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Gun Cleaning Input

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I clean my all of my firearms after the range-regardless if i put 20-500 rounds through them. for my 30/30 it gets cleaned once a month due to i don't shoot it often. As for cleaning:
for all my rifles i use Montana Extreme bore solvent for the barrel and Hoppes gun oil for all of the lube. I will use Ballistol to get the nitty gritty parts. I prefer the Ballistol to Hoppes #9. For my Glock I use Hoppes Elite on everything but the barrel=Ballistol for the barrel and Hoppes gun oil for the lube. And lastly, my 1911 i use nothing but Ballistol and Hoppes gun oil. You can see a trend here....Ballistol is my go to gun solvent. Nothing will get a barrel cleaner then Ballistol. I can use the Hoppes elite or the #9 until the patches come out clean but, then Ill use the Ballistol and still have to use about 5-6 more patches. The stuff is awesome.
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Clean when needed

J B Bore cleaning compound --- then J B bore shine (Is the best) --- for light duty cleaning I use Shooters Choice or # 9 copper solvent.

I shoot both lead and jackets in pistol and rifle.

Before entering A match you want 2 or 3 shots to (dirty) your bore.

Accuracy is more than cleaning --- your reloading proceedure --- and trigger control produce good results.

Sorry to bore you --- Tom
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Bore snake and some CLP when they're too dirty for me to look at or begin malfunctioning. That said, I rarely clean my guns. Carry guns are a different story, every 300-500 rounds.
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What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

I am by nature a very anal person - especially about gun cleaning. I also love to disassemble & generally fiddle with all mechanical things. I clean all of my guns each & every time that I fire them/after each range trip - regardless of the time since last cleaning and/or condition of the gun. The only possible exception to this would be my Ruger 10-22 .22 rifle. I once (gasp) went twice or two range trips before cleaning it.

Any new firearm is always disassembeled/field stripped, function checked and cleaned/lubed before the 1st range trip.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.

I first disassemble. Most of the time field strip & more seldom completely disassemble (like every 500-600 rounds or so).

I use a combination of 50% Butch's Bore Shine & 50% Kano Kroil for powder solvent.
Barrel/Bore is soaked & scrubbed with brass brush.
Then as many pass through as necessary with solvent soaked cloth patches until no fouling remains.
Cloth patches with same solvent is used on all fouled surfaces.

All solvent areas fully wiped down with clean cloth or clean patches (bore).

All surfaces including bore are then oiled liberally with either Hoppes, CLP or Ed Brown gun lube.
Bore is lightly wiped to remove excess oil.
All rails & most contact surfaces are then lightly coated w/Mark Enos' Slide Glide.
Gun is re-assembled.
Excess oil & Slide glide is wiped down.
Function check.

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Default cleaning

after every shooting excursion i break down and clean my babies.......... and a lil hint to all them southerners and or everyone else. "FROGLUBE" and or "TUFF COAT / TUFF GLIDE". best there is as far as im concerned. from every location (afghanistan/ iraq, south america to artic field trips) used these products with exceptional results.

and i am no way a re-seler/ distributer or anything of the sorts.

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Default gun cleaning

I clean upon purchase..even if new...

I clean each time the weapon is fired..may wait a day or two if it's non-corrosive ammo..clean immediately if corrosive.

I use Kroil/Hoppe's #9 solvent on bore/action..minimum of 30 passes w/bronze brush
if corrosive ammo hot water/hot soapy water/windex/simple grn all work well
a. clean till barrel /patch is clean
for oil I use Eezox when I can get it or BreakFree CLP (prefer Eezox)

for homemade cleaning solvents/oils go to

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Default Cleaning & Maintaining

I sell guns, all types of guns except class 3. Cleaning guns is not my favorite chore but it must be done. My personal collection is mostly good quality semi-auto handguns, a Mossberg 590, a couple of surplus rifles, an Ak and an AR and a 10/22. Nothing special.

I carry either a 5" Kimber 1911 and or a Walther PPS 9mm at all times. I have a few others.
I try to shoot about once a week even if its a just a couple hundred .22.
Usually I mix it up with 3 or more guns ending with the 45 Kimber TLE.

When I'm done shooting, I will field strip and CLP the guns. then I also look at what I didn't shoot to make sure they are not bone dry in storage.

I have been known to shoot some really dirty ammo from time to time because I'm cheap.

I get most of my cleaning supplies for free. We don't sell Gunzillia or I would probably use it.

I always field strip and then swap the barrel with BreakFree. I'll sometimes use Hoppes copper solvent but it smells like dead fish so I only use it if the gun has crap really caked on. For lube I use a good grade gun oil. I always use a brass bore brush. While the barrel soaks in solvent for a few minutes I will lightly oil the slide. I avoid getting much oil or grease too near the mag well. Once the barrel has soaked in solvent, I swab it a few times with some oil and then run dry patches, always from the breech end of the barrel. I will then very lightly oil the frame and barrel bushing on the 1911. The mag wells usually just swabbed with dry cleaning patches. There are just two points on the slide of the Kimber and Sig's that I will use a drop of Hoppes gun grease. the PPS does not need grease. The grease stays on but it will cake up after about six months without use so I don't use it on guns that I don't shoot regularly.

I only have one revolver. It is a Taurus. It is not a reliable gun so it sits in it case most of the time oiled for storage.

I clean the rifles and shotgun less but also shoot them less.

I had a box of Kydex holsters that were full of dust so I asked my wife to wash em in the dishwasher. I forgot about them. In less than 24 hours, the painted rivets were showing some surface rust on the back side. It was easy enough to rub off but I won't be using a dishwasher again.
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I clean my guns after every trip to the range, regardless of the amount of ammo fired. Usually I use CLP and Hoppes.
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I do at least a minimum cleaning after every time they are fired.

Minimum = some patches down the barrel and swabbing out the receiver. I generally use Hoppes for this....followed by dry patches, then oil. This is the rust inspection opportunity, too!

If it's been a long time since a good cleaning, or if I fired many rounds on a range trip, I'll strip the firearm down to its most basic parts and go over it pretty well (esp. a carry gun). This is a good time to inspect all the parts for wear, burrs, etc. I feel that any firearm should be given an inspection about every 6 mos. or so, just to make sure nothing is developing! (Rust, that is!). Lightly oiling the metal keeps 'em nice....
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The Balota's
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

I clean my guns after every time I shoot them. But I only have two (four right now as I have my Dad's temporarily). I feel guilty if I leave my guns dirty. I may not clean them the same day I shoot them but they get cleaned within a week or so, time permitting. Sometimes I take my guns out just to admire and 'play' with them and I want them to be clean and beautiful.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.
I use Hoppes #9 inside and out but I was told I shouldn't use Hoppes on the outside of my guns. If that is true, please tell me how to clean the outside of my guns. The cylinder of my revolver gets pretty dirty. I use a brass brush then patches in the bore and in the chambers of the cylinder of my revolver. I run patches until they come out clean then I run dry patches until they come out dry. I always spray and wipe my guns down with Fluid Film before I put them away.
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