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Gun Cleaning Input

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I have a bunch of range guns I only clean once they start malfunctioning. They are dirty and get sprayed with lube. I run a bore snake through them. But they are pretty dirty overall. It has me really respecting the reliability of various guns as well as expecting more out of others.

Then I have my go to guns. It is my CCW handguns and all around long guns. I clean them after each range session to keep them in tip top condition.
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My Beretta 92 I clean once in a while, maybe 500 rounds no more like 800. My Saiga 12 I lock the bold back and shake it up and down if I can hear the gas puck I know it's clean enough if the gas puck is sticking I clean the gun.

My AR before each 3 gun match.

My Beretta PX4 I clean and oil before shooting.
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Clean every gun every time out. If accuracy starts to fall off while shooting I will run a Bore Snake down the bore a couple times.
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Clean every gun after a range session at the range, where I usually fire 150-200 rounds. Ditto with the 12g, which takes less effort than the pistols. Hand gun range twice a month & 12g every wk end.
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My saying is, "The fun is never done until you clean your gun!"

I like Hoppes gun lube and cleaning solvents they seem to work pretty well
I clean my rifles and pistols after every shoot wether it be 1 or 1000 rounds
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I clean my .22's about every 500 rounds, or if I experience malfunctions.
My pistols and rifles both get cleaned after every range session or within a couple of days of range time.
My carry weapon gets a light oiling and wipedown between range sessions, every month or so.
I clean using Ed's Red mix, which is equal parts of these ingredients, mixed in this order:
1. Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.
2. Kerosene.
3. Aliphatic Mineral Spirits.
4. Acetone.
The Ed's Red leaves a light residual oiling with the Synthetic ATF.
I put a few drops of Mobil 1 to the high wear areas, such as pins, barrel links, barrel lugs, bolt carrier wear points, etc.
Any oil I use has to be synthetic which stands up to heat a little better than conventional oils.
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I try to clean the old stuff ASAP (C&R Guns). The newer stuff I tend to wait a little longer on.
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Default This Has Never Failed Me Yet!

What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Each range visit and firing causes a gun to get cleaned. A carry gun gets field stripped, cleaned and oiled once a month to keep it in peak condition and make sure it goes bang when lives are at stake.

How do you clean your guns?

Everything is field stripped per manufacturer's specifications.

1.) Hoppe's #9 is my favorite cleaner and I soak patches and push them through the barrel until one comes out clean.
2.) Use a nylon brush, Hoppe's #9 and canned air to clean the slide, frame, recoil rod, firing pin, trigger, magazine well, recoil springs and anything else that can receive powder blowback.
3.) Lay out on newspaper and let dry.
4.) Use CLP or TriFlow VERY sparingly on trigger, magazine release or anything in the frame that does not take heavy wear and can use a dry Teflon lubrication effectively.
5.) Rem-Oil is swabbed inside the barrel using patches until a clean patch comes out and oil is even and light. A light layer of Rem-Oil is applied to recoil springs, guide rod, guide rails, frame rails, sear and sear spring, a drop to firing pin hole and extractor, and remove any excess after about three seconds.
NOTE: Oil should be light enough that the contact of two parts such as the recoil springs and the guide rod should not cause any "pooling" where the parts contact.
6.) Finally reassemble the firearm, wipe exterior with a very lightly oily rag if blued to retard rust and dry fire with Snap Caps to confirm functionality.

Done and ready to go!
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Default Cleaning my shootin irons

Break/carb cleaner works the best to remove carbon.( aerosol can) ( needs to be well ventilated) get the automotive stuff and don't waste money on specialty gun cleaning crap.

Black powder! Soapy(dish soap) warm water using the ram rod as a plunger( 4x2 patch on a jag) in a plastic bucket till no more black comes out. Displace water with brake clean and lube with moovitt.

Polymer pistols! Pull through barrel with a wet patch and then bore snake it.
Once in a blue moon.

Precision rifles! When groupings start to open. I run a wet patch from the chamber towards the barrel and then a dry patch with a one piece rod. Brass jag and no aluminum. Keep the muzzle free of carbon.

Autoloading rifles! Bore snake the barrel keeping everything dry, remove caked on carbon with break cleaner. Keep areas that get carbon fouled dry. Clean bolt face and ejectors/ extractors with break clean. Regularly. I never lube the **** out of an autoloader.

Shotguns(pumps) pull through barrel and wipe bolt face once in a blue moon.
(autoloaders) removed carbon from piston with break clean and pipe clean out
gas ports. Check seals. Regularly.

Field conditions; During wet weather everything gets cleaned daily and keep water from entering barrel.
During dry weather I just check the bore.
During very cold weather I lube with graphite and keep a round chambered continously. Guns stay outside tent or cabin to avoid temp changes.
Storage: complete disassembly and clean throughly. A day or two later when carbon bleeds out of metal I clean again. Grease and use a bag of silica in the safe.
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
The data, statistics and information from this thread will be compiled into an FAQ article. Please be as detailed but concise as you can in your response.


What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.

I clean after firing and three months of storage
my cc weapon and bug, after every range trip and once or twice a month as needed.
when I acquire a firearm

I do a detailed thourough cleaning using hoppes #9
when i fire corrosive ammo I use windex then hoppes followed by and boiling water poured through the bore [and repeat until

then I lubricate, lately I have turned to automatic transmission fluid, works extremely well

for newly acquired firearms i break down the weapon, soak in ATF for a couple hours, and then scrub with a nylon brush,

[gentle copper brush for really stuck on crud] I also use a dental pick. for light in hard to reach areas i hav an attachment

for my 2 AA maglite that is flexible fiber optic. i aslo use a dental mirrior.

for .22 rimfire [other than my bug] i clean as needed.
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