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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean after every use. I have a Kimber .22 target rifle that requires cleaning after every 40 - 50 rounds to stay accurate.

One exception my Buckmark, and I think I will change my tune and start cleaning it every time also. As I shoot more it tends to slow down.

I usually use a Patchworm and Hoppes No 9 on rifles and pistols, except for the larger (more than .40 caliber rifles and pistols) where I use a rod and Hoppes No 9.

Shotguns get Hoppes No 9 on a bronze brush, followed with Hoppes No 9 on a patch.

My air rifle gets pure alcohol with a Patchworm.
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I clean any of my handguns which I've shot (Glock 26's, Glock 17, S&W Bodyguard, Kimber .22 etc. after every session at the range. I use Break Free CLP and and a few drops of Outers Gun oil in appropriate places; use Hoppes products at other times.
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Default Gun Cleaning Input

I forgot to mention that I do not field strip weapons very often. It creates more wear than it is worth. Just clean the barrel and chamber, wipe out the magwell, and put it away.
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What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

I clean my Handguns and Rifles/Carbines, after every Range Trip, regardless of the number of Rounds fired. This goes for my .22's, 380's, 9mm's, and .223's.

How do you clean your guns?

I always Field Strip them as per the Owner's Manual, separating the Slide/Guide Rod/Springs/Barrel/Frame, and then take out my:

- Q-Tips
- Micro Fiber Rags
- Cleaning Kit with Rod & Patches
- Hoppes
- Break Free CLP (Cleaning, Lubricant, Preservative)
- Break Free LP (Lubricant, Preservative)

1. I start out by using a Micro Fiber Rag to wipe down the outside first, then the inside of the gun, getting all of the loose GSR (Gun Shot Residue) off of it.

2. I dip a Q-Tip into Hoppes or Break Free CLP, then clean all moving parts on the Frame, making sure to get deep with the Q-Tips.

3. After I've cleaned and dried the Frame, I then clean the inside of the Slide, using more Q-Tips, and dry the Slide.

4. Next comes the Barrel. I'll take a Double-Patch, slip it into the slot on the Rod Tip, dip it into Hoppes or Break Free CLP, and run it through the Barrel from the Chamber End of the Barrel (NOTE: If you get into the habit of cleaning a gun from the Chamber End of the Barrel with a Rod, rather than from the Business End, you'll avoid pushing any crud from the Barrel, into your Action, thus, making it easier to clean.). I'll run Wet Patches through the Barrel, until they come out clean.

5. After Cleaning the Barrel, I'll use Double-Patches to Dry it with a few runs of the Rod through the Barrel. Once the Patches come out dry, I'm done with the Barrel Cleaning.

6. I wipe down the Spring, Guide Rod and Block with a Micro Fiber Rag, getting any gunk.

7. I'll use Break Free LP to Lube all Moving/Friction Parts on the Slide and Frame, with a Q-Tip. A Little goes a Long Way, so I don't have to use too much. I don't want the gun Wet or Dripping, just Lubed.

8. Using the Rod and Patches again, I'll put a few drops of Break Free LP on the Patches, and run the Rod through the Barrel a few times to Lube it.

9. After Lubing the Barrel, I'll run a Rod with Dry Patches through the Barrel once or twice, to get any excess Oil.

10. Using a Patch with my fingers, I'll drop a few drops of Break Free LP on the Guide Rod, get it wet, and slide the Spring over it. I'll wet the Spring as well with Break Free LP, then lightly wipe off any excess Oil again.

11. Using a Q-Tip with Break Free LP, I'll wipe down the Slide Tracks on the Frame, and the Frame Tracks on the inside of the Slide.

12. Finally, I'll Reassemble the gun, and do a Function Check to make sure the gun is cycling properly.

It may seem like it takes some time to do, but once you get into the routine, it's really just a matter of minutes before you're done.

FYI, I usually don't use Bore Snakes to clean my guns. I tried them in the past, and IMHO, they don't clean as well as the Rod & Patch. I do, however, take a Bore Snake with me to the Range, in the event I shoot more than I expected to, and start to experience a Dirty Bore. At that time, I'll run the Bore Snake through the Chamber End of the Barrel, and pull it through once or twice, to remove any excess soot or gunk build up. It's a good Quick-Clean Tool at the Range.



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I clean my 22 Rimfires when accuracy or feed problems arise.

Same for my center fire handguns and rifles.

My CCW I clean after firing.

Shotgun, at end of season.

If one of my guns gets wet, I totally disassemble it and give it a through
cleaning and oiling.

I keep them all wiped down on the outside with WD-40.

I don't shoot corrosive ammo, period.

For cleaning I use Hoppes, Gunscrubber/carb/brake cleaner, CLP, Rem oil.

All my guns look "as new" except my CCW which has holster wear.
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Depends on the gun. If it is a cartridge conversion revolver, I clean it immediately. Disassemble, scrub everything with Simple Green, wipe it dry, apply CLP. Assemble. Done.
AR and mini 14, when it needs it. Break down, Hoppes or whatever I'm using this month,toothbrush, dry patches till they are clean. CLP.
.22's, not till they act up.
Carry gun, every time I shoot. Same stuff as the AR.
Sometimes I take out a gun and clean it for no apparant reason.
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Originally Posted by mark1945 View Post
Im retired military so all my guns are cleaned after firing.And a few times each year just to be sure.Its hard to break old habits a clean and properly lubed gun just works better and lasts longer.Several of mine Ive had for 45-50 years and never have a problem with them not functioning properly every time I pull the trigger. I use Hoppes 9 on all of them and Breakaway to lube them after cleaning .
I am currently in the military and clean my personal weapons every time like you stated.

-New out of the box I clean the weapon.
-After every use of the weapon. Be it at the range, hunting, whatever.

My cleaning process is based on what the military has ingrained into me and it is a 3 day process before I classify the weapon clean.

1) After firing I clean that day with CLP (Clean Lubricate Protect) all internals and the barrel.

2) Put it away and let the CLP loosen up more carbon for a day or two.

3) Pull it back out and thoroughly clean again. You will be surprised how much carbon you will clean out during this second cleaning. Now it is clean.
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Lately, I have been using a batch of Eds Red that I made up but it all depends on what kind of ammo I have been using. I use a home made copper removal solvent that I found on a forum and that works very well, I have to say, I have used just about everything but the Eds red works great. If used regularly, It only takes about a wire brush and 3 patches to clean most of my firearms. I shoot mostly reloads and it does a great job. The biggest challenge is revolvers but i enjoy the process of cleaning and dont consider it a chore. I keep a large parts container filled with multiple rods and cleaning brushes as well as some nylon brushes. I even have a few angled brushes i use in lever actions and semi autos where I cant access running a rod from the back. It really helps cleaning chambers especially in my lever action pistol calibers where i shoot 38 spec as well as 357's.

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I clean directly after firing if I am at the range. Its kind of like a little I like the smell of gun oil. I do not have a specific brand that I use exclusively, however, I tend to use Hoppes, Rem Oil, CLP and bore snakes pretty often. I like the cable pull through cleaning system for my AR platform rifles.
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I clean any of my weapons after it has been fired regardless of round count. Even if I dont shoot it, if I handle it, it gets a wipe down with a gun cloth before being put away.

As for the cleaning process, I generally follow the same procedures as recommended by the manufacturer and as listed by everyone else.
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