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Gun Cleaning Input

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Default cleanliness is next to godliness

my philosophy is to clean everything you depend on before you're going to use it, unless it's already clean.
i use steel shield, put that sh&&t on everything.
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Immediately when I get in. I use outers nitro solvent, bore brush, jag, nylon brush, Qtips, clean rags. Followed by CLP to lube. Muzzle loader gets Traditions EZ clean spray solvent followed by CLP.
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I don't get out to shoot nearly as often as I need or want to. So I make it a habit to clean after each session of shooting.

Use Hoppes #9, plain Jane rod kit and recently got some that foaming bore stuff. BreK loose any crud with copper brush, Hoppes on patches til all gunk is gone and then wipe down bore with a light coat of oil, very light.

Also clean the externals and wood.
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I shoot about 30,000 handgun cast bullet rounds a year. Just at 2700 rounds per gun. All targets are very carefully scored and the results computerized. So I can detect anything that significantly affects accuracy. Guns are cleaned once a year. Accuracy CLEARLY is NOT affected by my lack of cleaning.
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I clean my weapons after any usage, or if carried for more than 60 days.

For cleaning I use a simple can of brake cleaner non chlorinated. It is as good as Gun Scrubber but cheaper and in larger cans.

For lubrication I only use Gun Butter products. IMHO it is the best gun lube on the market.
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Guess I have two strikes against me:
1. When I was very young (late-'40's - early '50s) Dad worked for Winchester and I was rigourously schooled in "clean after every use."
2. In mid-60s I was "greeted" and spent 4-1/2 years looking keen in Army green. Through Basic and OCS, drill was the same: "Keep that sucker clean, GI."
My schedule is real simple:
Field strip, run copper solvent through the bore on a bronze brush followed by several patches to "dry" it. Flood the bore with Breakaway, then keep patches going til they come out clean; light oil patch through bore. With semis, spray the fire control group with Breakway then blow it out with compressed air, give it time to dry, then oil any/all moving parts and patch apply light oil coat to any exposed metal. On bolts, saturate the chamber with Breakway, scrub with a dedicated toothbrush followed by various brushes and patches; oil any moving parts and lightly coat the rest; same for the bolt itself (and I apply 1 drop down the firing pin channel too). My one lever is a little more problematic as I don't remove the innards to get to the inner chamber; instead I just flood and blow; let it dry, then work oil in. On semi pistols, I put a runt mouse turd sized grease spot on the slide channels. To date, pull one of mine out of the safe and it's ready to go even if you'd care to give it your best 1st Sergeant inspection. Jim's Rule #3: Never let one sit uncleaned more than a day after use. Safe queens (both of 'em) go through routine maintenance semi-annually. My now-62-year-old Winchester Model 47 looks just as fresh as it did when it was given to me for Christmas 1949. The routine(s) may not suit everyone but it works for me.
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Yes.. Old habits are hard to break and shouldnt be. Generaly I clean right after shooting or the next day at the latest..
I scrub out the bore and chambers with brass brush followed with patchs until they come away clean. Tooth brush and Q-tips to the rest of the weapon.. Hopes 9 to the bore followed with a light oil. LSA to all functioning parts.
I also clean all my weapons at least twice a year with a detailed stripping of those that are used freq...
I had the misfortune of coming home after an extended absence to find rusted firearms.. I'am still cleaning that up...
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Originally Posted by trip286 View Post
As far as when to clean... I do a thorough cleaning every single time my guns are fired immediately after I get them inside from the range. I also shoot corrosive ammo through my rifle too, so that's part of the reason.

They get cleaned once a month or so, or when they go outside, with just a quick wipe down with a lightly oiled rag, and lightly oiled patch then a dry patch through the bore.

Nowadays I use only Hoppes 9 for cleaning solvent, and remoil for oiling. In conjunction with an old stiff toothbrush, assorted bore brushes and jags, and q-tips.

Not because I have anything against brake or carb cleaner, but because they arent necessary when I'm no longer shooting multiple thousands of rounds at the range.

Ditto that is exactly how I do it also
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Default Rarely used rifle.

The one firearm I own is rarely used, because of lifestyle, location (until recently) and other activities. So, up to now, I clean before and after using the gun. It is a .22 cal rim-fire rifle. I use Hoppe's on a swab, scrubbed back and forth through the barrel. Then, continue to swab with fresh soaked patches until all visible residue is gone. Finally, I send a dry patch through, if I'm going to fire the gun. An oiled patch follows the cleaning after firing.

On this gun, I have taken the action out of the stock one time and cleaned it and greased the action, lightly, as well.

This particular rifle has had perhaps as many as 2000 rounds fired through it over its lifespan of about 65 years, but probably fewer than that.

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This is what I do too. Clean all guns every time I shoot them..

Originally Posted by knfxda View Post
What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

I clean after every trip to the range, regardless of the number of rounds.

How do you clean your guns?

Here's what I do for handguns:
  • Run a double patch soaked in Hoppe's through the barrel a couple of times first. Let that soak in.
  • Use a brush dipped in #9 on the spring and guide.
  • Use a brush dipped in #9 on the frame and slide.
  • Return to the barrel and run a brass brush through it.
  • Start the process of running dry double patches through the barrel.
  • If it's really dirty repeat soaked patches and brass brush and then return to dry patches.
  • Use patches to clean slide an frame, by hand.
  • Use cleaning cloth to wipe down spring and guide.
  • Lightly oil (Hoppe's) the frame and rails, outside of barrel, ramp, and any metal part that shows wear.
  • Reassemble gun.
  • Work the action several times and remove any excess oil on back of slide.
  • Wipe down frame and slide with cleaning cloth.

If I think it's going to be a while before I shoot the gun again, I'll oil the inside of the barrel.

Shotgun gets only a couple of passes with wet patches and brass brush and/or tornado brush and then I use a bore snake to continue the cleaning and then oil the barrel at the end.
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