLP) but I've started experimenting with other stuff ranging from Hornady One Shot cleaner and dry lube to military issue LSAT.
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All guns, pistol and rifle, are field stripped, inspected, cleaned and oiled after each and every use. A normal post range cleaning consists of the following:

wet patch with Hoppes 9 down the barrel, set aside
nylon brush along all rails and contact points to remove old lube and crud
inspect and brush all accessible trigger, extractor and frame parts
brush out barrel with wet brush, chamber and bolt face if applicable
dry patches down barrel till clean
2 passes with oiled patch
wipe down barrel and slide with Hoppes 9 on wet cloth (old cotton t shirt)
lightly oil barrel exterior, bolt, etc
oil or lube rails (as needed)
clean and lightly oil slide
wipe frame clean and clean up
function test, trigger, safety, slide out of battery, etc
final wipe down
store in gun sock till needed

If guns haven't been out to the range in a few months I'll take them out and clean per above. I guess that makes me a bit anal since no gun goes more than 2-3 months between cleaning regardless of use.
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Default Gun Cleaning

For the most part, I clean my guns right after every range session. I use Hoppe's #9, CLP, and Rem Oil for the most part...recently tried Slip2000 products and they seem to do the job just fine.

p.s. I think Hoppe's smells good!
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I generally clean my guns after firing & a few times during the year, probably as an excuse to play with
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