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Gun Cleaning Input

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Default Clean after every shooting

I clean after every shooting
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I never used to clean my guns. I only had a shotgun and 30-06 for hunting.
However, In the last couple years I have acquired a nice collection and now clean them after firing. I'm 50 y/o.

As far as products, I really like beecwood casey's gunscrubber. I purchased a mosin-nagent that was covered in cosmoline (or whatever that grease was).
I was also reading about people having trouble with the bolt getting stuck after a few shots. I tried the gunscrubber on it and after a can the gun was free of cosmoline. I also like remington 3 in one.

I generally field strip all of my guns (some of them I am still learning how to take them apart) and clean everything.
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Default On the regular...

After every trip to the range, and every two weeks if they do not get fired. No questions asked...
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Default Lets not get out of hand here.

Ok Lets not get this totally out of hand. It's only a gun. As long as it's not rusting away let it be. I swab with most any oil when it looks like rust could be a problem and always after corrosive ammo. But hey, life is short. I'm not a clean freak when it comes to my guns.
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When I get to shoot it is usaully several different firearms and usually a couple of differnent launchers in 37mm and 26.5mm. On the firearms I usually run a patch soaked in No 9 thru the bore and liberaly on all other parts. Since I am claening a few I will do a couple at a time this will alow the No 9 to penetrate the cruddy areas. Then I will run a dry patch down the bore and follow with a brush. Then I alternate No 9 dampened patched and dry patches until I get no more residue (a clean patch) always ending with a dry patch. I will also run a lightly oiled patched down the bore. For hard to reach spots I use pipe cleaners and Qtip type swabs. Always followed by a dry cloth and oil. I clean them usually the day I shoot but depending on time an how many went to the range I might finish the next day. On the launchers it depends on the launcher and the rounds. But usually I will clean with soap and water and then dry. The I follow with a No 9 dampend cloth and a dry cloth, Then I oil with saturated cloth and off wipe excess.

I clean all guns as tho they are going to be stored for sometime. Living in Florida you have too. At least twice a year I pull out all firearms and spend a couple of days cleaning and oiling them.


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I also clean after every time i shoot, thats how my dad taught me and it seems to work great.
My ritual is: a patch until it comes out clean, usually 2 or 3 depending on how much i shoot and what kind of powder or bullet i am using
2. I dismantle the action, i.e., removing the bolt and going through it and the receiver with a bunch of different soft nylon brushes dipped in powder solvent to get rid of powder residue and what have you
3. On semi auto hand guns i field strip them and go through those with a fine tooth comb.
4. Revolvers, i run a patch through the barrel and the cylinder until patch runs clean.
5. I reassemble and oil all moving parts
6. last but certainly not least, i wipe the entire gun down with the old yellow lubricated rag that every gun store gives out with your firearm purchase, keep that rust away

anytime i handle one of my guns it gets a thorough wipe down with old yellow even if its just to look at it, and probably once a month or 2 months i take a look in the gun cabinet, as i dont have a dehumidifer in it yet, so i try to replace the silica gel packets when i can and give them a wipe down.
My guns are about the only thing that i am anal about except for my loading bench or "man cave"!
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All my firearms are treated to an extensive break in process, using Sweet's wet and then dry patch before and after each firing session.. All exterior metal surfaces are wiped down with Kleen Bore #3 conditioning oil then wiped dry before storage.
Internal parts are given a thorough blast of Break Free Powder Blast, wiped then air dried before being given a "light" coat of #3.
Any arm that has been fed any corrosive rounds is first cleaned (bore and action/trigger assembly) with Hoppe's Elite gun cleaner, then run through my standard cleaning. On semi autos I lightly grease contact rails where bolt/slides meet. I firmly believe that Sweet's keeps copper fouling to a minimum, and also protects the barrels that shoot lead boolits primarily..45LC and .458 SOCOM
Your mileage may vary.....
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I normally clean after a range session unless I only fired a small number of rounds.

The rifles after each outing also.

I primarily use MPro7 and on occasion have used CLP and Hoppes.

Wet first, then run a wet brush (sometimes with a small patch wrapped around it). Then another wet patch. Then dry patch until pretty clean. Then lube with militec or m/pro7 lube or Boshield.

I use a tooth brush with solvent on the rest of the gun and q-tips to clean and then also lube using q-tips and either grease on rails or militec.
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I clean my guns after every trip to the range. Last time i took my glock I fired 15-20 roinds and it still got cleaned

As far as how I clean.
I will field strip, spray with REM oil, scrub every thing with a tooth brush, spray with REM oil again, run bore snake thru 3-4 times, reassembled and whip down with cloth and light oil.
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Default Home defense stays clean

My home defense 357 revolver gets a cleaning after every training trip tithe range which is at least monthly and typically involves 100 or so rounds. #9 seems to be all I've needed with patches and appropriate brushes.

I do want to know what others recommend for a newly purchased 1894 that will be primarily a target gun but also a back up defense tool if ever needed.
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