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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean after every trip to the range, so the gunk never builds up enough to really need a hardcore cleaning.
I dont have a big collection so they never sit idle long enough to worry about rust.

I use a combo of Hoppe's#9 and breakfree although I've heard good things about Ballistol and have always wanted to try it out.
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I clean after every time I shoot and also when I am bore or if a gun has been in the safe to long. I like to fully take all my guns down each time I clean them. Remember, A clean gun is a happy gun.

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As a US Army veteran sniper I have my own issues with over doing the cleaning side and pmcs of rifle ownership, but in it's simplest form I use the following. Note: Do not leave any bore solvent in your barrel for longer than 10 minutes.

1. Wire brush x 4
2. Berts Bore shine x2
3. Dry patch x10
4. IOSSO paste (from Brownell's) on a patch wrapped around an old wire brush or IOSSO brush x7
5. Brake cleaner x2 (just the cheap stuff from autozone)
6. Dry patch x10
7. Butch's Bore Shine x1 (look for purple, if none, you are good, if there is purple it means you still have copper in your barrel, so start over)

When butch's comes out clean follow up with the following. The oil is important as it will kill any barrel eating components left by the bore shine.
A. Brake Cleaner x10
B. Lightly oiled patch x10
C. Dry patch x10
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What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

If it's shot, it gets cleaned. Few or a lot really doesn't matter. What goes into the safe needs to be combat ready, fully serviceable in case of any unforeseen natural or otherwise, disaster. If there were an incident, a larger meteorite hitting earth, an unforeseen nuclear attack, or a time to flee, I like to know that all the firearms are "battle ready", meaning, I don't want to think that X rifle will shoot xx number of times flawlessly without attention, wondering, how many have already been fired. It should be like I was going into battle that I may not have a cleaning period for a long long time, and I want to make sure that things work like they should, no matter what.

How do you clean your guns?

Powder solvents, with clean patches, until dry, followed by copper dissolving solvents if needed, then re-applied solvents, followed by dry. Then, a light oil of most mating parts. Not too much as oil is a great attractant of dust. It's more for the protection of the bare metals.

With my concealed carry, I clean it once a month whether I have shot it or not. It collects lint and dust just by carrying whether it was shot or not. I want it to shoot at first time and every time just like it was recently cleaned from shooting.
Vern Personal Taurus Pistol site with info and pictures and links.
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Retired Marine, once a month everything get oiled,clean after a trip to the range, ccw disassable end each month cleaned and light oil,Semper fi
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Default Cleaning my firearms

I Clean my Shotgun at the end of the season, usually around Oct-Nov.
My handguns (since don't get a chance to use em often) I clean & oil once a year at least..
My rifles I clean after I use em or at least once a year.
I use hoppes #9 solvent to clean powder residue and a copper brush.. I run patches through till clean then lightly oil working parts (Slides, bolts, hammers springs, etc. with Miltec oil and a little Miltec grease! I wipe them down with a clean cloth and store them in their cases with moisture absorbing packets to keep em high & dry. I then lock em up till I need em in my safe...(except one!!!)

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I clean after every 4th or 5th shot. I shoot Goex BP, using a BP solvent, and a dry patch or 2. When I get home all weapons are completely disassembled and cleaned with hot soppy water; using Palmolive detergent. Then a light oil patch run through them and a small balloon is placed over every muzzle to keep dust out. I then have a leather piece between the hammer and nipple on the percussion weapons and a plug in the flash hole of all flintlocks, pistols are put in Baggies they are then locked up in a safe till the next time. I try to clean them every quoter or there about.

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I'm probably a little bit more anal about cleaning my firearms than most people are.

My .22's get cleaned after every shooting. The reason is, is that most of my .22's are high dollar guns. Such as a Winchester 52, a Winchester 63 and a Winchester 1885 Low Wall. I have three Smith and Wesson Model 41's that I baby because of their quality. I have some of the older quality High Standard .22 pistols like the Citation and the Victor, they get cleaned after ever shooting excursion.

Then a few days later I will run patches through the barrel just to confirm that he firearm is clean. I oil the barrel as I put the firearm away.

I don't like leaving a .22 rifle or pistol without cleaning it. However, I don't use harsh brushes, preferring nylon brushs.

My center fire rifles, and handguns are cleaned after ever range trip. I am starting to use Kano Kroil on them and I am having good results with it.

I use Otis cleaning products on any rifle, or pistol, that can't be cleaned from the chamber end.

I spend a lot of time cleaning my guns, but, I'm retired so I have the time. I do my center fires the way I do my .22 rifles. I will come back a few days later and run a couple of patches soaked in Kroil through the barrel, and leave the barrel with a coating of oil.

I use tooth brushes and various cleaning agents to clean the actions of all of my firearms. I like Mil-Tech oil for all of the metal to metal surfaces.

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I'm a bit of a slacker, really. I always give the guns - .22 and 7.62 a clean before they go out but I'm lax on cleaning them when I return.

Then every now and then while they're stored I'll decide they've been left alone a little too long (actual time span varies) and I'll take them out, check them and give them all a clean (which is usually required for the rifles as I didn't clean them after use) including the shotguns.

I normally just run patches through the bore a few times until they come out clean then check for rust and give them a lube with silicone spray and a wipe with a silicone-soaked rag.

I use whatever bore solvent I happen to have on hand but for preference I like Young's "303" solvent, which was always used by my parents and I grew up associating its smell with firearms. The solvents I've used all seem to do the job - haven't noticed any marked differences in their performance.

The barrels always seem to come up bright and clear.
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Guns get cleaned most of the time immediately after use.

Hoppes and Rem oil as cleaning agents, Mobil 1 as a lube, and a slight wipe of Fluid Film on a patch as a protector.
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