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Gun Cleaning Input

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Default cleaning

i clean any weapon after use ,just take them down far enough to clean the barrel,bolt face ,chamber .most of mine are not that cleaning intensive ,the old rifle's i usually run a good soaking patch with some kroil oil on it .it's amazing how much dirt it will pull out of the bore ,clean the slide's on the4 m1S and m1a Also grease the roller on the bolt about every 1000 rounds then for short time storage run a wet patch with some hoppe's #9 ,when you go out to shoot run a dry patch through the bore.
storage on them swab a little rig on the steel .
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I like to clean after every range session or at the end of the days hunt. I use Hoppes 9 and have for years. I have not read all the posts but of the ones I have, no one has mentioned cleaning from the breach or the use of bore guides or one piece rods. An old bench rest friend of mine was very adamant on the use of these and his trophies and titles prove it. New barrel break-in is all together something else with those boys!
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I don't shoot much any more, but when I do I try to clean my guns within the next few days. I don't shoot corrosive ammo.
My methods are sometimes unorthodox, as I am fortunate enough to have the space and equipment to do this.
Some handguns are simply dropped into a can of mineral spirits and left to soak for a while, then drained, bores brushed with Hoppe's #9, then patched.
Then, the gun gets a squirt of WD 40 to get rust preventative in all the hidden nooks inside. Then I dry the gun thoroughly, and lube with one of these: Breakfree, Latama Quick Release, or Silver Bullet Gun Oil.

If the guns are not particularly dirty, or are long guns, I skip the mineral spirits soak. I then clean conventionally. I may or may not use spray brake parts cleaner, but if I do, I always follow with WD 40-as the brake cleaner will remove any oils inside the gun. When dry, I oil/lube as above.
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I clean every gun after use, whether it's a range trip or a hunting trip. every gun gets thoroughly cleaned with Hoppes and lubricated with RemOil before putting them away.
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I usually field strip mine after every use. All except my 22s whihich I run a snake through every 100 shots, then fielstrip every 500 rnds. My ccw 45s wipe down every night unless fired which I then fieldstrip them.

Key components:
1) bore snakes
2) basic walmart kit
3) s&w pistol kit
4) win powder blaster
5) one peice fiberglass rod
6) hoppes soak and bore butter
7) 3n1 oil
8) old tshirt pieces
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Default Gun Cleaning

I clean my guns after every trip to the firing range. Muzzle-loaders with hot, soapy water. Since I like to shoot black powder cartridges from my revolvers, I take the grips off, and submerse the revolver in a gallon of diesel, to get the gunk out of the action. Blow excess off with compressed air. Makes the action smoother, also.
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Plenty of posts here, but I thought I'd throw my input too. I primarily shoot revolvers, I clean every time I shoot, and if I don't shoot for a long period of time with a gun I go back and oil. I use non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner to clean the majority of soot and buildup out of the barrel and action, I then use copper solvent on the barrel, as well as parts of the frame that show carbon buildup (around cylinder gap for my revolvers). Let the copper solvent soak for a few minutes, it really helps break up stuck carbon. Run cloths through the barrel until they come out white. I use RemOil until everything operates smoothly.

Brake cleaner hasn't caused me any problems with blued finish, maybe someone else has an input on this though?
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Default Gun Cleaning

I guess I will put my 2 cents worth in on this

I got in the habit from the very first time that I went to the range many yrs. ago of cleaning the gun I just shot immediately after firing my last round.
I strip the gun and thoroughly clean it, brushing out every nook and crevice can be reached with a gun cleaning brush and bore pads soaked in solution. Then I lightly apply something like mil spec and some white lube wherever I feel it would be appropriate. The bore gets a good solid cleaning with a brass brush then followed up with a brass jag and pads till they come out clean.
Several yrs. ago I found a 45acp bore snake and have been using that, and have found it to do a very admirable cleaning of the bore.
Since then I have picked up a bore snake for my 22 LR as well and I like the job it does on my 22's.
When I don't get to go to the range, I will strip, clean and lube my guns once a month. This is only on my carry guns, to insure they remain in good working order and heaven forbid that I should ever need them, they will go bang when needed.
Best to all of you on the forum.

GT (Member of Bull Dawgs Club/Big Dawgs Club)
*Concealed means...Concealed!
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
The data, statistics and information from this thread will be compiled into an FAQ article. Please be as detailed but concise as you can in your response.


What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.
I clean my guns everytime I shoot them. That is the way I was taught by my ex-marine father.
I use two different cleaner based on how many rounds I fired. I use "Truly Remarkable Bore Cleaner if I have fired over 50 rounds or Shooters choice under 50. Sometimes I use both. The Remarkable is GREAT for copper build up. Always use bore jags not loops. Finish off with Milspec1 oil. I only use nylon brushes.
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Every shooting session Hoppes and Patch Worm. Dry patches until clean then one pass with Remoil. Complete cleaning before prolonged storage.

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