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Gun Cleaning Input

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When my guns are stored where they can get dusty I clean monthly weather they have been fired or not.
Whether I am in the field hunting birds, deer or even target practicing in the front yard, that's right front yard. I have a pistol range and a rifle range and YES they are in the front yard! Ha! I clean my guns after every use.

(My rule is simple: Safety first. Be careful. Guns are always assumed loaded until proven otherwise.)

First check to see if the gun is empty, clear the chamber then take the gun apart.

When I'm in the field I do a light clean using a BoreSnake with BoreSnake Venom Oil.

At home I do a total tear down using Hoppe's No.9 solvent, lubricating oil and Hoppe's No. 9 gun grease.

Swab it with solvent patches.

Use a scrubber with solvent.

Use a dry patch to finish the clean.

Then I run a BoreSnake with BoreSnake Venom Oil through the barrel.

Then clean all other parts with Hoppe's Blast and Shine with a tooth brush. I used to use WD40 and blow it off with air. Using compressed air can put condensation in the moving parts.

So now I oil and grease appropriate parts after cleaning.

I reassemble the gun oiling with a soft cloth as I go.

Some might say it a little much but in the long run your gun will always fire more accurately and every time you pull the trigger.
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10 pages, wow. OK, so now it's 11.
I was invited, so I came, I saw, I conquered.

Used to clean every weapon fired after every range session.
Now I go a couple sessions prior to cleaning unless they are visually grungy.
Weapon exteriors are always wiped down with CLP lambswool rag after every session.

Favorite products are:
WD40 for occasionally flooding actions and parts prior to blasting with compressed air
Break Free CLP = my main *lubricant* and for wipe down
Hoppes No.9 = powder solvent / bore solvent
Kano Kroil for seized fasteners or deep bore cleaning
JB Bore Paste for occasional deep bore cleaning (like every couple years)
Might use a dab of gun grease or white lithium grease here and there but CLP covers most everything

I use a solid brass rod and clean from the breech whenever possible.
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Be Well.
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I clean my pistol after each trip to the range.

I run cotton swatches through barrel with Hoppe's until they go through relatively clean.

I spray Remington cleaner (aerosol) into trigger workings and wipe with clean cotton clothes until gubpowder residue is removed.

I wipe all visible residue from internals.
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Being a former Marine, I was always taught to clean every firearm thoroughly after every firing session, even after only one round. I start with Hoppe's #9 (a couple passes through and on all parts of the action), then go to oil and only stop when there is no residue left on the patch. I believe there is no excuse for a fouled firearm, and the only way to truly ensure reliability and longevity is through diligent cleaning.

I also ensure that I thoroughly clean every weapon I own at least once every six months (if in dry storage) or every one month (if in humid storage). In the unlikely case that you will need that firearm to perform reliably for an extended period of time (500+ rounds), you will be happy you kept it so immaculate.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to let them fly.
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Pretty simple: If I go out and shoot it, I come home and clean it. All of my firearms are clean and ready to go at all times. I do use a variety of products and methods depending on the particular gun, how fouled it is and and what I use it for. As an example my Beretta Neos 22LR pistol needs very little attention regardless of how many rounds go through it. On the other hand, my Mosin Nagant needs copious amounts of love after only a hand full of shots. then there is the SKS that will run no matter what condition it's in but since it's so damn fun to shoot I clean it thoroughly anyway. It also doesn't hurt that I find gun cleaning to be a labor of love.
As far as products I have to standard bunch of brushes, jags, patch holders etc... Most often accompanied by good ole Hoppe's no. 9. Anything beyond that is job specific, ie. copper fouling, lead, and gets a specific product for the job.
Happy Cleaning to All
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I clean all my guns after shooting. If they haven't been shot in a while, I lube up before I go to the range.SD guns get lubed and checked ever month.
I use Hoppe's #9 and Triflon, mostly.
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Originally Posted by mark1945 View Post
Im retired military so all my guns are cleaned after firing.And a few times each year just to be sure.Its hard to break old habits a clean and properly lubed gun just works better and lasts longer.Several of mine Ive had for 45-50 years and never have a problem with them not functioning properly every time I pull the trigger. I use Hoppes 9 on all of them and Breakaway to lube them after cleaning .
+1. Always clean thoroughly after every shooting session.
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Default Gun cleaning

I shoot mainly black powder, I use Hoppe's #9 to clean them and WD 40 to protect the barrel and metal parts. I even follow this procedure with my modern rifles.

With Hawken guns and Civil War muskets, I dismount the barrels as well as the locks. I mark the position of the screw slots and make sure I don't overtighten.

With the muzzle-loaders I use soapy water before the Hoppe's and WD- 40

I have had great results with WD-40.
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After reading all the good information in these posts, I have nothing new to add. If I shoot it or if I store it, I clean it. Hoppe's bore cleaner, Kroil oil, clp and clean till patches show no residue. The previous posts have well covered this subject. Well done.
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Default Cleaning

What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

After every shooting sesssion, or every 3 months if not fired recently.

How do you clean your guns?

Field strip, run a few patches with Hoppe's through the bore, use qtips dipped in Hoppe's to clean striker assembly, lightly oil with Remoil, reassemble.
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