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Gun Cleaning Input

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Default gun cleaning

I clean my guns when I get done firing them. I use BreakFree to clean everything and never had any problems so far.
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I shoot a lot of rimfire and I clean those rifles whenever the accuracy starts to fall off or if I'm bored, wichever comes first.
The AR's get cleaned either after a range session or before I go back. The same with the centerfire bolt guns.
Revolvers, I usually clean them everytime I shoot them, especially when I shoot lead.
Semi-auto pistols are cleaned whenever I feel the need & the 1911's get cleaned more often.
I use Hoppe's and/or Butches Bore Shine, followed with a wet patch of Mobile 1 & a few more dry patches to remove most of the oil. I stay away from bore brushes as much as possible, but sometimes use one if I have heavy lead deposits in a revolver barrel. I find that the Butche's, if let to soak for a while, will loosen that lead pretty good. I use the Mobile 1 to lube everything.
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Default Gun Cleaning

Before retirement, I was an armorer for my agency. Living and working in the desert, lake evironment is problematic for dirt collection and fouling. We carried Sig Sauers, a firearm that likes to be wet, but a wet firearm attracts everything in the desert. We decided to change to lubricants to a dry lube. We chose Sentry Solutions. After treating a firearm with the lube cleaning consists of running a soft brush through the bore, toothbrushing, and light wiping the other surfaces with a impregnated rag issued with each firearm after initial treatment.

Once a year weapons were detail stripped, thoroughly cleaned and retreated. If a weapon got dumped into the water, or exposed during a storm or rescue, it was taken to the armorer to be dried out, and treated as needed. One of the armorers did nothing but the basic cleaning on his duty weapon for ten years, and had no malfunctions, and no visible wear. His accuracy remained consistent during that time.

I treat all my handguns with this process, and after shooting wipe them with a soft brush and the Sentry Solution Rag.

I've never had a problem with my treated guns. The Sentry treatment even protects from rust, as long as the water is wiped off in a reasonable amount of time after exposure.
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I do basic cleaning before i shoot and deep cleaning after evertime i shoot.
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
The data, statistics and information from this thread will be compiled into an FAQ article. Please be as detailed but concise as you can in your response.


What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.
I clean every time I used. Never store it wihout cleaning.
I use Shooter's Choice Black Powder cleaning Gel Bore cleaner, to clean my S&W model 10 and model 36-1.
I think it's very good, even if I dont shoot with black powder.
After that, I use and oil named Combat.
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Try to clean after each time at the range. Absolutely clean duty carry after each time at the range. Use Gunzilla for solvent. If leading is a problem, use a Lewis Lead remover, if copper is present, use Copperzilla. For lubrication Fluid Film and Militech.

If I can get Scubie to do it, even better.

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All the guns are stored on open racks in an environmentally controlled room (heating/cooling/humidity) so those not used are cleaned approximately every 3 months.

Varmint rifles are cleaned in the field every 50 rounds.
large/medium/small game rifles after every use.
Pistols/Revolvers after every use or every 250 rounds.

Rifles and Hanguns after every use.

Cleaning: use a mix of 2 to 1 Shooters Choice and Kroil, if heavy lead fouling first use Sweets 7.62. On hand guns will also use a Lewis lead Remover after cast lead projectiles. Coated rods and bore guides.
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12 gauge auto gets cleaned after shooting with Hoppes #9. Shooters Choice is good about getting plastic out of the barrel. The bolt is taken out and the receiver cleaned. It is easier to clean the piston if done right away.

CF rifle, bore tech eliminator till the green is gone. I might not clean it for a few days but will oil the barrel. Patches are taken off at the muzzle.
Bore guide is used or if something like a M94 a muzzle guide.

.22 Rf doesn't get cleaned for maybe 2000 rounds with H #9 or lead cleaners, whatever is handy.

Sometimes the bolts are taken apart and cleaned.

I used Breakfree CLP but quit because the spray cans would quit working.

I quit using anything with ammonia in it and use both brass and nylon brushes.

If any firearm is exposed to mosture after shooting it either gets cleaned or oiled.

I never had a problem with barrels leading in a .45 auto.
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In the bore and for general cleaning I've come to like a 50/50 mix of Hoppes #9 and Kroil. Lube is usually Corrosion X and whatever gun grease I have on hand.

Corrosion X is also a good CLP.
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Default Gun cleaning input

In 1967 I learned to clean my rifle as if my life depended on it. I still do. I see it as a labor of love.


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