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Gun Cleaning Input

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Default re: Gun Cleaning Input

What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

My attitude towards cleaning has changed dramatically as I grow older. I continue to be fascinated by tales of Glocks with 5,000 rounds through them and not cleaned once. While I know such endeavors are experiments, I still think it's a little fool-hardy.

Regardless, I tend to clean my firearms after every shooting, if only because I do not like the residue to make my holsters, carrying cases, etc., dirty.

How do you clean your guns?

Having spent a long time in the Army, I am loathe to use CLP, as the smell brings back tedious memories :^| Typically, I use Hoppes No. 9 as I have been using it forever plus swabs and brass bristles as needed. I used to think that one could badly score a bore but having spent time with various gunsmiths they seemed to think otherwise, i.e., a phosphor brass brush was not going to damage the rifling on any barrel that was worth a damn.

For lubrication I used to use some Teflon infused stuff until I read some questionable possibilities on-line, so I ended up switching to Tri-Flow, which is actually something I picked up from riding road bikes.

FWIW, YMMV, etc.
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I have a routine that stays the same each time I clean my weapons. I use a CLP called "Gunzilla" which is made here in the good ol USA up in MI. ALong with the CLP, I use Hoppes, BoreSnake which cut my cleaning time in half if not more due to it's simplistic design and effective performance as a total solution. Of course when needed, I will spot clean/treat/ any blemishes, emerging rust, or the like and I 'll use Hoppes solvent with the cottons patches then finish by wiping down and then returning to their respective cases and/or holsters.

I am a believer in the mentality that if you take care of your firearm(s) they will take care of you.
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I clean a firearm after it has been fired.

I take a good 30 minutes to clean it, making sure it's done thoroughly. I actually enjoy cleaning firearms, especially when it's nice and cool outside (I live in Florida, so that is not a common occurrence).

I typically use Rem or bicycle oil, depending on what I have at the house. I run a couple of patches through the receiver and bore, and make sure I didn't miss anything. I use a brush to scrub any areas that contain anything they should not. I look through the barrel and check for any powder still left in the bore. then I leave a little oil on the firearm to ensure it won't begin to grow rust, a gun owners worse enemy.

Thanks for asking for my input.
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I periodically wipe mine down with a oily cloth. I run a patch through the action and barrel after every firing using Hoppes powder solvent and follow with rem oil or equivalent patch.
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With pistols I clean after every trip to the range. AR 15 every trip. Other rifles and shotguns I will wait until I have put a couple of hundred rounds through. 22Lr when I feel like it is not performing like it should.

I use Breakfree as a solvent to get started. After I disasemble the weapon I will spray it in the barrel and let is sit for a couple of minutes. I will also spray down any parts. After it has had a minute to soak I will use a nylon brush dipped in Hoppes #9 to scrub the bore. Then after it has been scrubed well I use a boresnake to wipe it out. I wash my boresnakes in the washer when they start to get dirty. No point in running a dirty boresnake down a clean barrel. I use a little gun oil on contact points and reassemble.
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I'm a revolver guy and clean mine after each trip to the range. I use CLP exclusively now, running a clean, soaked patch through the cylinder and bore until there's no trace of dirt or residue. I finish up by cleaning the top strap and areas around the cylinder, wiping any excess before storing until next time.
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I clean my fire arms every time after they are shot. One shot or 500. They get scrubbed with Hopps and oil down the barrel.
I also keep an oiled rag on top of the gunsafe and everything gets rubbed down before it's put back in the safe. even if just to look at. Rust is a bad thing.
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Default Always cleaning..

I find cleaning my guns to be extremely relaxing and clean them thoroughly even if they haven't been fired recently. In fact, I'm as likely to clean an unfired gun as my EDC.

I understand this thread is about cleaning, but wanted to add that the whole *process* of cleaning is part of the larger gun *discipline*. To me, doing that daily (or weekly routine) of cleaning is no different than practicing katas or studying chess openings or learning a ritual dance. Other countries have karate or kung fu. We have gun kata ...

I clean every gun at least once a month regardless of whether they've been fired or not.

For semi-auto pistols I'll do a field strip and clean or more, depending on the type of gun. For example, at a minimum the Glocks get a field strip and cleaning including the striker channel. The Bersas seem to get dirtier so I end up taking more down during the cleaning.

I really enjoy cleaning my bolt-action rifles. There's not a lot to strip down so even a minimum cleaning includes disassembling the bolt and other smaller assemblies. I'll even re-blue screws and other pieces on a regular basis.

Cleaning agents include Hoppes #9, isopropyl alcohol, Birchwood Casey bore cleaner, and other solvents depending on the type of finish and metal. Among my cleaning/maintenance supplies are tools for computer repair and cleaning, some watch tools, a Dremel with assorted polishing wheels, various grit sandpapers, and a nail polish assortment.
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All of my firearms are cleaned the day they are fired. If it is a long day at the range or varmint fields I will clean them during use. Rim fires I will clean aprox every 200 rds. or before they are put away. Bolt action center fire rifles I will clean when accuracy falls off, depending on the gun this is between 40 to 80 rounds. If I am working up a load or comparing handloads I will clean every 12 rounds with about 4 "seasoning" shots after cleaning and before the different load. My hand guns I will clean as soon as I get home from the range. All my rifles are cleaned using bore guides and graphite rods. A few patches of Hoppes #9, dry patch, B.C. Bore scrubber or Sweets, dry patch, if copper fouled I will then brush with Montana Extreme copper killer, dry patch, rinse with toluene and acetone then an oiled patch followed by a few dry patches. If the guns are to be stored I will finish with a patch of B.C. Sheath. The bolts and trigger groups are disassembled and cleaned every second or third cleaning. The handguns I will use the same process except for scrubbing with copper killer, instead I will use a bronze brush with Remington Bore scrubber. The automatic rifles are completely stripped and flushed with acetone and toluene, the small parts my be tumbled in corn cob media and cleaned with Hoppes #9 or kerosene. The bore; a few patches of Hoppes, dry patch, brushed with B.C. Bore Scrubber or Sweets followed by Bore Scrubber, followed by a few dry patches. With any gun I do not mix any chemicals, before a new product is used I will rinse with acetone and toluene or run dry patches through the bore before using another chemical. I do not advise mixing any chemicals unless you understand their make up or reaction with one another. The acetone toluene mix I use is 6 parts acetone to 4 parts toluene by volume, this is mainly used as a flushing/rinsing agent. I hate cleaning but do it religiously and very carefully not to cause more damage or wear.
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I clean after every firing. Wife and son's do the same. Daughter will not go near a gun.
We actually sit around the table passing the swabs and oils back and forth, cleaning our weapons as a family and having a good time, discussing whatever happens to be the topic of the day.
Pretty much use Remington wipes at the range, usually about every thirty rounds of the .270.
Don't know why, just a habit I guess.
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