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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean my weapon every time I fire them or four times a year if they are not fired.
I use Hoppes #9 Break-free CPL I like spray brake or carburetor cleaner I have also used electrical contact cleaner on triggers I don't want to disassemble. I like krol oil or remoil for lubricating.
It's been a long time since I've fired any corrosive ammo. When I did, I have US Army bore cleaner from WW-2 that is nasty but work well I also use hot water and Drawn dish washing soap for Black powder. I like to use Diesel fuel if I'm cleaning weapons stored in cosmolene, I have also used a pressure washer.
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Every time my guns get fired no matter how many rounds they get a few swipes with a Hoppes Boresnake Viper with a bit of solvent, field strip and quick wipe down of powder residue and a light lube (take less than 5 minutes). Then every couple outings I'll do a deeper clean and take at least a half hour to get a more thorough job done and get every speck of yucky out and lube according to manufacturer recommendations. Personally I enjoy cleaning my guns and take pride in keeping them clean, though I don't wanna overdo it and strip out all the lube every time. Preferred cleaning and lubrication products consist of the Hoppes Elite line and it's done great for me with thousands of rounds mostly through my M&P9 and Mini 14.

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Default Cleaning

I usually clean up after shooting. Whether it be 1 round, 1 box or 1 case. Clean and lube! However, during prolonged shooting(match or class) I might have to clean and lube or just lube, when I get a lull in action. A good way to tell is when you notice a distinct change in functioning of the weapon. I used to use CLP. Now I use the Slip2000 product line.
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Try to clean within a couple days of last range visit if I didn't get to clean at the range. I may skip a cleaning session if I know I'm going to be shooting again in a couple days. Exception being lacquer coated steel or corrosive ammo.

I just try to clean the dirt and burnt powder off, run a couple patches with solvent down the barrel, then a light coat of oil down the barrel and on the moving parts.
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Good luck building a Gun Cleaning Tip Guide. So many tips, so little paper

I have one Pistol. A Springfield Armory Ultra Compact SS 1911 45ACP

I clean it after ever 2 sessions. 1st when it is clean, Duh! and the 2nd to ensure it works flawlessly even when dirty.

Otis Cleaning Kit tools, CLP and Slide Guide.
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Get my son to do it!
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Default Gun cleaning

It depends on ammo and conditions during shooting.
Corrosive mil surplus = clean after every use, try to stay away from that stuff.
Standard ammo and dry shooting enviro, I'll let it go to about 500 rounds with the AR and AK platforms. The bolt action hunting and target weapons, I make it a habit to wipe them down with the oil sock and run a boresnake though once or twice after every use.
If the shooting enviro is wet then everything coming back gets cleaned and "socked".
Service sidearm gets cleaned and lubricated to specs completely after every use and gets a wipe down with the oil sock daily.
For the family heirlooms, as they are fairly expensive and have even more value to me than money, they get cleaned after each use and get the oil sock pretty much every time I have occasion to open the safe.
Products I like to use include Hoppes #9 solvent, hoppes gun oil (saturated on an old cotton sock). I have discovered Boresnakes work very well. I have been using them on my longs for some time now.
Happy shooting everyone.
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I clean everytime I come home from the range. (Very often I know)
I run a patch of solvent through the barrel and let it sit for a couple of minutes then I run two dry patches then one wet patch and repeat until clean; when that is done I put lube on all the moving parts and rust preventative on all the metal parts.
I use good old Hoppes #9.
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Default criteria for gun cleaning

Most of the range guns I use are mil relics so a lot of the ammunition I shoot is mil-surp. I usually field strip at the range, pour Windex down the bore and run at least one dry patch down the bore followed by some Hoppe's on a wet patch, followed by another dry patch. Then when I get home I do the Ed's Red and light oil. Works for me.

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Clean after every session to the range or if weapon is used.

I will also clean if weapon has been in a dusty condition, blowing dirt etc.
Also will clean weapon if it has not been used in 4 to 6 weeks.
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